Nike Magista Obra: Design Questions Answered

Nike Magista Obra - Design Questions Answered

Easily one of the most unorthodoxly-designed boots to appear in a good few years now, the Nike Magista Obra has raised more than a few questions.

Packed with new technology and boasting a princely pricetag, people rightly have a few questions about how it all comes together.

During our time with the Magista, we asked our Instagram followers to pose us their burning questions, and we’d answer them as best we could.

Here, we’re summing up some of the best ones with the most comprehensive answers we can give.
Nike Football Design guru Denis Dekovic runs through some of the key design elements of the Magista.

Does it Feel Strange to Move in? ' – Makell_o_23

Not at all! The Flyknit used in the Dynamic Fit Collar is super-forgiving and will pose no problems.

If anything, the feet and ankle feel more secure with this added feature. We can’t say whether that’s a placebo effect or something to do with the nerves in the ankle reacting to the compression, but they’re super nice to play in.

Does the NikeSkin Upper help much regarding contact with the ball? – darrengoon

Like the Hypervenom, the Nike Magista has that ‘Waxy’ finish to the design that adds grip and improves waterproofing.

Imagine a slightly more cushioned Phantom (thanks to the Flyknit) and you’re just about there.

Nike Magista Obra - Design Questions Answered - Waterproof

Is the Nike Magista Obra' Waterproof?

We played on a spectacularly sunny day in the Obras, so we couldn’t answer ourselves. Nike say the Magista goes through extensive waterproofing testing in the development phase – which you see on the image above – and the boots come out within acceptable parameters.

In our experience with the boot, the outer edges with the NikeSkin are absolutely built to withstand water uptake. However the top of the boot – where the laces are – has none of this added protection and might well be susceptible to soaking. However, that’s pretty normal as most boots let in water where the tongue meets the upper.

Is the heel cup soft? Similar to the Hypervenom? ' – ' jorma_xiv

It’s soft, but not in the same way as the Hypervenom. To us, the Hypervenom has that super-soft quality because of the material, stitching and internal heel counter.

The Magistas should arguably stiffer when looked at from a design standpoint, but the FlyKnit and seamless development into the Dynamic Fit Collar mean it’s just as effective as the Phantoms.

Nike Magista Obra - Design Questions Answered - Durability

Will the Upper on the Nike Magista Obra' Tear?

Again, we didn’t have a super-long time with the Magista, but of the 30+ pairs in action, none exhibited any signs of wear at the end of the day.

Nike puncture-test the upper of each boot, too meaning you can be assured they’ll at least stand up to the pressure of rogue studs.

Are the Nike Magista easy to clean?

Honestly, there wasn’t a single grass stain on our pair after a good morning and afternoon session in them. The polymer coating on the FlyKnit and NikeSkin should mean that most ‘surface’ grime can be cleaned off.

However, we’ll again be keeping a sharp eye on the ‘sock’ of the boot – which has more of a ‘Pure’ FlyKnit construction that could get a bit muddy after a couple of wears.

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