*Update! The Mercurial Vapor VI is available to order now!*

Nike has revealed that the next colourway of the Mercurial Vapor V will be in Abyss and White with a Max Orange swoosh.

The boots, which will be on the market from 1st May and available to pre-order from early April, are the second in a run of 4 known colourways that Footy Boots first told you about (well ahead of the opposition) at the back end of February.

Vapor V abyss white

The next 2 versions will be an all white number and a black and yellow model – which most agree is the best and most stylish of the lot.

Vapor V Football Boot Tech Specs

The ultimate lightweight performance product, including Flywire technology, built for speed.


  • Soft, supple Teijin synthetic leather adjusts to the foot shape
  • Contoured speed last mirrors the foot shape
  • Lace cover increases ball contact area

Nike Mercurial Vapor V Flywire


  • Revolutionary internal chassis creates instant acceleration
  • Contoured sockliner with EVA inserts reduces studs pressure


  • Direct injected heel studs for weight reduction
  • Vapor forefoot plate with multi directional traction pattern

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  1. says: Hmmmm....

    How long until Nike requires its sponsored pros to wear the latest colorway? My guess is within the next 2 weeks.

  2. says: mrMiller

    i feel like i am one of the few who didnt mind the first colorway, the orange/white….

    but this….

    purple? lol hideous

  3. says: Ads

    These are nice looking boots. If they release some mad of leather I will buy.

    Not sure what nike are playing at though. Only last month the Released the citron Vapour VI. Now 2 new Vapour V’s.

  4. says: C.ROnaldo

    I think Nike should release the other 2 colour ways and quickly improve the Superflys.
    Forgot to add great post. Looking forward to reading your next post!

  5. says: Quaresma

    I just saw a picture of a pair of Mercurial Talaria V’s and the colour was a light, baby blue and dark navy blue and some silver…. They to me looked like one of the best colourways ever..

  6. says: digs and doo

    this colourway sucks but i guess that just about sums up the superfly and vapor v the vapor iv was way better and cheaper

  7. says: Mike

    ivee seen all future colourways up until the hiliday. They will have a silver pair with red swoosh, black pair with yellow swoosh, and the blue pairs will be after them. The blue definately look the best

  8. says: Mercurial fan#1

    im gettin the purple/white ones they r the best ones that i have since i hav the fluro green ones and the red and silver superflys and i also hav all of the mercurial vapors 4

  9. says: Mac

    The light blue ones are sick but to sum up the vapor Vs I am not impressed. I had the IVs in berry, orange, and lime and they were super sick so I had high expectations for the Vs and I am dissapointed!!!!!!:(

  10. says: MAC19

    I dont think they rushed it b/c they did say the next superflys are gonna be in a different colorway so the upgraded pair should be releasing soon. at least i think so…

  11. says: LO\7E & H7\TE

    Hey does anybody know where I can find the Vapor IV’s and V’s for very cheap, or at least just cheap, tight budget, trying to save for a car! Lol

  12. says: Chandler

    uhh the mercurials suck. get the kangaroo skin ones that nike makes. flight team? idk but i wear them and they are the best pair of shoes ive ever worn.

  13. says: the pro

    the baby blue and navy ones are amazing does anyone know when they are coming out please !! coz i really want them and the look better in talaria version.

  14. says: ryan

    i think the max orange and silver pair are the best looking, but i might not get them because the iv gave me blisters.

  15. says: Mitch k

    I have the new mercurials in black and yellow and they are lush and gd performance I wud advise buyin a pair if u r the pacy midfield/striking player who like changing the game by solo performances

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