Whilst Under Armour saw it fit to re-vamp the Create Pro after a year on release, it’s great to see them sticking by the Dominate Pro and slowly releasing the occasional new colourway to keep it fresh.

Under Armour Dominate Pro Football Boots in White/ Graphite/ Blaze Orange

And boot colourways don’t come more fresh than this White/ Graphite/ Blaze Orange incarnation of one of the most solid all-around football boots on the market!

By our count, this is only the second new colourway of the Dominate Pro (outside of the classic launch schemes of Black/White & White/Black and limited edition Pink women’s model), so all credit to Under Armour in not spamming the market with constant new colourway updates!

Under Armour Dominate Pro Football Boots in White/ Graphite/ Blaze Orange

This particular colourway is markedly similar to the launch White/Black, but uses a generous splash of blaze orange to liven things up in the soleplate, laces and Under Armour branding, making this the boldest Dominate Pro yet!

We can only guess that Orange is the ‘must-have’ colour for football boots at the moment, as the Nike Elite Series and adidas’ Warning adiPure III‘s both sport bold orange proudly!

For those new to this range of football boots, the Dominate Pro range is all about combining comfort and safety into a modern boot that hints back to more old-school design.

Under Armour Dominate Pro Football Boots in White/ Graphite/ Blaze Orange

It features one of the best external heel counters we’ve ever tried on a boot, and Under Armour’s signature Metatarsal Protection Zone – or MPZ – an impact resistant strip of rubber, designed to allow a greater ease of movement in the toes and protect the top of the foot from impact injuries.

The Under Armour Dominate Pro impressed us when we tested it last year, with particular praise being heaped on it’s focus on comfort and feel.

The White/ Graphite/ Blaze Orange Under Armour Dominate Pro is currently available now for order in the US, with a European release still to be confirmed.

What are your thoughts?

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UNDER ARMOUR DOMINATE PRO WHITE/ BLAZE ORANGE, 7.3 out of 10 based on 29 ratings

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  1. says: channo

    i thought this colorway has already came out for quite a while…?

    anyway, ” … so all credit to Under Armour in not spamming the market with constant new colourway updates!”
    i’m TOTALLY agree with this!!

    in the old days, they only had one black colorway, one white colorway, and one other daring colorway (probably red or blue). this made every color special & distinguishable.

    nowadays, they had like 20 blacks…
    take the predator X for example: they had black/white, black/yellow, black/blue, and black/godknowswhatothercolorcomesupnext…
    and then there comes the whites: white/yellow, white/red-beckham, and the upcoming UCL white/blue.

    how many times did we just buy one colorway, and then they suddenly came up with a new (and better!) colorway??
    for me, it’s too many.
    what did they expect really? for us to buy all the colorways?? c’mon… not all of us had money tree in our backyards for God’s sake.

    of course some people would argue that it’s better to have many options.
    i agree, only if they release those options at the same time -so we could actually choose- rather than releasing them randomly, one by one, every week, for the next 6 months.
    no real options there, really…

  2. says: Nick

    I think colourways have become cynically repetitive – black blue White red etc. I was happy to see wacky colours in the world cup like the elite series and the yellow adidases. Smaller companies like this probably are starting to move the Market away from the boring norm of colours. This can only be good (more chameleon colours please)

  3. says: channo

    @Sir Prance Alot & Meji: actually i kinda like it 😉

    black goes quite well with white, everybody knows that.
    while the white goes well with orange to create a fresh look (just see the new white/gunmetal/orange umbro GT).

    compared to Nike’s harajuku mix n’ match color trend lately,
    (check out this pic, if the girl on the left didn’t remind u of neptune blue/yellow T90 laser, i don’t know what will…)
    this boots has done quite well putting bright colors without have to looked like a tropical rainbow fruit punch.

    @Nick: true, some people might like it.
    but i don’t mind seeing another next 20 generation of predators in their glorious black/red/white legendary colorway -those could never go wrong.

  4. says: Fifinho

    I actually really LOVE this colourway


    Because my team’s colours are white, black and orange xD

    I’ve already got the white/black dominates though and I can honestly say that I’ve never worn a more comfortable boot.

    P.S. I saw this colourway about a month ago?

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