Cristiano Ronaldo Advert Superfly III

Twitter comes in for a bit of a slating in the World of football – some saying it allows footballers to really connect with their fans, some saying it does nothing but cause trouble. But when footballers are posting stuff like this, we say ‘Long Live the Tweet!’.

Superfly III

Nike Golden Boy, Crisitano Ronaldo, spent an afternoon in February posting images from the set of a new Nike ad – saying ‘shooting the new @nike commercial’ and ‘excited to see how it turns out’.

Superfly III

Whilst the Nike media team surely had a hand in making sure that the Real Madrid Superstar didn’t snap a shot of his feet during the afternoon, we’re positive that he was filming for an ad for the new Superfly III.

Superfly III

Many of the photos on the Portuguese’s Twitter were of him pottering around the set, posing for photos and getting the make-up treatment (making him the second footballer we’ve seen this week getting the Hollywood treatment, after Samir Nasri!).

However, one photo in particular caught our eye in more ways than one!

To the untrained eye, it is just a shot of the back of the Most Expensive Footballing Head in the World ™ – however, to the side of the picture, someone is ready to hand Cristiano something that is bright, bright, bright purple.

Superfly III

As best as we can tell, this is a football boots bag, or perhaps a training top in an awesome shade of purple with bold yellow branding – and as we all know, Nike’s training Gear does tend to match their respective football boots in some way.

Now, with the Superfly being based on visual performance, could this mysterious garment be foreshadowing the launch colourway of the Superfly III?

Superfly III

Well – Nike would certainly be pushing the envelope once again, and some lightweight football boots in a paint-job like that would really get people talking!

What do you think if the Superfly III came in these colours? Love ’em or loathe ’em?

Hit up the comments and let us know!

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  1. says: flywinger

    saw the superfly 3 and its true that the colour will be purple/yellow but the design is ugly as hell and the studs will be yellow instead of orange

  2. says: bpurvisTX

    if the images floating around the internet are accurate, Nike have lost their mind in releasing the Vapor in that design. The colors don’t bother me, it’s the design of the boot that is the issue. The purple and bright yellow would acutally look pretty decent on say the current vapors or even the Vapor IV or Vapor V. That design on the instep of the boot is just wrong!

  3. says: bob

    I’ve seen pics of them too and I really liked the look of them, colourway and everything..BUT nike has to ruin them by throwing on some lightning patterns in the back in a stupid third colour that doesnt fit in whatsoever…Especially the Blue/white ones would have been a must-buy if they hadnt splased the orange bloody lightning on the heel/instep..

  4. says: Johnny

    I also don’t really like the pictures floating around. Nike better at least have shed off some ounces off the superfly III. I wish the would include both bags from the superfly II’s and mercurial vapors because for a price tag of $400 the shoes aren’t enough. The adizero primes come in a cool box with some extra things and $100 cheaper and a lot lighter, I’m a big Nike fan but if these superfly III’s aren’t impressive I’ll be trying some adizero’s and save $200.

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