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Nike Magista Fotoball Boots

After a week of teasing, Nike have unveiled the all new Nike Magista – their first ever football boots to feature FlyKnit and an integrated ankle sock.

Set to be worn by Andres Iniesta, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Jack Wilshere and more, Nike bill this latest release as one for creative players who demand comfort, traction and a feel for the ball that can only come from a boot that fits like a second skin.

The construction of the boot comes from a two-layer design that’s like few boots we’ve ever seen before.

The headline inclusion on the Nike Magista is the FlyKnit. This modified version of the same FlyKnit we’ve seen dominate Nike’s running shoe range is designed to give an inner layer that fits like a sock, moulding to the feet for incredible ball feel.

Outside that, the bright, perforated layer you see is NikeSkin. Something we’ve see used to incredible effect on the Hypervenom, this NikeSkin works as a raised second layer for feel on the ball and ACC-enhanced touch when the weather turns bad.

Nike Magista

The curious sock used through the boots ankle replaces the traditional tongue for a fit like nothing else we’ve seen in the game to date.

Called the Dynamic Fit Collar, this offers another level of support, working with additional cabling in the midfoot to create a lockdown effect.

Nike Magista Upper

The Nike Magista Obra – the elite boot in the Magista range – continues the use of FlyKnit up through the ankle for a true one-to-one feel on the ankle’s foot, from the toe right up to the calf.

Nike Magista Soleplate

NikeSkin isn’t the only familiarity the Magista has with the Hypervenom. The soleplate is graduated Pebax and Nylon, and makes use of a similar stud pattern and shape to the agility boot.

A notable exception is the stiffened lateral side for additional support when squeezing in and out of tight areas.

Nike also confirmed the names of the full Magista range, with the Nike Magista Obra taking top billing with Opus, Orden, and Onda takedowns of the statement boot.

Nike Magista - FlyKnit

Replacing the much-loved CTR360 name – this revolutionary boot should still satisfy the needs of the playmaker, with a true touch on the ball like literally nothing else in the game.

Do you think this will be a solid new style of football boots for Nike? Is Flyknit enough to get you interested from the get-go, or will you wait on the reviews first?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: Yames

    They haven’t leaked any pics with the inline sockliner have they? I have yet to see any photos of them! Except blackout prototypes the pros are wearing.

  2. says: Jose Reyes

    I really don’t consider this a new boot completely as it seems like more of a rebranding of the CTR360. But it makes sense because you want to make a great impression before and during the World Cup.

  3. says: E@zy

    Don’t see these holding up in the wet, not ‘Premier league wet’ but ‘Sunday league wet and muddy’

  4. says: miz

    poor of all ,never seen such a poor pair of football shoes,they just sucks ,cant believe they have put such damm thing in front of us,they are nothing compared to ctr ,god knows who is that damm man behind such sucking shoes,complete rubbish

  5. says: Brandon

    i found on unisport that the weight is 205 grams or 7.2 ounces. It is still a pretty light boot with everything that it does have

  6. says: Weisse

    Right, because you obviously play tested them already! Stop making baseless assumptions until some reviews are out or you have actually tested them.

  7. says: RS

    The sock lining doesn’t look like its removable, and that’s a big problem.
    Those shoes would stink to the heavens after a few games.
    Also if you out get stepped on or go in on rough tackle with those things on..good luck.

    1. says: 14M

      They are releasing a version without the High Ankle Support in replacement of more back support and a tongue, if you are interested in the material but not the high ankle it is a plausible option.

  8. says: ilikebunnies12

    learn how to spell your grammar is terrible….. and don’t judge a soccer shoe if you have not experienced what its like to have your feet in those shoes.

  9. says: Carlos Navia

    it all looks very lovely, but I have a few questions: 1, are those two fabric layers completely waterproof? 2, what would happen in the hot summer in some countries, where socks have to be worn underneath that new sock? 3, do those two layers protect from any bladed studs stepping on your foot any better or worse than the thinnest Vapors or adizero? not trying to sound mean, they seem like amazing boots, but these questions above could be issues…

  10. says: Rushie

    I´m very excited about these boots ! Asked Unisport yesterday when they would be available, and the told me they will be on the market the 20-ish may. I wonder a bit how sensible the top layer fly knit and so is? Like another one mentioned, how vunerable will your feet be to tackles in these?

  11. says: no name

    these boots are the bestttttt i swearrrr if you suck a little bit at controlling the ball this boot is the best choice and sorry for my bad english.

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