Umbro Geometra - Football Boots

Umbro Geometra

Taking on the adidas adiPower Predator and Nike CTR360 II in the new control football boots category might not be the smartest move ever, but Umbro are going to give it a go with the mathematically-named Umbro Geometra.

Umbro Geometra - football boots

Umbro’s reputation has taken a hit from the untouchable status they had after the Nike takeover, but the Stealth Pro II and Speciali R have seen the brand snap back into a bit of form and we hope will soon be making great football boots and shirts.

Their latest effort is this, the Umbro Geometra, and we’re strangely excited by it!

A K-Leather upper is the first good step for the Umbro Geometra, surprisingly the only Control boot to boast one, using the same leather as the legendary Speciali is a great start for a pair of football boots focused on touch and feel.

Umbro Geometra - Football Boots

Building on that solid foundation is a pair of technological advances that Umbro say will change the way we look at control on our football boots.

First is the ECS – Energy Control System -‘  that sits on the instep on the Umbro Geometra. The main component is strips of high-density foam, which is designed to reduce unwanted ball-bounce (quiet at the back) and excess energy is absorbed by the foam to bring the ball under your spell quicker.

Next up is the swerve coating on the toe-area of the Umbro Geometra, which gives a sweet area similar to older models of the Predator to receive and distribute the ball from.

Finally, an off-centre lacing system gives players a snug fit, maximising the effectiveness of these high-tech football boots.

Umbro Geometra Launch

Umbro Geometra - Football Boots

The Umbro Geometra will hit retail in August, with an RRP of £130.

The lead launch colourway will be White/Black/High-Risk Red and a cheaper sibling model will be available, called the Geometra Premier.

The following players will wear the Umbro Geometra:

-‘  Jordan Henderson – Sunderland and England
– Joe Hart – Manchester City and England
-‘  Diego Capel – Sevilla
-‘  Benoit Tremoulinas – Bordeaux and France
-‘  Deco – Fluminese and Portugal
-‘  Phil Jagielka – Everton and England
-‘  Jonas Gutierrez – Newcastle United and Argentina
-‘  Nedum Onuoha -‘  Sunderland
– Luke Williams – Middlesbrough and England Under-17s
– Michael Mancienne – Hamburg SV and England U21
-‘  Lucas Digne – Lille

Umbro Geometra Pro Specifications

Umbro Geometra Pro Football Boots

K-leather construction
ECS Control System on instep
Swerve Zone on Toes

Side offset lacing system
Internal Heel Counter
Pebax Outsole
£119.99/$169.99’s Kyle says:

“These look like yet another solid boot from Umbro, but their success will hinge on two things; whether they’re a little too similar to the Stealth Pro II AND whether they can get a big name player or two to wear ’em!”

What’re your first thoughts on the Umbro Geometra? Let us know in the comments below!

UMBRO GEOMETRA, 9.0 out of 10 based on 129 ratings

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  1. says: guest

    When’s the last time a new, top-of-the-line boot was introduced for less than $150? This is refreshing and exciting, can’t wait to see a review of these!

  2. says: guest

    When’s the last time a new, top-of-the-line boot was introduced for less than $150? This is refreshing and exciting, can’t wait to see a review of these!

  3. says: nicoacademia

    looks like nike’s way of adding adidas features to their CTR360.
    such as offcentre lacing(towards the outer foot vs ctr360 towards inner foot), soft k-leather(instead of kanga-lite).
    yet combining nike’s features such as the bladed studs in a circle, the “ctr360 pass pad” at the back. 
    prob just a boardroom cross-marketing ploy with a strong price point too.

  4. says: SkilletBoi

    the studs are alot like the CTR’s since nike own umbro, should we be left to think this that these boots are made in the same quality as nike boots, ’cause tbh thats why ive stayed away from umbro as ive found it to be portrayed as cheap and low quality..

  5. says: Jimbobbarrett

    well well well, a very nike’esk boot, but just better! better looking with good gimmick/tech attached. i have always had a pair of bro’s in the kit bag mainly as there like slippers and seem to last. and with the current pair starting to go (5yrs now) these might be the replacement, depending on a black colour way being put on the shelves. very very well done. 

  6. says: Dr Leather

    Is that Kangeroo I spy as a label in the pictures??? What animal is that??? Spelling attention required – KANGAROO

  7. says: Danny Boy

     A review of these would be great footy boots! 
    They’re a top end boot that I might actually be able to afford! :) 
    Umbro are definitely on the up!

  8. says: Adam

    It looks like another cracking pair of boots by Umbro but unfortunately for them, it doesn’t have a swoosh or 3 stripes on it. Branding is everything in today’s market which is bad news for Umbro because they churn out decent, good quality boots that end up dying without a whisper.

  9. says: ben

    pronlem is i have heard that these were going to retail for around ÂŁ90 but now it’s ÂŁ130 that is a bit excessive for a new release from a company without the Best past few years and also going into what seems to be an unknown category for most :/

    1. says: Danny Boy

      Yeah my thoughts exactly! ÂŁ90 would have been perfect…its got too much competition from other companies if its selling for ÂŁ130 🙂

    2. says: Danny Boy

      Yeah my thoughts exactly! ÂŁ90 would have been perfect…its got too much competition from other companies if its selling for ÂŁ130 🙂

  10. says: Zpuckz

    Another “kangaroo”-like upper umbro? THat makes three of them. Speciali R, STII, and now the Geometra Pro. Who needs three fake kangaroo uppers? JUST DO ONE RIGHT umbro. Umbro need to stand their ground with “Big Business” Nike. Give the real footballers  what they want and not just what sells with cr7 wanabees. LEAVE the speciali Kangaro upper ALONE. Please go back to the original stealth pro features with synthetic upper, carbon fiber sole and great EXTERNAL HEEL COUNTER. Don’t give us the “lighter boot makes u quicker and better” shannanagans! This boot looks like it’ll be a great boot. Umbro need to just go back the the original model with the stealths. One they can market for power and the other for control..

      1. says: Zpuckz

        Well, its leather in the same way the F50’s leather and the tiempo IV’s claim to be. If you dig around you’ll see that these uppers are chopped (nike), coated with chemicals, stretched and completely fussed with. Most aren’t even Kangaroo, they’re calf or some random “full grain”. Altho calf is great option, NOTHING compares to natural supple untouched KAngaroo. 

  11. says: Zpuckz

    By the way umbro call this upper a “full grain ceramic leather”. Says so on their website. A euphomism for wanabee-kangaroo. 

  12. says: Zpuckz

    The problem is that these hybrid leather-synthetic uppers don’t do any job right. They don’t provide the touch, comfort, and control of kangaroo and they don’t provide complete water proofing and durability that synthetics bring either. Companies need to give these uppers their rightful place but STOP trying to replace the natural kagaroo or full synthetic uppers completely. 

  13. says: Charles T

    One of the best looking boots I have seen. Has a real sleek look and something about it tells you that these are a pair of quality, high-technology football boots. Thanks to the absence of a swoosh or three stripes, the price is also more acceptable then other boots.

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