Best Slide Sandal for Football

Best Slide Sandal football

Slipping on something comfortable after wearing your football boots for 90 minutes is a well-deserved treat for your feet. Whilst most of us don’t put much thought into what to wear post-game, after reading this, you may have a new ritual to follow.

Football Changing Room

No matter what kind of football you play, kicking, jogging, sprinting, jumping, twisting and turning for ninety minutes puts a lot of stress on your feet.

So once the game has finished, you want to put your feet into something comfortable to help your feet recover.

We scoured the market to find some footwear we’d look forward to wearing after a game. Something that would help our feet recuperate and help us prepare for the next game.

Previously, our go-to footwear was the slide sandal, which is commonplace on the feet of amateur and pro footballers after a match.

The thing is, a typical slide sandal doesn’t offer a great deal of support or comfort. In truth, it’s not much more than a thin piece of plastic between foot and floor.

So, after some intense online research, we came across the OOFOS Sports Sandal. A sandal that claims to absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear.

We heard about this slide as they have recently teamed up with Lincoln City football club. Yep, Lincoln City footballers will be using the OOFOs Sports Sandal to help their feet recover.

Before we dive into what we think of the slide, let’s take a look at what the brand says about the technology used in the Sports Slide.

Foam Cushioning Tech

Of course, the main tech that OOFOS celebrate is their OOfoam®. This foam is the cushioning in the slide sandal between your foot and the floor. So when you walk in the sandal, it acts like a cushion easing the impact on the foot.

This is the brand’s own video that briefly demonstrates the point.

The foam also ‘cradles’ the arch of your foot, which OOFOS says “Reduces energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47%* compared to competitors’ footwear.”

  • The 47% was based on a 2018 University of Virginia School of Medicine Speed Clinic.

It sounded great, and comfort is, of course, subjective. But, there was only one way to find out if they were any good. So we got hold of a pair of the OOFOS Sports Slides…

OOFOS Sport Slide Sandal

The sandal looks quite chunky when you unbox it.

Squeezing the material by hand, it feels soft and springy.

Slipping the sandal on and walking at first feels a little different. The cushioning underfoot feels like you are walking on a springy gym mat; it’s very noticeable.

Also, the cushioned sole shapes to the contours of your feet, so you feel support across the base of your foot all the time. This takes a bit of getting used to.

After wearing the sandal for a few minutes, you soon get used to them, and they feel incredibly comfortable.

Product Details

OOFOS OOAHH Sport Slide Sandal – Black

Price: £60.00

UK Sizes: 7>13

Buy Direct from OOFOS >>


– Super comfortable
– Help your feet recover after football
– Easy to slip on straight after a game
– Look great


– Your feet can slip in the sandal if they are wet (dry your feet first)
– They are not cheap
– Your feet may get cold wearing these in the winter


The OOFOS sports sandals are not cheap, but having used them, we won’t be returning to a traditional pair of slides.

They are incredibly comfortable to the point that they are now a slipper replacement.

The support they provide to the arch of the foot is really noticeable.

After a game, when your feet are sore, these slides offer extreme comfort. And, due to the way the base hugs the entire sole of your foot, the slide feels like it’s massaging your foot as you walk.

If you can afford the OOFOS Slide Sandal, we think they’re a great way to get your feet prepared for your next game.

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