Puma had a big launch last week with the King Finale, adidas did too with the adiPure IV. Did you really think Nike were going to let their main competitors get all the attention? Introducing the sequel to one of the most successful break-out-boots in living memory – the Nike CTR360 Maestri II!

Nike CTR II - Nike CTR 360 Maestri II - Football boots to be Worn by Cesc Fabregas & Andres Iniesta

Whilst many players have decreed the original CTR360 as one of the most ‘perfect’ football boots on the market, Nike are confident that the CTR360 II betters on the original by adding a whole new dimension to it’s design.

The newly-designed instep combines an enhanced ‘pass-pad’, based on the design of the original and further ads an additional panel to further increase control on the ball when receiving.

Nike CTR II - Nike CTR 360 Maestri II - Football boots to be Worn by Cesc Fabregas & Andres Iniesta

The two pads work together to give the player in the middle of the park the ultimate advantage of enhanced control and precise distribution. The injected pass pad gives a firm surface to ricochet passes from, towards the sole of the foot; whilst the more rubbery instep pad is lined with T90 Laser III-style fins to enhance control on the ball

Disappointingly, Nike have opted to removed the Memory Foam from the instep of the CTR360 II. Those who remember our review will recall that the memory foam instep was one of our favourite features of the original CTR360. Nike assure us that we’ll love the CTR360 II just as much as it’s predecessor, thanks to it’s new instep.

Many of the other features of the CTR carry over to the CTR360 II; for example, the KangaLite upper is still a huge selling point for the series by providing a synthetic upper that is close to leather in terms of comfort and feel, but retains over 20% less water in damp conditions.

Nike CTR II - Nike CTR 360 Maestri II - Football boots to be Worn by Cesc Fabregas & Andres Iniesta

Also returning are the pods along the upper. These pods serve to take spin off of the ball before it comes into full contact with the upper – meaning the CTR360 II will give players a better first touch on the ball.

These pictures being of the Elite Series Nike are keen to focus on the drop in weight that the CTR360 II brings to the series. These football boots are 19% lighter than the previous CTR360 Elite – which is a huge drop for the series.

Nike CTR II - Nike CTR 360 Maestri II - Football boots to be Worn by Cesc Fabregas & Andres Iniesta

Exclusive CTR360 Maestri II tech specs sheet! (Click for a bigger version!)

To sum up, here’s what Nike say are the six key elements of the CTR360 Maestri II:

PASS & RECEIVE PAD: Injected instep pad and grip-like traction allow precise ball control.

KANGA-LITE UPPER: Feels like leather and provides great comfort and fit'  whatever the weather.

DAMPENING PODS: These cushion zones on the lateral forefoot give great'  first touch ball control.

RECEIVE PAD: Improves instep ball control and makes trapping the'  ball easier.

PASS PAD: Leads to precise distribution and placement of passes.

LACING SYSTEM: The asymmetrical lacing design creates an expanded ballcontrol surface.

CARBON CHASSIS: Carbon re-inforced chassis, provides strength with bladed studs for optimal traction and stability.

The Original Nike CTR360 Maestri was wildly popular among pros. As well as players like Cesc Fabregas and Andreas Iniesta who were posterboys for the ‘midfield maestro’ football boots wearing them, players like James Milner, Carlos Tevez and Ashley Cole all changed from their previous cleats into the Maestri – a real testament to the quality of the boot.

Nike CTR II - Nike CTR 360 Maestri II - Football boots to be Worn by Cesc Fabregas & Andres Iniesta

So far, Nike have confirmed that Fabregas and Iniesta will once again helm the campaign for the CTR360 II, under the aliases ‘The Maestro’ and ‘The Magician’ – and expect to see them in the new CTR360 Maestri II as early as next week!

Only the pricing for the Elite series version of the boot has been confirmed so far; and at £225 they’re not the cheapest boots in the world!

We’ll have full details on the release date and specifications of the ‘standard’ model in the coming days, so stay tuned to!

What do you think to the new CTR360 II? Use the Boot-o-meter below to give your verdict and follow it up in the comments below!

NIKE CTR360 MAESTRI II, 9.2 out of 10 based on 276 ratings

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  1. says: Geo

    I was nervous that Nike weren’t going to be able to make the CTR II look as clean as the first but I was dead wrong. These boots look amazing!

  2. says: preds7

    I was hoping that the new ctr has some new feautures + lower price tag but turns out it doesn’t.
    Still I think it looks pretty good, can’t wait to see it in other colorways.
    Btw CTR II same price means SF3 same price?

  3. says: jet

    These do indeed look fantastic and another 19% weight reduction is very impressive. Can’t argue with Pro’s saying the original CTR is as close to perfect as a boot can get. Only one thing i would say is i personally think the boot look better without the swoosh where your big toe goes. Anyone agree?

  4. says: chris mcgachy

    actually pretty ugly, not the boot but the coulorway, i have the ctr 360s its a class boot:D but i think itll be the superflys unless a different coulourway is launched before then;)

  5. says: chris mcgachy

    actually pretty ugly, not the boot but the coulorway, i have the ctr 360s its a class boot:D but i think itll be the superflys for christmas unless a different coulourway is launched
    before then;)

  6. says: lewis

    is it just me, or does the red pass pad (dunno whether its pass or recieve pad lol) but does it look a little too close to the inside of the heel? i mean i know for sure i dnt pass with tht part of my foot lol the pass pad on the original CTR’s was near perfect, why change?

  7. says: Bhoy

    A few days ago I ordered the CTR 360 Maestri Elites, never knew these were out . Got them for ÂŁ125, do you think they will go lower due to the new release?

  8. says: laserbluemini

    The CTR360 grew so slow on me, that by the time I started liking them they were sold out!

    good things these are a bit cleaner then the first ones. Loving the new colorways already. 🙂

  9. says: channo

    agree with lewis: i barely use that part of my feet (the red pass-pad thingie closer to the rear).

    anyway, the boot looked exactly the same as the first CTR360; pods on the forefoot, pass-pad on the instep, big nike swoosh, even the coloring concept are the same: two colors, separated by a thick lining in the middle.
    common people (other than football boots enthusiasts) might think that this is still “the same boot that fabregas wore last year”.

    call me old school, boil me, fry me. but i prefer new boots with totally new looks. you know, when they actually found something new.
    like when predator X came up with a fresh design that removes the historical predator tongue, or when T90 III scrap the precision ring and replace it with the rubber gills, adizero scrapping the tunIT and came out as the lightest boot…

    the debates are just nostalgic. some people would love the new looks (and techs/gimmicks), some people would hate it -but we all ended up buying them 😀

  10. says: Mbuotidem Isaac

    pricing for the various ranges have not been updated. also a suggestion, or two. Please could you include the post date with every post as well as teh release date of the boot being discussed. It helps . thanks 🙂

    1. says: Mbuotidem Isaac

      complete release date, not just april 1st, but april first 2009 or april first 2010. given that your posts do not indicate a post date, this would really help.

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