The World Cup is almost upon us, now it’s time to get serious!

The internet’s been all a-flurry with rumours of what Nike will do for this year’s FIFA World Cup after the outstanding job they did on their EC2008 range 2 years ago.

And with that – the wait is finally over… Revealing the Nike Elite Series!

The full range in the Nike Elite Series

The Elite Series takes the 4 Main Silos of the Nike Football Boot Range and fine-tunes them to the very top of their game by enhancing them in 3 Key areas:


Nike designers have reduced the weight of each boot so players can perform at their best. Lightweight construction, intricate engineering, carbon-enforced strength and high contrast colours distinguish the boots.

Super-strong, lightweight carbon fiber plates mean the Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II is 5% lighter. The CTR360 Maestri is 19% lighter. Both the Total90 Laser III and Tiempo Legend III are 16% lighter.

Nike have taken a different approach marketing this aspect than they have with the Nike Superfly II – Rather than putting the emphasis on speed, Nike are really pushing that these Elite Series football boots will be lighter in the last 15 minutes of a game, when the heavy legs have started to set in.

Visual Performance

As mentioned in the Superfly II specs, Nike believe that by putting two contrast colours together to give a ‘Flicker’ effect, it’s easier to guide a pass into a team-mates feet.

Really putting their money where their mouth is, Nike have splashed this controversial colourway across all their Elite Series of football boots!

The high contrast colours (Metallic Mach Purple and Total Orange) are engineered together for enhanced visibility. For a footballer this unique combination is designed to increase visual performance enabling them to quickly spot their team-mates and execute a game-changing pass.

An average person˘ vision is 99% peripheral. Under 1% is considered foveal, or focused vision.

To spark increased focus of peripheral vision Nike designers analysed the colour spectrum to identify two, high-contrast colours, so that when a player is running with these boots the colours trigger a stimulus to rapidly tune peripheral vision.

Mach Purple and Total Orange provided the perfect blend to create this effect and performance advantage.

Premium Materials

Nike have tuned the Carbon Fibre in each Elite Series football boot, to give it different amounts of flexibility where the foot needs it most.

Allowing the normally tense Carbon Fibre to bend with the toes, yet remain supportive through the mid-foot allows Nike to use only one piece through the entire sole for maximum integrity.

Other aspects of the boots have also been addressed to offer maximum performance and weight reduction, such as the Tiempo Legend – which will now feature a full KangaLite upper (Like the CTR360).

Nike Football+

The Elite Series also incorporates Nike Football+ which features exclusive insider access to the world˘ best coaches, players and teams for total game improvement. Nike Football+ Master Series builds expertise in Control, Accuracy and Speed through elite insights and pro training.

This includes a special Elite Series signature move from Athletico Madrid and Argentina star Sergio Aguero that will launch at the end of May.

All four Elite Series football boots, the Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II, Nike CTR360 Maestri, Nike Total 90 Laser III and Nike Tiempo Legend III as of May 22, 2010.

Release: May 22nd 2010
Price: Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Elite – £275
T90 Laser III Elite- £250
CTR360 Maestri Elite – £225
Tiempo Legend III Elite – £215

So, what do you think of the new Nike Elite Series – was it what you were expecting from the big ‘N’?

We’ll have more on each of the Elite Series football boots as the day goes on, so stay tuned to Footy Boots!

NIKE ELITE SERIES, 8.4 out of 10 based on 174 ratings

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  1. says: fnanky

    what a great surprise, Nike just improved a superb boot technologically like is superfly II , now,s “elite”.. looks like they improved the sole plate design, curved out in the middle and very thin and flat for flexibility at front,and reduced wight,amazing.

  2. says: kaka3622

    I love nike and their products but seriously who is gonna drop that much money for a pair of boots? thats rediculous. their idea is great, their price, once again is crap

  3. says: jet

    sick. didnt think the vapor could get more elite!? if you watch the video with andy caine about these you can see aguero doing his move with the new nike ball thats gonna be used in the prem/la liga/ serie a.
    this is solid end of exams+ birthday present material

  4. says: NP9

    Looking forward to CTR360 Elite for training, can someone tell me the difference between Mercurial Superfly II and Mercurial Superfly II Elite? Just a 5% lighter difference? How is it achieved?

  5. says: Connor Wallace

    Ill be interested to see who makes the switch, it looks like its just a sole plate change for 3 of them so unless pros hate the colors the extra money doesnt effect them. Changing the legends to kanga-lite though? thatll be interesting to see who switches. The colors look like theyd fit into a road construction outfit pretty well… the rave kid in me likes that.

  6. says: nadeem

    who else thinks that the superfly elite`s look quite similar to the mercurial capor 3 from the front. I think its because you really dont note the flywire that much.

  7. says: ben

    this is unbelievable. Nike have gone too far with this bs. who the hell is gunna pay 215 for legends that arent even made out of leather!!!!?? they havent done anything to change the vapor since the 4th one, and now this!? who cares if the shoe is lighter. if you want a light shoe so bad then go buy the adizero for way cheaper. I WIL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NIKE PRODUCT AGAIN UNTIL THEY QUIT WITH THE TECHNOLOGY BS AND LOWER THE PRICES.

  8. says: Bob

    What a fantastic marketing genius does Nike employ!!!
    Sure, lets release the boots that are a couple of gramms lighter right before the World Cup and chanrge an arm and a leg for it. Poor kids will bug the crap out of their parents ust to get these boots. Parents won’t resisit. How could they? These are the “ELITE”!!!
    My goodness, what a marketing machine Nike turned into.
    oh yeah, about the boots themselves – look pretty nice and I’m sure even feel lighter.

  9. says: LR

    I can understand what Nike did to the superfly, total 90, and ctr360, but they really blew it with the tiempo. I was considering getting the tiempo elites or the adipure WC, but it looks like adidas won while nike released a tiempo that has no kangaroo leather and is overpriced.

  10. says: gino

    sorry nike, but mizuno put out those same colors two years ago.

    nike also could have done things that really make a difference in weight too, noteably in the mercs and legends. the superfly doesn’t “need” adaptive stud (really a diadora thing, 4 years ago) and the legend doesn’t need a tongue or any of that stitching.

    btw, i don’t hate nike, i own 5 pairs. but they really have seen better days.

  11. says: mike16

    loved the euro 2008 range but this isn’t the same classy look. will be interesting to see if all nike players wear this version

  12. says: fido

    lol its quite funny how they say its gonna be like 5-19% lighter. i highly doubt it will affect the last 15 mins of games.. they are already light to begin with unless you started with a heavier boot and then you switch to a lighter one towards the end of the game.. but that’s just my opinion..

    also i think a tiempo legend isnt a tiempo legend w/o real k-leather 🙂

  13. says: Aussie Lad

    A common theme occuring; Why ditch the K-Leather?

    Also, this propaganda stuff makes my skin crawl.

    5% difference, stop the presses!

    I’m sure people who have muscles attached to their legs won’t notice the difference.

  14. says: mexi_pino21

    oooooooo i want a pair. either the tiempo or ctr. vapors are getting to be too expensive now because of all the technological advances.

  15. says: Splinter09

    Amazing tech specs on these new Nike Elite Series of Football Boots. But the price, I’ll need a sponsorship to buy those.

  16. says: Abel Joseph

    I wish they hadnt released these.. I just bought a pair of Superfly II’s and now I’m lusting after these!!

  17. says: Bob

    @ Greg#3 and Aussie Lad:
    Guys, we need to remember it is all about the bottom like for companies like Nike nowdays. Kangalite is probably so much cheaper to manufacture than buying kangaroo hide the cost of which is so blown up because of the hands that have to touch it to clean, washed, cut, etc.
    My prediction is we are going to start seeing a lot more companies making this switch in the future. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE REVENUE boys!
    @ Fifinho: thanks mate.

  18. says: El Leon

    Not sure about the flicker effect used on all boots and considering orange was featured on the original Superfly II’s it would’ve been nice to have more of a change, although the Mach Purple is beautiful. It’s nice to have a signature colour for such a special occasion as the World Cup.

    One big point to make, are Nike serious with those price tags. They are seriously taking the p!$$ out of their consumers. Ok, if u can afford the Superfly II then the Elite version is the same price so not much of an issue there, but how many ppl do they expect to go out and spend +ÂŁ200 for Maestri’s, Legend’s and Laser’s. They are doing a superb job at alienating their consumers.

    Sort out ur prices Nike! Or risk losing custom to Adidas and Puma

  19. says: Joga Bonito

    Hey guys. Just want to say I love the new look for the site. Really good job. By the way, any more news on the Zhero Gravity Ultras? Shoot me an email, thanks.

  20. says: hopp

    I really don’t like them because of the color and the material. Nike just needs to understand that there is no substitute for real kangaroo leather. And for like two ounces would you pay so much more?

  21. says: channo

    footy boots asked me once: do you think football boots technologies had to stop at some point?

    i think this article has answered it: when companies release a new boots for every itsy bitsy improvements and put a (helluva) price tag on it.

    crazy range of colorways, i could understand. every type of shoes should have black colorway and white one. maybe red one and blue one for a wider options. or yellow/green at maximum. it’s the standard colors that supposed to match most club kits.

    what make me sick is lately they had too many of the actually same colorways! predator x had the original black-red and the world cup black-yellow. F50i had the first released white star and the white Messi version. tiempo had the black-green swoosh and the black-white swoosh.
    as if they wanted to make us “uh-oh the white Messi version looked better than my white star… better buy it also!”

    you know what? i’ve had enough. sell me boots when you guys at big companies actually found something new. don’t sell me bots cuz it’s world cup, or it’s champions league, or it’s new season. i won’t buy ’em :p *pppffffftttttt*

    i’m going to buy my girlfriend those prada shoes that she wanted. at least the chance that she would looked aesthetically better in those shoes are greater than the chance of me would play miraculously better in these elites :p

    PS: love the new footy-boots look!

  22. says: sido

    pfftopic: could you test the ctr360 trequartista and libretto and compare them to the maestri? can’t decide if its worth the price difference and cant try them out myself as no store in my area is stocking any of them 🙁
    thanks in advance!

  23. says: Perry Groves

    I think this range is a massive leap in terms of boot technology. The problem is with this range is it devalues the regular range below the elite. If you were a pro playing in the top flight and wear Nike boots, why would you ever want to wear anything else other than the elite range now(bearing in mind money is no object)? It will be interesting to see who takes this up and what if any difference the boot technology makes in the World Cup. Going back to the devalue argument, where is the elite vapor? Surely that is a top end Nike boot which should have been included. The Mecurial range now has a hierachy of Vapor, Superfly II regular and Superfly II Elite. Whats the point of have the Vapor anymore!?

  24. says: kyle

    Hi Russell – It was actually one of about 20 comments on this article that got lost in the change to the new site!

    Don’t worry though, we’re working on getting them back ASAP!

  25. says: Karl

    What happens if everyone’s wearing these on the pitch?

    Easier to pass to the opposing team, or probable epileptic fits?

  26. says: sid

    yeah, T90 is my favorite. T90 Laser III Elite is comportable, maybe than last edition. but i must thinking about the price too.

  27. says: Connor Wallace

    I dont understand why people are upset that nike has created a new product thats out of their price range. nike is not going to stop making their other boots and the legends wont suddenly be made out of pleather. relax, if anything we should be glad because in a few years this technology will be old news and less expensive. thats how economics works. how much does an ipod cost now compared to when they first came out? remember when cell phones werent common place items? ill let everybody in on a little secret:

    every company ever does everything it does to for money

    yes everything, from developing new technology to donating profits to africa. that doesnt make them bad or evil, it just allows them to exist. nike is not trying to insult you by creating a better product.

  28. says: Lenny

    I literally am staggered by 1) how ugly most Nike football boots are now 2) just how far Nike have managed to take the marketing spiel/’technology’ angle and most importantly 3) How many people they manage to reel in with this, at the stratospheric price!

    I mean, the colours might look OK on the Vapor, maybe on the CTR. The Lasers are one of the ugliest monstrosities one could have on one’s foot anyway and the Tiempo’s (not Legends) just continue their steady downward slide from the IMHO modern classic original.

    But really, and again, opinion, I used to love so many Nike boots. The mid 90s Tiempos, the 2000-ish Tiempos, Romas, AZT90 Is, IIs, IIIs, all the pre-Vapor Mercurials, Mercurial Vapors Is, IIs, IIIs, the Mercurial Vapor Ks (superb boots), Mercurial SLs, Superfly Is, Air Legend Is, Air Legend IIs, Ronaldinho Dois, Tiempo Super Ligera, Brasilians. I don’t mind Legend IIIs but they’re not as nice. I don’t mind Laser IIs in some of the colours… But, the COLOURS! The new Vapors are some sort of joke nightmare F50s. Vapors used to be the badboy boots! The Lasers, no comment necessary, I do kind of like the CTRs but what was with that red/black??? And no matter what your foot shape, CTRs are straight up not as comfortable as what I guess most people consider the ugly duckling of Nike’s current range, the Tiempo Premier. Try them on back to back and I defy you to disagree.

    Where has it all gone wrong Nike? The EC08 boots were nice, amongst my favourite colourways on both the Legend II and Vapor V. These are just… children’s toy looking. The clue is in the name ‘Kanga-Lite’ – lighter maybe, but -lite generally means ‘not as good’. Spot on! To refer to boots such as this as ‘elite’ is ridiculous. That people drool over the 5% lighter shit and get excited about the revised soleplate specifics to the point where they’re prepared to pay the same as you would to get say five pairs of Super Ligeras truly astounds me.


    I curse myself over not buying so many pairs of boots on ebay… things like Cinder Vapor IIs for ÂŁ30. Black Vapor Ks for under ÂŁ100. Mercurial Anniversaries FFS. These (if you can get them_ cost even more than Nike Elite Series now… Something’s still right in the world I guess 🙂

    1. says: kyle

      Hi Beckham – As soon as we have a proper confirmation we’ll let you know – but an educated guess would suggest they would make the Elite Series Colours available in Kids versions of the boots – but I wouldn’t think that Nike would use the full Carbon Fibre sole-plate in kids size boots – that’s just a guess though, we’ll post back on here if we find anything new out!

  29. says: harry shotta

    @beckham ….. except the superflys all the other boots will be released 4 kids on the 22nd. the superflys are only exclusive for men sizes.

  30. says: harry shotta

    and personally i dnt think the elite range is aimed at the average saturday/sunday league footballer.not even the semi pro or average pro. elite means the best and theres only a few on this planet who are the best thats why they are making serious amounts of money each week.ÂŁ137.50 a boot is worth it when you yourself are an elite footballer. as a boy my football manager said you have to be awsome to wear the fancy boots

  31. says: danny boy

    kyle, wots better adi zero or superflies elite? cheers!

    I dunt see the piont though for a this. In 09/10 addidas have released the adipures, new preds (which i’ve got, there sik butter a little tight although i have not worn them in proply yet!) and adizero. Nike have released th elite series, t90 laser2s, t903s, (Plus siblins) ctr360, and a truck load of murcerials and addidas are still the favered brand, as they are as good, in a different way, for 130 max, when nike are releasing 200+ shit? nike need to no, more boots every second more expensive every time is not a selling point, just pisses peeps of. plus no1 wants a light power boot, u want it 2 be heavey for power, and toughness! The old t90 lases 3 were really good tho.

    1. says: kyle

      It’s tough to say!

      adiZero’s are lighter, cheaper and are much more comfortable on the first wear.

      But the Superfy II’s have something kind of special about them – I think it’s the look and the technology, if you own a pair you know there’s something special about them, I guess!

      So I’m not going to make that call for you – you have to decide what’s best for you!

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