It’s been one of the most talked about football boots of the year – the latest addition to the Nike football boot family. And now it’s here.

nike ctr 360 maestri double

Nike has the Total 90 Laser II for power, the Superfly and Vapor V for speed and for touch, there’s the heritage classic that is the Tiempo. And today they reveal the fourth boot in their line up, the eagerly anticipated CTR360.

ctr 360 upper

The elite level boot is the CTR360 Maestri for which Nike say they have pushed the technological boundaries to create a boot with greater control. Working with their stable of top internationals (and let’s face it, they’ve got a few to choose from) Nike have come up with a boot that will deliver from the last line of defence to the first point of attack.

The CTR360 is available in two colourways – Red / Black / White and secondary version in White / Black / Yellow.

ctr 360 angle

As regards to what it can do for you on the pitch, the individual technical specifications have been incorporated to assist in three direct areas. They are:

Receiving the ball

Dampening pods on the outside of the forefoot provide a softer first touch when receiving the ball, whilst an asymmetrical lacing system greatly expands the ball control area.

The instep utilizes a harder material to provide extra pace on the pass – the forefront and the instep work together for a lighter more controlled take but quicker delivery, minimising time on the ball.

Controlling the ball

Nike has developed the revolutionary KANGA-LITE synthetic leather that mimics the supreme feel of kangaroo leather, while maintaining its performance in all conditions and allows for a snug fit.

ctr 360 kanga lite

When a player strikes the ball, a well planted foot is just as important as the striking boot. Nike has integrated dual-density forefoot studs that not only reduce the stud weight but help grip the ball better without compromising traction or stability.

The heel studs are built to be strong and stable to create a sure footing while controlling the ball with the other foot.

ctr 360 soleplate

Distributing the ball

Shape correcting memory foam delivers uniform contact with the ball for greater precision. An injected pass-pad on the combines with the memory foam to deliver the ball at optimum pace.

In addition to receiving, controlling and distributing, in developing the boot, Nike not only looked at increasing control, but maximising comfort. Therefore, a sock liner with an additional comfort layer sits within the boot, reducing stress on the foot and minimising friction.

ctr 360 maestri heel

Speaking on the day of the launch, Nike spokesperson Leo Sandino-Taylor said:

ctr 360 nike quotes The CTR360 is the first of its kind; it is a landmark boot from Nike. Built for incomparable control, the CTR360 can make the difference between a misguided pass and a clean precise assist. It is for the playmaker that can take the ball, read the field and make the play when others couldn’t.

Make sure you check back in with Footy Boots tomorrow as we’ll have a whole lot more on the Nike CTR360 and, having been given unique access by Nike, it’s content you won’t find anywhere else.

Check out the CTR360 video here.

Retail Price: £120 – Footy Boots price £99.99 – order here

Colouway: Red / White / Black

Secondary colourway: White / Black / Yellow

Retail sale: 1st October Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 10)


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  1. says: Reg

    They need to exist so Nike can make more money Matt.

    I think these may be the boot for the rough, tough midfield dynamo.

    Think Alex Song, Gattusso, Scholes (as it shows above).

    Whether the boot is any good or not, too early to say without any more info.

  2. says: Duberry

    So Nike have the Mercurial – speed, T90 Power, and Tiempo – Classic.

    The CTR360 could be aimed at the playmaker. Someone like Joe Cole, Fabregas, Ronaldinho even Tevez.

  3. says: alex

    i think fabregas puyol or even eduardo could wear these because eduaro dosent model or any shoe for nike and this could be his shot or maybe even bendtner

  4. says: Dan

    I would expect Ronaldinho to wear them since he no longwer will have his own line. IMO these are out for Nike to make more money.They have no particular in gredient so they are not needed

  5. says: MisterBroom12

    They seem to be a combination of the Laser and Legend. More form fitting than the Laser with more of an emphasis on touch, as seen in the extra surface toward the outside of the foot just like in the most recent Ronaldinho’s. Yet not as classic and not leather based like the Legends are. These could be a great alternative to those who prefer synthetic boots over leather, yet don’t want to be stuck in a really narrow boot (Vapor) or a really wide one (Laser). It also looks like they took the pass pad from the latest Ronaldinho too, wouldn’t surprise me if Ronnie was wearing them and it makes sense that Iniesta would wear them over top of the Laser’s.

  6. says: Blair

    Don’t think these boots will be a success!!

    I don’t see where they will fit in =S
    What other style of play is there? I also remember back when adidas had 4 types of boots out:
    Preds, f50s, world cup/copas, and the aviros (which were an awesome boot in my opinion) and that only lasted a year before they had to drop one! I have to wonder which nike boot will be dropped to make way for the CTR 360!

  7. says: SS

    blair, theyre dropping the ronaldinho line for these, i think there not going to be as successful as a vapor or laser release, but i think theyll do much better than the dois did……. (sniejder maybe?)

  8. says: Barriecuda

    Nike isn’t stupid enough to cannibalize their own sales (aka their other boots) so it’s unlikely that these will be replacing any current lines. They look to me like a lightweight boot, offering an (albeit heavier) touch-based styling from the Legend while having a little bit more power for striking the ball. A middle ground between Laser and Legend. The ‘360’ moniker will definitely play a part, and probably suggests the boot is meant for a “360 degree player”, ie a central midfielder.

  9. says: greg#\3

    1. the R10 line has already been dropped. if you go to and go to “collections” there is no more R10 link, BUT they are still selling the shoes. + the dois started out as $190 now they are 120 as I saw them last so they are ready to be dropped as nike is clearing them out.

    2. nike already had 4 lines before this cleat they market 3 and leave 1 alone for the public to choose.
    in the last case the R10 line wasn’t marketed.


    there is no category up there for playmakers, power players or players that curve the ball insanely. or it could be a combination of all 3 categorys

    ctr 360= speed, power, touch

    this is just my opinion and if you ask me an opinion is immunity to being told ” you’re Wrong”


  10. says: adry

    guys, i think this is a “midfield maestri” kinda thing cause ive seen lass diarra and jon obi mikel wearing this boot in training. just go to gettyimages and search for some play-makers and you´ll see it 🙂

  11. says: Gunner!

    i can see these being like a cross between T90’s and Tiempo’s, which players like Sneijder/Van Der Vaart/ Fabregas etc will be wearing. Hopefully they’ll come out with nicer colourways!

  12. says: Gunner!

    i think this is a boot that will aim to combine all the features of its counterparts (t90’s, mercurials and tiempos) whilst adding something of its own. I’d imagine dynamic central midfield players would wear these but hopefully they will be in better colourways!

  13. says: matt the goalie

    these look like they could be crazy goal scoring boots…i wish they some sort of cover of the laces so they werent exposed…i think i may have to get them if they make them in a white or red color scheme

  14. says: the prophet

    As a current nike tester, I the opportunity to test this shoe. I believe the ctr 360 refers to the circular cleats on the bottom of the shoe. (Gimmicky in my opinion) The shoe had a pass pad in the instep of the shoe but was way too low to make any impact on passing. I tested the retro tiempo premier 94’s which were updated with new insoles and cleats. Not bad, but not great either. I still think the vapors are the best shoes Nike has put out in a while.

  15. says: t90++

    i’ve got a hunch the CTR 360 is going to replace T90 range. if i was in charge of marketing it would be

    “Why stay for 90 when you can go 360!”


    i reckon it’s the ‘next level’ for the T90 range, they just changed the name cause ‘360’ is foolproof. if someone says 90 ,they assume it’s the number of minutes in a game. but how many games have we seen that ended in 90 mins flat. so they opted for 360~ three dimensional cause that’s how the game is played nowadays.

  16. says: Tony H

    basically i dont see a point, having not been on fb for a while i was thinking nike had given ronaldo his own boot although hes now at real madrid, i dont see the point as said earlier; t90 are for power, mercurial are for speed and legends are for playability. what other attributes from a boot could you want as everyone i play with has always found a boot that matches their style of play and there isnt so much inbetween two of the three to make a boot that goes in the middle

  17. says: hongxin

    My manager come to the 2010 Q2 ordering meeting,he told me that the Endorsements of CTR360 is Fabregas,It is true。

  18. says: Hugh

    looks like a Nike challenger to the predator, as the T90 has turned into a strikers boot/winger so maybe they are trying to make a boot for players like fabregas rather than the tiempo, maybe to entice Gerrard to Nike??

  19. says: Max

    i think wearers will include:


    i also heard they might replace 10R, so maybe Ronaldinho

  20. says: Jevvon

    I lucky enough have already tried these’s boots and they are ridiculoly light and comfortable.
    I believe that they would be for any player

  21. says: Eduardo

    Why are these coming out?? they already have mercurial, t90 and tiempo, instead of spending time on making a 4th brand, they should i dunno make new tiempos, or new colors for the mercurial, or a T90 laser III…i think its a waste to expand on more brands and they should stick with the three they have, after all they are three very good shoes, the mercurials, T90s, and teimpos…

  22. says: Lewis

    i think these boots are a waste of time when eventully you get round to buying mercurials,t90s or teimpos and then the new ones come out so you have to buy them but i think nike will make loads with these new boots…

  23. says: Connor

    Personally i think their going to aim it at central midfielders, simply because they really do control the game. Also players like Fabregas, the ones that are consisent and take control of the game from the start. Not like Ronaldo by scoring goals, but by making plays and setting people up.

  24. says: xavi

    amazing boots, will be worn by inesta, torres, essien, malouda, gattuso, ext.. will eventualy take over from t90, will feature heavy in the world cup 2010. look great but wish the laces went the other way to to give better strike area

  25. says: Connor Wallace

    This boot will probably end up being important. Whether it catches on or not it introduces some good ideas. First the asymmetrical lacing going towards the inside immediately suggests a futsal boot. That with the rubberized mesh on the outside and the “pass-shield” on the inside is going to be a great thing especially for defenders who have been mildly neglected by nike in my opinion. We’ll have to see how this “kanga-lite” works out, Mizuno tried something similar a little while ago and i haven’t heard much from it. but i think its a smart move.

  26. says: Matt

    If you couldn’t already tell the ctr part is meant for control as which their aimed at. Also players wearing them are Fabregas, Landon Donovan, and Iniesta with Fabregas being the main guy behind these. Laser III’s come out next year this is just a 4th line.

  27. says: Theo

    from a big american retailer, they describe the boot with such players like Cesc and Donnavan… We’ve seen players like Scholes and Iniesta test them out so perhaps the midfield generals like them probably would wear them… even Evra?

  28. says: Liverpool fan

    Vapor & superfly= speed/lightweight

    laser = accuracy and power

    Tiempo = classic

    CTR360 = help in first touch and dribbling?????

    Usually prefer adidas because they are usually more reliable and in my opinion, better made. but i probably by these.

  29. says: Jaymunji

    I prefer the Tiempos but I don’t see any reason why a more attacking playmaker couldn’t wear these boots.

    That said, it is also pretty obvious that it is a Nike sales ploy.

  30. says: kaizer

    4 silos? and kanga light? fake kangaroo leather for the price of kangaroo leather adidas boots, nice try nike! looks like a cheap predator wannabe.

  31. says: Tom

    The idea of these is that they’re aimed to entice midfield dynamo’s and controlling players into wearing these and having an identity. The T90’s are aimed at the more powerful and accurate players ie rooney… the Vapor’s/Superfly’s are aimed at faster players such as Theo Walcott… and the Tiempo is aimed at the slower but more controlled player with usually better skill than the other players, ie ronaldinho (even though he has his own range they are just a spin off of the Tiempo’s really… plus i think the R10’s are being dropped). The CTR360’s are aimed at players who can sit in the middle of the pitch and just control the game, maybe pop up at key times for a goal or assist, ie scholes or fabregas. Saying this though there is no reason why a person should feel they are assigned to a certain boot… everyone has each aspect in their game and should wear boots according to which they prefer and feel most comfortable in.

  32. says: Scoop.

    Cesc and Landon Donovan are the feature athletes for this boot.

    They were supposed to be around only for this season, but have been added to their Spring/Summer line.

  33. says: Tony Gravato

    At first glance, I was a little taken back. It looks like foot armor. But after seeing the molded sole plate, and the “passing pad” I started to think that maybe for Mids this maybe the shoe. I suspect the shoe will be lighter then it looks, but rugged enough (esp in the forefront area) to take some of the abuse that Mids take when fighting for the ball. Plus light enough to help with pace. It could be a hybrid shoe for the new hybrid For/Mid player. A Nani type. Sad to see the R10 go, but it always seemed out of place. Having Dinho not wear 10 at Milan didn’t help.
    I really didnt like where Nike took the T90 to in the last couple of years. I think for your pub league/pick up game type of player this maybe the shoe of choice. If Nike could somehow make a youth version of this, they will have a winner as well. The shoe seems built with confidence in mind.

  34. says: Baggio's Chip

    There seems like way too much overlap between the supposed benefit of these and the Tiempos and Lasers. I suppose they’re a kind of cross over boot and could be sported by anyone who wears either of these boots.

  35. says: Raphael

    Balotelli wore them on Tuesday night in all black white tick, I for one is definately going Niketown to try them a.s.a – I’m buzzing!

  36. says: ill-d


    well, im not going to comment on whether nike needs a 4th line of boots or not…

    but i will say that I have seen the new vapor 6 (purple/orange colorway *barf*) and the new laser 3 (looks like a UFO) i was quite unhappy with nike’s new offerings of older lines in the looks/aesthetics department.

    this, in my opinion, is a good looking boot. im especially glad it isn’t some ridiculous colorway like magenta and puke green or something worse that i suspect will be the next colorways for the vapor 6 (based on the pastel purple and orange one ive seen).

    on another note, what people have said about it being somewhat inbetween a legend and laser seems about right.

    another thing, the ronaldinho dois boots were actually very good boots. however, he hasn’t been playing as great anymore, and unfortunately people are definitely affected by who is wearing what boot. it seems to me, marketing wise, nike created this boot to take the dois’ place. the dois had a padded “pass” pad made for taking the heat off passes for trapping. this boot essentially is jumping off that aspect of the dois.

    the control aspect is interesting, but reading about the extra efforts on making it a comfortable, less friction-ey boot is intriguing. in fact, i would say this boot is a nod to the under armor dominate boot. i remember in forums people talking mad sh!t about under armor, saying they will never make a decent boot for whatever reason, but their first line of boots did remarkably well for a first try…and one thing i kept reading about the dominate boot was its level of comfort.

    anywho, thats it out of me.

    if i was in the running for new boots, i would look at these or the tiempo 94s.

  37. says: martincillo

    these boots are weird, i dont know what to say, and i agree with ILL-D the ronbaldinho boots are great boot and more important, they are cheap

  38. says: markymark

    personally, i dont like these

    but go look on nike football, fabregas is the new face of these boots

    tevez now looks to be the posterboy of the tiempo… something i like cos im a striker.

    the new boot is like a midfielders boot through and through, the tiempo an allround classic

  39. says: gsm8

    Think Nike have definitely missed a trick with this boot, for me it was crying out to be a classic black and white boot or at the very least predominantly all black with a coloured tick. Had they released the black/white version that scholes and iniesta were pictured in i would have gone as far as to pre-order them but with the current white and red colourways i’ll be keeping hold of my money. If Nike are reading this, bring out the all black ones please.

  40. says: Sixstud

    Any boot that has Landycakes Donowoman as an endorser is not a boot for me, much prefer to have a global icon like Stevie G and Preds

  41. says: JamieB

    If You Have Good Touch, You Have Good Control. You Dont Need These Technologies (which Seem A Bit Ridiculous) To Become A Better Player.

    1. says: Deary Me!

      What a load of nonsense the description for these boots is. And some of the comments.

      It’s gullible folk that allow nike to release 4 and 5 lines of boots at a time.

      Boots for playemakers, goal scorers etc. Total Tripe.

      Boots should be bought for comfort and quality. Not because Nike tells you they make you more accurate or improves your first touch. The only way you’ll do more is through practice.

      I have 2 pair of boots. F50.9 and Mizuno Morelia 8 Pro SG. Categorise me through my boots. I don’t just play down the park on a Saturday just so you know.

  42. says: Cory

    I just bought these boots last week and love them!! I bought the middle of the line-up(Trequarista). I love the soft REAL leather, I am not a fan of synthetics. The small padded areas are great and the rubber control area on the inside of the boot adds some spin to shots and passes. I prefer it to the Tiempo. Great color combo in black and white with a yellow swoosh. Try them before you knock them!!

  43. says: James

    I have played in all three of the superflys t90s and tiempo shoes… when i was wearing each one i wanted something the other two shoes had. Like when i was wearing the superflys i wanted a little bit more touch like the tiempo has. Putting all three together might make people want to buy it more. if the touch speed and accuracy is there then this shoe will go far.

    and it doesnt matter how they market them, nike sells boots on who plays in them. Thats why 10R is going because nobody really cares about dinho anymore. If famous people start wearing them then people will buy them.

    But personally i think they should have waited, cause they just came out with the superflys and their new colors so people went to buy them, now these “better” boots came out and people are pissed that they got screwed. Should have waited. I personally think this shoe is BS!!

  44. says: Alex

    I really love my Vapor4 SLs and i bought a pair of the V4 Mercurials and they gave me the worst blisters ever. I would love to buy the Superflys but they are so expensive and if they are like their cheaper counterparts going to F my feet up. Im gonna see how these feel because ive tried a few other boots and none of them are for me.

  45. says: daniel

    looks like people have been brainwashed by companies. You yourself have the speed, touch, power, accuracy and that, not the boot. So the category of which the boots falls under has nothing to do with anything. I tried these on today and they are a very good boot, very comfortable. Will definately buy them when a better colour comes out.

  46. says: Peter

    seems like you guys know alot about these shoe’s so i can ask my question here..
    why o why is there such a big difference in price between some types of the ctr360?
    i can buy them for 60.. or for 240 euros..
    can anybody help me?

  47. says: Jedi

    Peter, basically you pay the highest price for the official top of the range boot (i.e the one that the professionals on T.V we see wear) and then the companies make slightly cheaper, more affordable boots which will look very similar but will not have certain, “top of the range features”. All the big name brands do it.

  48. says: bruno

    que chuteira linda mas que pena que eu não tenho dinheiro para conprar sou do arraial d ajuda sou criança e quero ganhar uma chuteira dessa azul que e a mais linda que ae achei. manda uma chuteira dessa para min eu treino aqui no arraial d ajuda meu time e bunito vou mosso ou mossa.manda pra os meus colegas gostarem de min com essa chuteira ctr 360 o chuteira linda viu bjossssssssssssssssssss

  49. says: kristian

    the perfect boot/cleat for me would be the mercurial studs and the ctr360 kanga lite upper, together on the same shoe… great feeling and fast accelerating feets combined! 🙂

  50. says: pyronick

    these shoes are very comfortable, nd are a combination of the lasers, tiempos, and vapors.
    the touch is as great as the tiempos and the shooting is awsome! =]

  51. says: Andreas_SWE

    I tried this boots yesterday.
    No doubt that was the best shoes I’d ever played football in! Nice touch combinded with a perfect fit!
    Dont wait, buy them!!

  52. says: fabnar

    I’m concerned about the off-center lacing moving toward the INSIDE of the boot, away from center and not on the outside like T90s. My Air Zoom Total 90 II’s finally busted and I’m looking to replace

  53. says: king_ken

    @bryan – since you didnt name the boots you cannot definitively say that CTR means control. there are pleanty of words with a C,T, and R in them; one being CenTeR and this boot does seem to be aimed towards a CenTRal midfield type player, but i digress.

    i have always been a predator man. i 1st bought the predator precision as a kid and went on to own every re-incarnation since (sometimes in several colorways). problem is they fall apart in a month if your the type of player who goes in hard on every play. i bought the tiempos in blackout and liked them quite a bit. great touch, comfortable, durable, but quite heavy.

    was about to by the DV pred X’s the other day but decided to try on the CTR’s for fun and was sold after one step. classic comfortable fit of tiempos or Copas, lightweight design of vapors, and the balanced feel of the predators.

    those of you who comment that its a player who has control, touch, swerve, pace… this is true. however, it cannot be denied that added friction (predator elements, pads on CTR) will create for spin on the ball; lighter shoes will help you run faster (though only a fraction), and a material with properties that more readily absorb energy will help your touch (again only fractionally).

    so yes, there are those of us who can play, and those that cant, and if you cant no boot in the world will save you! but for those of us who can, and can play at a very high level where the difference between the best player and the worst on the pitch is very minimal, a split second may decide whether you score a goal or not. mistouching the ball by an inch may give posession away, and one extra rotation in the balls spin may decide whether the keeper gets a finger tip to it or not. but only at such a high level do these things matter!

    so if youre not an elite player dont waste your time, go buy some cheap $40 jomas or bottom of the barrell predator mock up. those of us that are elite, find the boot that suits your game and playing style and stick to it… it could be the difference of your leagues championship game, relegation, promotion, ect… but find the boot that suits YOU, not the one Nike or Adidas says SHOULD suit you.

    P.S. – i am a central midfielder who likes to set up other plays and control the game with my posession, so in this case Nike was right about the CTR, its the best boot for my style (which goes against my argument, or maybe Nike and I just agree this time)

    {sorry for long-windedness… its my first time posting in a blog and i just had to set some people straight! now get off your computer and go play the beautiful game}

    – KAW

  54. says: Michael.H

    @ King Ken (KAW)
    Well first of all i do agree with a lot of what you said, but the fact that you need to set a few people straight by telling them they didnt name the boot, all it takes is 5mins worth of research, mainly on the website itself for you to know that the ctr does stand for control, thats why they did the control interview with Cesc. Blogs are open for views and opinions, and the rest of what you say is very valid, but just thought best to set you straight on the name!

    p.s. yes i do own these boots, and i dont mean offence by my comments, just a general comment.

  55. says: Tony

    If you want to get your money’s worth, top of the line Mizuno boots are something else, Wave Ignitus, SuperSonic Wave or the classic morelia’s will never let you down. I’ve never met anyone using their speed boot however but I think the adizero’s are top notch for speed.

  56. says: Sean Brown

    Hey guys, i would say they would be one of the best boots I have used…. However 5 weeks into my season the inside strap of the laces broke and a couple weeks later our team’s trainer has these same boots with the same default. I believe it to be a manufacturing default.

  57. says: luis

    gracias a fred peinado lopez gracias a el es q tengo estos guayos xq si no fuera x el no los tubiera y si los tubiera solo seria cuando sea profecional en el futbol…..gracias fred

  58. says: Kyle Britto

    I personally don’t get this.
    Too many people depend to much on the boot to do everything for them: pass correctly, trap and stop the ball where and when they want to and shoot accuratly.
    Does the boot do everything and anything???

    People need a good boot i.e. a comfortable boot, not a boot that makes you breakfast, lunch and dinner!!
    It’s not the boot that makes the player!!
    It would be truley spectacular to see a player, enter the world cup in 2014 with a pair of nikes 1st mercurials.

  59. says: Mbuotidem Isaac

    when you say retail date 1st october, it is not a bad idea to show the year also, how do i know if its 1st october 1901 or 1st October 3000 ? :LD

  60. says: canary wharfs no1

    i have wider feet than most and my last mercurials hurt my feet like mad, paid ÂŁ105 for the yellow ctr’s last week and wore them in training thursday and its like wearing a cloud on your foot, amazing comfort and they look so cool, well worth the money. lets face it, sports dont come cheap, golf, tennis, football, there all the same the good stuff costs! so if u cant afford it then get a better job or save up…….

  61. says: cesc fabregas ctr360

    I personally really like these boots and nike is the best brand of boots u will ever fifortable love themazing boot and very com

    1. says: Scotty Halliday

      IHey, do you want to buy my boots?
      They are better than these ones. They are Maestri 2.

      CTR 360 Elite Maestri 2 Elite – White/Yellow Brand New.Will sell for AUD$190. Contact if interested

  62. says: Rtpn17

    I’ve owned every pair of cleats possible, powerswerves, powerpulses, tiempos lasers  kings and everything else… but i am absolutly stuck on this cleat. by far the best cleat on the market and whoever says that a cleat does absolutly nothing for you, is iggnorant. These puppies right here will blow your mind and absolutly are worth the price.

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