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As 2009 drew to a close, Nike and Footy Boots revealed the last major football boot release of the year, the Total 90 Laser III.

total 90 laser iii reveal

The colourway is, shall we say, distinctive. Anyone wearing the Electric Green / Red / Black football boots are certainly going to stand out. And the re-design of the ‘shot shield is another massive talking point.

Indeed, Nike insisted that during development, their designers broke down the biomechanics of striking the ball into specific elements to help them gain even deeper understanding of the football boot to ball relationship. Particular attention was paid to the instep area and how players connect and put swerve on the ball.

total 90 laser iii instep

The result is a newly created shot shield designed for a cleaner strike on the ball for increased power, ball swerve and accuracy. Predator anybody?

Greater Precision at High Velocity:

Modular Instep – five pods on the football boot create a uniform contact point that creates a smoother surface for even pressure distribution. The pods are configured as five separate units that operate as one to remain flexible and fluid when interacting with the foot.

total 90 laser iii target

Enhanced Accuracy:

Advanced shape-correcting memory foam – provides a smooth and more consistent surface to enhance accuracy when shooting. This unique foam adapts to the demands of the individual player.

total 90 laser iii torres shooting

Increased Friction, More Swerve:

Engineered Fins – raised TPU fins on the medial side of the boot deliver increased friction on ball contact to ensure more swerve when you need it most. Each fin is strategically angled and sized to enhance control over ball trajectory, but fold on contact with the ball to accommodate great touch and feel.

total 90 laser iii nike

The Total 90 Laser III is available in premium-grade Teijin synthetic leather, or premium leather for overall fit, comfort and performance.

The Total 90 Laser III design team also repositioned the eye-stay to a more asymmetrical position to allow a cleaner strike surface and easier fit and adjustment of the boot. Stability and comfort is enhanced with reinforcements to the external heel counter and outsole.

The football boot also comes with access to Nike Football+, a digital coaching programme which we first saw with the CTR360 Maestri.

The system, which you can access at via a special user code unique to each pair of football boots, aims to help players improve their skills with insights, training drills and instruction from the coaching team at Juventus.

nike release total 90 laser iii

Additionally, there’s a specialized coaching session from one of Nike’s leading European ambassadors, Fernando Torres who commented:

fernando torres nike total 90 laser iii quotes I worked closely with the Nike design team on the Total 90 Laser III, and it definitely provides another dimension to my game, giving me more accuracy, power and swerve.

What I like about the Nike Football+ system is that now every player can improve their skills with tips from me and insights from top coaches on the pitch or on the go.

total 90 laser iii goal asset

Nike’s top name’sare already in the boots, and we tested the football boot to give you an insight – Footy Boots T90 Laser III test.

The Total 90 Laser III football boot was released at retail in the UK on December 12th 2009. Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (2 votes, average: 8.00 out of 10)


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  1. says: Jaspi

    I do agree with greg here, they do look ugly. Amazing that they would really go with the red/green option, I thought it was only a prototype of some sort. I think there will be a lot of players making the switch from lasers to the maestri.

  2. says: kuuku

    Doesn’t matter whether they are ugly or beautiful. As long as they have something to pull out of the hat.

    I’m confused by those massive pads on them…seems like overkill…like a souped up version of all power boots that exist. It looks a bit ridiculous. But I’m waiting for the big reveal and detailed features. They might be amazing stuff..who knows? Nike boots are normally very good.

  3. says: kuuku

    By the way….you guys never reviewed the laser II. It’s a shame. Did you? Please try and review that after or just before the laser II is released?

  4. says: gee

    yes please do review the t90 laser II series of boots. They have been tremendously popular for a long time. I think they are rather good, owning a pair myself, very durable and offer a good striking surface.

  5. says: ill-d

    ive seen pics of the laser 3 quite a few months ago. just check the “big” forum of soccer related discussion ;p

    and one point has been made in those forums: people usually say at first “OMG that boot is SO ugly!!” and end up coming around to it and liking it. it happened with the laser 2s (with me)…same with the pred x’s (although i dont hate them, i still think they arn’t the most aesthetically pleasing pred)…

    however i honestly think i will definitely not come around to the looks of the laser 3. the initial neon green/red colorway is incredibly bad. the next white/gold/black is better, but the chunky-UFO look is just not appealing to me.

    equally ridiculous is the vapor 6…think the vapor 5 but the instep is covered with a funky transformers looking pattern. oh and in pastel purple with orange.

    it seems nike has to make equal amount of classy and ugly boots.

    the new tiempo 94s are quite classy though.

  6. says: Matt

    The new lazer design resembles a wearing a very ugly turtle on your feet.

    It also looks like Nike stole some of the new predator gimmicks and hid it with ugly photos.

  7. says: c. Van Der Guun


  8. says: fopeyducker

    Them boots are shockingly awful, they look like rugby boots, i still feel the best lasers to date were the very first pair ever released, white and black them boots had it all, and i still wear them in 5 aside games!! I also think the preds 10, have been designed along side them, i wear the powerswerve 9 champs league, best and comfyest boots i have had since the mania’s.

  9. says: elliott

    Hey there ar epeople already selling them…

    i got mine (because lucky me im under sponsorship) and hell!!! they feel so good when you try to make the ball swerve!

  10. says: channo

    it’s not a secret: nike had a long history with ugly colored boots. pink vapors, green nike-5, and so on.

    but this time. nike has combine that ‘ugly colors’ with the new ‘ugly model’ to create the ultimate ugly shoes…!!!

    i tends to hate a new model when it just got out. just like when i first saw the predator x.
    but after seeing the other colorways, how the shoes could be looked in other perspective, i always think to myself “hmm… it could grow on me, i’ll buy them!”

    but this one… i really don’t know what to say… i’ve been looking every picture of every colors from every angle and i still hate it. with all my heart.

    i don’t care about the shoe’s technical specification or if torres scored 20 goals in one match. if i couldn’t help myself to like it = i didn’t feel stylish & confident when i’m come on to the pitch, i won’t buy it xP

  11. says: ILLY

    der Nike TOTAL90 Laser I in gelb schaut kannst gut aus oder die farben könnten weiss, orange oder eine andere farbe sein aber ohne die Laser III ausprobiert kann man nicht wissen wie gut die Laser III ist. ich trage Laser I und Laser II aber Laser I ist besser, auch Laser II ist gut aber das matrail ist zu dünn und Laser I ist 20g leichter
    Laser III?????????

  12. says: azeem

    i don’t agree with channo. although they pretty bit ugly. but they still had the specialty in them. do not judge by the outside looks but judge it by the inside specialty.:D

  13. says: Connor Wallace

    I think shes quite pretty, she built like a predator tho, nike finally owned up to the fact that thats who this boots competing with.

    Then again i think the Vapor VIs are nice looking too but ive got a thing for the odd colors. Ill be surprised if nike doesnt release a more conservative color with the powder purple/creamsicle orange colorway. thats what theyve done with the vapors in the past. cant image most of nikes vapor representatives wearing that purple. well maybe Cronaldo….

  14. says: Kyle

    Despite what it looks like I love Nike for adding the Memory Foam from the CTR360 to the new Laser – hands down the best thing about the Maestri in my opinion!

  15. says: Mati

    i know nothing about those tech boots. i’ve only ever worn legends, predators, asics and adipures (mizuno on my mind). classic boots with no technological over-kill. marketing gimmicks come and go, classic heritage boots are forever!

  16. says: paragon

    Nike are telling a lot, but it´s all about money. Now they speak about biomechanics, last time it was “stone falling in water”. I save money for a good comfortable leather cleat.

  17. says: Trifl

    Relax Guys…Its not the Best Looking Colourway…but the boot itself looks like it has a lot of innovative features. I’ve gotten over the first two ugly Colourways. The boot will definitely look better with a different color scheme.

  18. says: fifinho

    There’s just something I’d like to clear up: how are the “fins” meant to create more friction, and therefore swerve, on the ball if they “fold on contact” to provide a better ball feel

  19. says: Jeevan

    The boots are absolutely disgusting…but that doesn’t mean they wont do the business.

    I would never wear them but who knows, the future colourways could be nicer.

  20. says: yanz

    those look crazy, and not exactly in a good way but from the red side they look alright but the front looks nasty… but i wonder how they feel 😛

  21. says: channo

    yes azeem, i agree that some people really considered the technical aspect of a boots before they buy it.

    but as i’ve said before my friend, for me it’s not about the inside specialty only. its also about myself feeling good that i look good & stylish, and confident while entering & playing on the pitch 😉


  22. says: timmy

    THIS BOOTS LOOKS LIKE THE BOOTS FROM SPACE. at first when i saw this leaked pic of the boot i thought it MUST be fake coz its like the ugliest thing ever. but well nike really did made it. but looking at torres wearing it in the picture. they look pretty awesome.

  23. says: kuuku

    I actually like the fact that nike and adidas aren’t bothered anymore about looks for their new boots and are interested in providing absolute comfort and the most innovative and impactful features. It’s a good refresh I think…rather than sitting on their hands and basking in the success of their earlier boots they are insisting on pushing the envelope, throwing old designs right out of the window and totally redesigning the entire boot. This happened with the predator and the t90 and the maestri and I think it’s the way forward. This actually get’s back to the roots of football. I’m not saying this “electric green” colourway is classic or good in any way (I personally wouldn’t be seen dead in them unless they were free)…I’m trying to point out that it’s a good thing that looks aren’t the priority in a boot’s manufacture anymore and that the boot makers aren’t afraid of totally re-designing a popular boot in pursuit of increased ability augmentation.

    If you asked a footballer whether he prefers to look good (very fashionable, sharp and stylish) and play horribly or to perform well but look quite unfashionable and un-stylish on the pitch the answer should be the latter ALWAYS! It;s always better to play wonderfully than to play shit no matter how you look while doing it. But these days so many enthusiasts focus only on how nice the boot is looking. In the old days all boots were black. The fact that new boots aren’t focusing on looks and are rather trying to pack a ton of new things into the boots shows movements in the right direction for me. I think it’s very good and should continue. Football isn’t fashion. If it was wouldn’t players be wearing D&G boots or Versace sneakers while playing? They don’t, because in the end performance is more important than anything else. Not to mention, everything has a way it can look nice…even the predator x and the laser III.

    Wait for some awesome colourway if all you really care about is looks. In this laser III colourway you might (actually…you WILL) look ridiculous when sauntering onto the pitch but as soon as the keeper handles your first blistering shot all the laughter will be silenced and by the end of the match when you walk off with the match ball for your hat-trick the derisive smiles will fall off everyone’s faces. 😉

  24. says: Mark Nelson

    I’m with KUUKU on this one, you know the saying there’e a foot for every shoe, I like this shoe, because I have the turf/indoor pair and love then! I couldn’t find anything like them for out door, I like the laser II but never purchase one because of the top designed but this is almost like my indoor shoe, the color is not my first choice but they will work because of the comfort, I’ll goo comfort over color any day.

  25. says: King Copa XXXL

    Hhhmmmm, some good points for and against, especially comfort which is paramount, however for me it all leads to one thing – gimmick. These things have way too much going on, I’m all for innovation and all that, however it’s no coincidence that Copa’s/World Cup & original Kings haven’t change design much in nigh on 30 years, yet Lasers and Preds (and other smaller brands top boots)change every year…how did the superstar of yesteryear manage without such innovations?! Oh thats right, they did just fine!If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sure if I was a top player I’d use them, but thats due to the fat cheques I’d get for wearing / promoting & scoring in them! It’s the ordinary punter like you and me that have to fork out ridiculous sums for these products EVERY YEAR to keep up with said innovations! So I’m afraid it’s the classics for me every time where I don’t have the pressure of getting the latest model every season!BTW on the subject of comfort, Copa’s are like wearing slippers! 😉

  26. says: channo

    hahaha, somehow i felt that kuuku’s post is a direct blow to my ego xD~~~

    on many many many discussion before this one, we already agreed that the performance those shoes bring you is only a very very very small part of your game. wearing this UFO shoes won’t give you an alien instant-fernando-torres-like-shooting-accuracy.

    on the other side, we have this opinion about how important players should feel good about their shoes -which ultimately made them play better.

    take example: adidas claims that the all new powerspine on predator x is better than powerpulse. but beckham opt to use the old powerpulse on his new predator x -ignoring the lab fact that it doesn’t perform any better than the powerspine. why? maybe because he think that he could shoot better with it.

    and what we think -what we believe with all our heart, is far more important than some lab test showing slightly better percentage. lab test could give you 3 or 4, maybe 5% improvement on ‘some’ aspect. but feeling good about yourself, believing in your trainings, could make you play even twice as good for your overall game (that’s 100% on ‘all’ aspects! :D)

    give fabregas the all new ground breaking CTR360 and a bad day, we could still see him play awful on some games. but give him a wonderful evening and an electric morning, i bet he’ll score another 4 assists in a game!

    of course no style nor technology could help a player if his skills are sucks in the first place. my opinions are honestly based on “if the player himself are already good at his game” 🙂

    but then again, it’s varies what could buy people and rise their confident. some people got inspired by technological aspects, some people got inspired by looks 😉

    oh, PS: footballers DO wear versaces! -to the catwalk and social event that is xD~~~
    (considering that versace isn’t seriously developed football shoes with the appropriate on pitch performances)

    hahaha, peace on earth 😉

  27. says: kuuku

    Two things:

    The game has changed and the boots have to change with them. Who knows whether or not the olden days players would have seen any impact in their performance using these boots? Football is played on the margins and they really don’t want to leave anything to chance. If the slightest technical innovation could possibly make a difference it should and will be used. I support change and innovation and every new world cup ball leaves me quite impressed, including this jabulani. I proved conclusively that the modifications on the teamgeist ball made a difference in it’s flight predictability and trajectory. These things aren’t gimmicks. They work. U can’t just label them as gimmicks without testing. Of course copa’s will be suitable but there’s no doubt that none of the top 100 players will choose to wear copas just because they are “suitable”. Everyone wants any edge they can get so they’ll use the new boots whether the new features are gimmicky or not. How many stunning free kicks have we seen from the meastri and the superfly? In the last week alone I personally saw 4 top-notch stunning free kicks scored by these boots. 2 by sebastian larsson of birmingham city, one by mario balotelli and of course c. ronaldo’s against marseille. Why didn’t the players of yore score free-kicks like that? Of course they had that ability, but did they have the boots to utilize their ability to full potential? Maybe…maybe not.

    Also, I respect wanting to look good on the pitch. After all, football is high profile and it’s important to have a good image for self confidence. But it’s also important to remember that the primary purpose of a boot isn’t to look good. That’s what the KIT is for. Hating a boot because it is ugly is quite ridiculous unless you already own it or have paid big bucks for it. On another note: I am prepared to bet any amount of money that c. ronaldo would play differently if wearing a pair of t90’s or predator x. The same with messi. By the same reasoning gerrard would play differently with mercurials on. Not better or worse…just differently, simply because the surfaces of the boots are different and the offer different feel for the ball and have different weights. It’s no coincidence that defenders in mercurials don’t play too well and no high-profile striker wears puma v-konstruckts. It might all be psychological but it’s a fact about that impact. That is why no footballer would wear dress shoes on the pitch despite them being made of “high quality full-grain leather” and offering “superior traction” and looking amazing. You get what I’m saying? Looks are the last thing a good boot has to offer to be good. F50’s are wonderful looking but very short on the comfort and features so in the end….not a very good boot for the enthusiast.

    I myself own copa mundials and have never bought any of these “top-range” boots. I don’t plan to buy any anytime soon either except maybe the v-konstruckt. But I can respect the desire for innovation and varied authentic and psychological impact a boot makes and I understand the boot makers ignoring looks in making the boot. Trust me, i know very well about the difference a boot can make in your game….every time you have to make a snap decision the kinds of boots you are wearing always factor in. For example, I would never try to volley the ball in my copas because the rounded top increases the chance of skewing it….while the one day I borrowed my pal’s t90 I was confident in hitting the ball in the air. because of the shape of the surface meaning a nice square area to impact the ball with….it’s like the difference between using a baseball bat and a cricket bat to hit a ball. That doesn’t make either bat “better” it just mean you would use those bats for different things…same with the boots. For example; how many F50i players do you see scoring from long range?

  28. says: bigtrainpete

    Overkilled gimmicky claptrap. This is by far the worst offering I’ve seen since the T90 concept came to market.

    T90s have got steadily worse since the first one in 2000.

  29. says: FredFunk

    I agree with King Copa XXXL.
    The Adidas Copa Mundials ARE specifically the best boot ever, hence why they are still being mass produced some 40 years on (without gimmicky changes!). They are by far the most comfortable boot out there, but because they aren’t available in different colour shemes or advertised virally, you get some people who disregard them. I defy anybody to get themselves a pair, (they are suprisingly cheap as well) and tell me they aren’t comfortable, and suprisingly light! I would totally agree it is like playing in a pair of slippers! And who cares what they look like on your feet no one bloody cares! It’s not a cat walk, have you all gone insane! Will the Laser be around in years to come, I don’t think so. If you’re a nike fan stick with the tiempo legends, a classic boot with none of these shoddy plastic add ons which prove nothing that can aid your game, at the end of the day you either kick a ball well, or you don’t.
    Good luck on the weekend real footballers!

  30. says: Zizou wannabe

    shocking!!! And I am not convinced by all the changes… and Torres’ line is totally scripted (but thats the same for all the adi, puma athletes…).

    really not sure, and we will see this weekend.

  31. says: azeem

    hmm channo u maybe ryte.who wanna come down the field with a pair of ugly shoes. hmm i guess nike also hav to has creativity at colouring their boots. just like ctr360 the scond colourway suckss. ok peace my friend.

  32. says: martincillo

    nice comment channo, interenting to see c ronaldo wearing something different… or kaka or messi(that wear a not pro boot, in fg in rainy pitches)

  33. says: channo

    yeah, great comments by everyone 😉 it shows that we consumers could be very critical about products out there.

    anyway, after reading kuuku’s post, i realized that we are two very different person after all 🙂
    we both have speak out our minds, clearly understand what each other is trying to say, but there’s no way to change our own perspective.

    i also own various boots from powerswerve, x to laser II, etc. and when something is wrong, i tends to forget the technical performance about the shoes and just push myself harder; if i can’t volley the ball right, most probably i won’t realize that the problem is on the shoes; i’ll just keep volleying -twitching with my angles, until it hits the net xD

    (i bet we would make a good team with great cooperation on the pitch and awful arguments on the locker room, hahahaha)

  34. says: azeem

    wooah! channo and kukuu can be our boot review now haha.nice opinion u got there my friend.when the next boot comes i wanna read up ur review. thanks guys!!

  35. says: kuuku

    Cheers guys!
    Most definitely a boot makes a difference. I am a very analytical person and after successful analysis of the world cup teamgeist 2006 ball I want to turn my attention to these “gimmicks” on new boots these days. I also hope to perform some tests on the authentic jabulani after saving some money to buy it. I don’t have any plans of buying any top-class boots, my copas are suitable for my skill level. 😉 Boots make a difference….before I had my copa mundials I played in sneakers. The difference between games played in sneakers and played in copas was massive. With sneakers i could only clear the ball. My passes and shots were not as good as I would like simply because the sneakers (though VERY comfortable and durable) were not engineered to be used in playing football. The copas are. Before the copas I was a mediocre defensive player. But with the copas even though my physical ability remained unchanged now I could deliver long and short range passes more consistently and could turn/accelerate better due to the studs and consistent surface of the copa boots allowing for a better feel of the ball and more consistent delivery as well as better dribbling. So I believe from this example I can conclusively say that boots do make that difference to your play by eliminating more variables that could affect your play.

    One cannot dismiss an innovation without proper testing FIRST. If it is tested and found to not deliver any benefit then it can be classified useless. No one is FORCING you to hop right out and buy these boots. That is why they maintain the classics (adipure and tiempo) with fresh colourways and slight upgrades. You can buy those if you wish and leave these “ugly” and “gimmicky” boots alone. No need to complain so much. Nike and Adidas have to do research in ergonomics, bio mechanics, kinesiology and physics and try hard in making radical changes to improve a boot…and at the same time they are bright enough to leave the classic ones untouched. This is exactly how it should be, to cater to everyone’s satisfaction. So that there are always a good variety and choice of “innovative” boots and “heritage” boots.

    I am in college studying engineering and I understand the value and importance of dedicated research and implementing said research. So when some new boots come out I am very hesitant to insult the boot based on looks or feature overload. I await proper and thorough testing which I’m sure footy-boots will provide!

  36. says: channo

    hahaha rest assure i believe on innovation my friends. i’m all about predators, valours and T90s, never touched speciali nor tiempos (i’m sure they’re all good shoes, just too low profile for my taste).

    so when i insult the looks of a boot, it means i insult the looks and the looks only. no disrespect towards its feature and technical abilities 😉

    @azeem: hahaha thanks, but i guess i won’t be doing any review about laser III 🙁
    beside that i really didn’t like how it looks, i just bust up my savings for nike’s lunarglide+ running shoes (trying to build up on my stamina). the shoes got some groundbreaking features i could guaranteed myself that really works!!!

  37. says: booboo

    once again im with kuuku, on first impressions, the actual boot design isn’t to bad and im sure that this boot peforms impeccably just as the previous lasers have, if not better than the two previous boots. and anyway nike are known for their wacky colour combinations. also like kuuku said many ‘enthusiast’ footballers or internet footbllers (the ones that spend their day looking for the best colourway) are only worried about the colourway of the boot and how it looks , not the ground breaking technology that companies such as nike and adidas have developed for their boots which won’t make better players but several things like the tungsten powder in the powerswerves etc. will help improve your game in various ways

  38. says: channo

    hahaha… again, rest assure that i’m not one of those ‘enthusiast’ my friends 🙂

    i own various models of shoes, knows exactly how they perform, and totally objective when posting my comments here.

    sometimes i also kinda disturbed when i see posts on various football websites when people are saying things like: “WWHHHAAAATTTT, THEY’RE UGLY!!!” before even seeing the actual shoes first hand, moreover trying them on.

    this brings back memories a couple of months ago when i first saw the predator x, i also think that they’re not as good looking as the powerswerve. but after compromising with its looks, i buy them afterall. and whoala! despite its looks, x IS the best predator so far! great technologies are applied on this babies.

    however, that is not the case with laser III. i just couldn’t picture myself wearing them to the pitch. i don’t encourage people to not buy them, really!
    i’m just pointing out that nike couldn’t buy everyone with technologies alone. just for example: Under Armour didn’t forget that, and proved to be successful in combining ‘style’ with ‘science’ -as footy boots reviewed a couple of months ago.

    and again, when i said ‘style’, it’s not just about the looks. its about how ‘confidence’ could affect your overall game 🙂

    oh, and i’m totally agree to what kuuku’s saying and everyone who’s backing him up about the technologies. i’m just pointing out my thoughts mentioned above.

    peace on earth 😉

  39. says: KHA10

    can v compare this colourway with the f50 i tunit macaw green colourway..the one that adebayor is recently wearing??
    n ya vch onex are better overall..t90 laser 3 or f 50i tunit..??

  40. says: PHill

    these should probably preform well, but im dissapointed to see that the lasers are now leaning towards helping with swerve. so far the predators helped with swerve, and the lasers would help with accuracy. but these models look way too much like the predators

  41. says: shiv

    these cleats will perform-i just know it-tell you why? nike wouldn’t get rid of a match-winnign formula and ditch the shotshield for this new one. they must have consulted their elite pro athletes and had redesigned and developed it over time, like they have with all their boots. i reckon a lot of peoplehear wonder if this boot will perfom-just like how well the CTR 360 would do. i personally love the electric green/red/black colourway as i like to stand out from the crowd and not follow everyone who thinks that by wearing mercurial they will be the next ronaldo-dnt get me wrong- i love mercurials-but this will suit my game and style much more…time can only tell how well these boots will do…but i think they will do the business on the pitch and new colourways will be released.i will get the shoot III because i play on astro turf. it seems even they have some of the technology in them. i think these boots will be top performers this season- and although i didnt like this colourway to begin with, i love it now and think its bold, makes a statement and looks cool…its the player not the boots but hopefully this will aid my game and yours.

  42. says:

    at first i thot tis boots looked lik s**t but aft a while i kinda liked it, my laser 2’s are tearing, and i plan to buy a new boot soon. If anyone buys it can u give a review bout it ? thx 🙂

  43. says: macca

    who cares what they look like, football isnt a fashion show!!
    fed up of people saying their ugly if they are comfy nothing else matters!

  44. says: Danny Goldstein

    what other colors are gonna be coming out? if theres gonna be orange when is that coming out? (school colors and high school soccer season in 2 months)

  45. says: foxy

    all u lot goin on that u dont like them and that thay look sick but i got a pair and thay r better than all the laser’s so far every think bout them r sexy i think thay look gd no matter wot ppl r sayin. if ur thinking bout geting them i say get them best BOOTS ON THE MARKIT right at this moment

  46. says: Pieter

    i have bought these boots 2 weeks ago, and i can really, really recommand them!!!
    The collors are nice, but (most of all) they play very well!
    they play so much better than t90 2! i know it because i had them.

  47. says: pesas

    Hello im a striker, and i want to have a good shoot, a powerful shoot, so I am thinking about buy these boots, but I want a boot with powerful shoot and speed. So I dont know each one buy: Total 90 Laser 3 or Mercurial Vapor 6. Any one can give a answer, please.

  48. says: kuuku

    Pesas, buy the laser 3. The vapour is lighter but the laser 3 has more comfort and a greater area to shoot the ball with. And it isn’t that much heavier. Additionally the memory foam in the laser 3 will help.

  49. says: LIM

    Hello ! Pesas , i advised you to buy t90 laser III ! It is good and can help you score more !! i also got one t90 III !!! i am a midfielder !!! u must believe me !! T90 better than Mercurial Vapor 6 !!!

  50. says: Dyn

    I believe these cleats will perform well and they have come out with the new elite series for their boots which are lighter and have a couple different added features. As for those people that don’t like the colours, did you know you can just use Nike ID to completely customize the colour so you don’t have to deal with the green and red if you don’t like it. You can have plan black or white or whatever colour scheme you want. The only ones that you can’t change the colour of right now is their elite series because the colour of them is to create the most contrast to allow your team to pick you out better in their peripheral with makes up 99% of our visual field as 1 % is focused. The only problem with the elites is they’re a little pricy but I plan on buying a pair. Some say its the player and not the boot when it comes to skill but with these at least I won’t be able to blame the boot if I mess up 😛

  51. says: Alex K

    THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING. Got them a few months ago and I immediately felt a difference when I practiced my outside and inside swerve free kicks. These are a must have. It feels so comfortable too!!!

    1. says: reggie

      your retarted its not the cleats that amek you mill its like 2% the cleats so you must suck at shooting, and dont want people to have anything against you so you go and blame the cleats.
      ur rubbish

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