Nike are ready to unleash a whole host of new colourways upon us; and the pick of the bunch has to be these gorgeous Superfly II‘s in Black/Circuit Orange.

Nike Superfly II Black Circuit Orange

How long have people been crying out for a Black Superfly II? For months we’ve had to deal with Obsidian if we wanted a dark Superfly II, but now we’ve got a seriously mean’n’moody pair of football boots to fill in that gap.

The Superfly II II definitely looks the part, and the Circuit Orange really pops off the rest of the boot – giving the Nike tick a real prominence on the toes.

Nike Superfly II football boots in Black Circuit orange

The old saying that Black goes with anything will certainly ring true with these football boots, and we expect them to be a real hit with players from all leagues when they launch on January 1st.

Mercurial Vapor II Superfly football boots circuit orange black

Brazilian fans of Nike football boots certainly got a nice surprise this weekend when Santos Star Neymar posted a shot of his customised Black/Circuit Orange Superfly II on sports website GloboEsporte – complete with his name stitched in Orange and the Brazilian flag printed on the instep.

Nike Superfly II football boots in Black Circuit orange

Unlike the initial launch, this time out there will be no staggering of the launch of the Superfly II and Vapor VI versions of this understated colourway; both varieties of football boots will go on pre-order tomorrow in time for a 1/1/11 launch date.

Nike Superfly II football boots in Black Circuit orange

What do you think of these new football boots?

Is the Superfly II Black/Circuit Orange exactly what you’ve been after?

Let us know in the comments below!

SUPERFLY II – BLACK/ CIRCUIT ORANGE, 8.0 out of 10 based on 80 ratings

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  1. says: Nick

    Sick but I prefer the black/volt Superfly 1. The instep is nicer on the 1, but the studs on this look amazing. I guess they chose orange because they didn’t want it to look too much like the original. Wrong move IMO

  2. says: channo

    yeah, although this looks like pretty decent colorway update (the best superfly II colorway IMHO), the black/volt somehow looks nicer.

  3. says: kyle

    The Black/Volts were great, but the one place they lost points for me was the sleek Black upper and Carbon fibre soleplate worked well with the yellow tick, but I really disliked the red studs!

  4. says: Boothby

    why do people expect nike to release new boots already?
    the superfly II was released in april this year, its not even 12months old!

  5. says: iPodkiller

    Lol this colourway matches finally the studs.
    But they look nice, not my favourite colours but not bad.
    I’d liked to see a Mocca/white colour. Or just a grass effect on the shoes just like the puma’s

  6. says: Nicoacademia

    Umm looks like they ran out of ideas on the colourways. Should let the stars customise and let the kids go for those.

    I’m very curious to Nike’s reply to the Leather Adizeros. Perfect boots at the moment for price, lightness, width, material.

  7. says: Splinter09

    I saw these new boots on GloboEsporte but didn’t realize they were a new colourway for the Superfly II. Once again Footy Boots spies are on top of the news when the subject is football boots. I wonder where they got to know about GloboEsporte’s website? 🙂

  8. says: perrygroves

    I know there are a hundred and one Superfly fans around every corner but lets be honest from start to finish the model has been a disaster especialy when you consider how well the Adizero has done. I agree with everyone else these should have been available at launch or soon after, that way the Superfly 2’s may not have been the huge failure that most people see them as.

    Its a clean slate soon though for Nike, they launch the Superfly 3 and Adidas go for the Prime, will Adidas be the ones to cock it up this time and Nike make back all those lost fans? I see an article from Footy Boots on this soon!

  9. says: BiyiAdetunji

    Ladies And Gentlemen, The First Non-Radical Colourway of the Vapor VI/Superfly II Range!

    Reminds Me Of The Vapor IV days 🙂

  10. says: bob

    Soooooooooo disappointed, a copy of the superfly I black/volt as mentioned..Give us something new bloody hell! Hope that another colourway will be released soon after this one boooooring. I too want a more discrete colourway but I was hoping for the white/silver colourway that we were told about a while back…

  11. says: harry

    how come the black with the red swoosh that was released a little while back just after the cactus colorways didn’t get this much pres? you kno the 1s in sports direct

  12. says: channo

    @kyle: i don’t know man, i kinda like how the yellow swoosh and red studs contrasting each other on black/volt. moreover, them flashy red really highlights the studs as an important part of the boots.

    while this black/circuit attempted to put orange on both swoosh and studs, but it came out as two different colors (the studs obviously has darker orange). maybe it would be better if they use just one orange instead?

    it’s an enigma… the similar orange of the swoosh took away the attention from the orange ground-breaking studs, but the colors wasn’t uniform enough if nike wants to take it to “uniformity” level.

    hahaha, well… people and their preferences -or maybe it’s just me and my ugly taste ^^;

    anyway, i just couldn’t resist the urge to ‘retweet’ this:
    “banggoesthenilnildraw: No new tech.. Just new colors and a $400 price tag.. Welcome to the world of Nike.”

  13. says: Jo

    I just recieved these today diectly from Nike, and they are sick. the pictures dont do them justice. they are by far the best colourway out there. I am getting orange laces to go with them.

  14. says: ahmed

    je benzait ahmed un joueur de u.s.m Oran algerie mon poste Ariaire ofoncif j ais 16ans est j aime les chaussure de foot mercuriale nike merci vivie marseille allez L’O.M

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