One Game’s Over – The Next One Isn’t: Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight

Nike Pro Combat - Recovery Hypertight

Nike have released an all-new, high-tech tight designed to help athletes of all levels and disciplines feel back to their best for their next game, in the form of the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight.

Even if you don’t leave the field on a stretcher, recovery is absolutely imperative if you want to put in a decent shift during your next game.

Issues like swelling in the key joints and lactic acid are just a couple of issues that have plagued athletes since the dawn of time, prompting sports massages, ice baths and cool-down exercises to become commonplace in the wide world of sports.

Most recently, compression garments have become a key part of many athletes kitbags; the skin-tight kit helps stabilise muscles, reduce swelling and improve circulation.

However, most compression garments only offer one level of compression throughout their design, creating issues; whilst the ankles and knees might benefit from high levels of support, more muscular areas like the quads need less compression.

It’s the study of that inherent problem that has driven Nike in the development of the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight.

Nike Pro Combat - Recovery Hypertight - Detail


Designer Eddy Harber worked with a core team on the testing and development of the Nike Recovery Hypertight for more than 18 months. ' After identifying the challenge of helping athletes to recover faster, the team searched for a solution.

The result is a Nike-first graduated compression system, designed to offer more compression where it’s needed most, and less higher up the leg to improve both recovery and comfort.

The external Power Grid system works with the Dri-Fit material to create a smooth transition between the different levels of compression keeping circulation of both blood and lactic acid at their optimum.

Nike Pro Combat - Recovery Hypertight - Tech Specs


Nike have, of course, sought out athlete insight at every step of developing the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic the face of it’s use in football. However, Basketball megastar LeBron James been at the heart of the development, seeking out a way to get his body – especially the legs – back to it’s best during what is often a crowded NBA season.

Ĺ›It helps my performance in the simple fact that I am able to recover from game to game, and I am able to get back to feeling great before the game starts and during the game,ĹĄ – LeBron James.

Defined as one of Nike’s elite athletic innovations, the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight' will be on sale through and Niketown, as well as select retail locations from February 3rd.

No word on pricing just yet, but we’re betting they’re not going to be cheap!

More quality stuff from the Swoosh or is the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight' not going to benefit your average Sunday League player?

Let us know in the comments!

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    1. says: PapaSmurf

      I would advise using them during light post-game practices and/or around your house after a game. I don’t think they’re made for gametime use.

  1. says: MG15

    15-25MMgH is really not that much compression especially for something that is just for recovery. If you want real compression check out CEP Clone.

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