Superfly II

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Some say they are too expensive while others won’t now wear anything else. Whatever your opinion of them, Nike is sure to create a massive buzz in the football world after revealing the Superfly II.

superfly II

Cristiano Ronaldo, no less, was on hand to launch the new Nike boot at a global media event which was held at a bespoke space inside Battersea Power Station in London.

The Superfly II features a new, unique adaptive traction system designed for explosive acceleration. The Mercurial Vapor Superfly II also includes a re-engineered upper for enhanced fit and ball control for fast feet while Nike say the vibrant ultra-violet color boosts visibility on the pitch.

superfly II ronaldo

Nike’s design and engineering teams talked with some of the fastest players in the world, who emphasized that acceleration around a defender is just as important as beating him in a straight line.

The Nike Sports Research Lab researched the world championship finals in 2006 and found that there were 845 slipping events over 63 games, or roughly 14 per game. Building on these insights, the Nike team collaborated closely with elite athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexandre Pato to create a boot that enables toe-off acceleration and minimizes slippage in game-changing situations.

nike superfly II

Commenting on the Superfly II, Cristiano Ronaldo said:

superfly II For me, it’s all about first-step acceleration, but twisting and turning around a defender is also important. The Mercurial Vapor Superfly II helps me do both, so I can beat my opponent and create scoring opportunities.

Athlete insights also pointed to the desire for a close fit around the foot without compromising on durability or support. Next-generation Nike Flywire technology incorporated into the boot’s streamlined upper provides a lightweight, strong and more dynamic fit. The carbon composite tuned chassis provides a lightweight platform with traction elements and allows players to stay closer to the ground.

superfly II nike

Access to the elite through Nike Football+

The Mercurial Vapor Superfly II also gives consumers unprecedented access to the training insights of the world’s top players, teams and coaches through Nike Football+.

Each pair of boots comes with a unique user code that can be used to unlock trade secrets from inside the game and the next installment of Nike Football+, Master Speed training content on

The Nike Football + Master Speed program provides exclusive access to Brazil national team stars Robinho, Fabiano and Nilmar, putting the power of speed directly into footballers’ hands and their game day preparation.

Four camps are available:

Pelada – Learn high-speed ways to practice fast, competitive Brazilian football.

Brasilerao – Meet the coaches and players of Brazil’s premier club, Corinthians. Experience four authentic drills with top club coaches.

Gringa – Only the best Brazilians go to Europe. Get the inside track on the real difference between the continental games from the superstars who experience it – and apply it to your own game.

Selecao – Enter the top secret world of the Brazil National Team’s training hideaway in the mountains, Granja Comery. Experience squad drills and 3-man exercises with a top CBF coach.

superfly II studs

Building on the Master Speed program, “Inside the Elite” is a new feature offering exclusive inside access to players. Athletes including Robinho, Javier Mascherano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic offer candid insights on their game and match preparation.

In addition to these Nike Football+ Master Speed programs, footballers will have access to country-specific Nike Football+ activities like training sessions, trial events and player appearances. Nike Football+ is also available as an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch on iTunes.

Superfly II Tech Specs

Traction on demand

In developing Nike Sense adaptive traction technology, designers created an adaptive stud that can extend and retract by up to 3mm, based on ground conditions and pressure exerted by the player. Directionally positioned blades maximize cutting and allow for quick changes of direction, while secondary toe traction provides added toe-off power for those first critical steps. The result is a boot that enables greater speed in all directions.

Quick Recognition

As fast as you’re moving, the high contrast, high visibility ultraviolet colour scheme allows team mates to find you even faster, so you get the ball delivered right at your feet.

superfly II upper

Fit and Comfort

Flywire technology is fitted throughout a lightweight, multi layer composite upper to deliver a precise fit an optimal support.

Ultra light ride

The carbon fibre composite plate – the lightest and strongest chassis made by Nike – reacts instantly to your demands for speed.

The Mercurial Vapor Superfly II boot was released on 1st April 2010 at a price of £275.

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  1. says: Kyle

    Very bold choice of colours! Makes the Laser III look understated.

    The Stud idea’s pretty cool – I’m looking forward to seeing a test showing how that system works.

    All that said – They’ve giving me a strange craving for a packet of Parma Violets…

  2. The more I look at the pictures, the more I like the pattern on the inside of the boot.

    At First I hated it…but now I’m glad it’s there to break up the purple colour. Can you imagine if the whole boot was the colour!? it’d be awful!

  3. Loving the new studs – first time I saw some of the pro’s wearing em in training I though they were just there to spin and I thought Nike had just robbed Lotto’s twist’n’go studs!!

  4. says: MisterBroom12

    I don’t know how Nike do it, but they always seem to throw out ludicrous colorways and designs on their shoes, and they always seem to grow on everyone and become accepted and liked. The Superfly became my favorite vapor ever after their release this past fall and after seeing these for the first time a few months ago I had questions about how much I liked the change, and after reading this, I think I’m going to love the change. Bravo Nike, bravo.

  5. says: AE

    More evolution than a revolution, which is good since the 1st Superfly is still very, very different from most every boot out there.

    Now give us a silver/gunmetal/black colorway…

  6. says: preds7

    so lets put on a bigger swoosh(vapor 4) put some color on the instep, change studs a little and that would be superfly 2. what is nike thinking?

  7. says: bob

    Okay, enough with these outrageous colours…Can we get some more discrete and stylish colours pls…A guy would look like a bloody clown in those things, love the rest though..

  8. says: creamy

    You’ve got to see these things in the flesh to see how sweet they look. And there is miles more tech in them than first meets the eye. Killer!

  9. says: Adam

    I’m sure a company in the 90s tried out the idea with the studs. Got pulled from the market because so many ppl got injured (ankles and knees.

    The design seems to be…out there but if i was goin to pay £225 for a pair of boots they should look better than that.

    I’ll stick with Speciali’s and preds.

  10. says: martincillo

    i agree with MISTERBOOM12, nike always do it, make a “bad” conbination of colors, and everybody says, including me, “what the hell is nike thinkin'”, and then that ugly boot start to grow on everyone, and we start to say, “well is not that bad, i like the combination”, yes maybe is similar to i dont know what boot, but you will buy them.
    BTW, the first superfly was just one year and this is the succesor

  11. says: keven

    Is it jst me or does the stud in the front seem very similar to the concept of Lottos “twist ‘n go”

    They look exactly like the superflys with a different color scheme… not impressed by nike at all.

    Sticking to my 360’s forsure. Nd about $150 less then the superfly 2 makes it an easy choice..

  12. says: Ryan

    Actually love these boots!! Just not quiet the colourway, though it is growing.. The cactus colourway of these is better, which I think comes out in august this year.. 🙂
    Good job again footy boots. 😉

  13. says: Muzinho10

    One of the studs of my blue superfly boots just came off… So I won’t be wasting another 220 pounds on superfly boots again. I only had them for 5 months.

  14. says: Aussie Lad

    So as I see it, they added very little, and are going to sell them for the same outrageous price that they have always been sold at. Nike fanboys will be slobbering over these and no doubt this boot will be purchased in high figures. As for the rest of us, the educated and unbiased boots lovers, I’m sure we’d rather wait a couple months for something truly innovative and revolutionary and almost half the cost (and also significantly lighter; the Adizero.

  15. says: Busby

    Don’t understand why Nike, as standard practice, don’t release every boot in all black (with a white tick) and all white (with a black tick). Some of us just want the boot with a simple colour, while still taking advantage of the technology. These two colourways should always be available, in addition to the outrageous ones. NIKE ID is too expensive considering i am looking for a simpler finish, not a more complex one.

  16. says: azeem

    guys , now there are benefit from the ugly colour. not like the laser III. i’m looking forward to see the oter colourway. maybe red and gold will be nice.

  17. says: Jose Luis

    I see this shoe as a gadget. Expensive materials, eye catching design and you make a shoe that does exactly the same as the rest of the speed shoes but a couple of hundreds pounds more expensive. I would never change my k-leather boots, Adidas Predator HG for turf, Puma King SL for firm grass and Adidas World Cup (screw in studs)for wet pitches.

  18. says: channo

    first, as always: the colors (u all know about that already, so i won’t ramble any further). MisterBroom12 and martincillo has made it very clear 😉

    second, the upper. i’m disappointed that nike are practically done nothing with them. while adidas are coming up with this revolutionary and totally new groundbreaking adizero, nike add some graphic to the instep. great.
    rather than introducing this totally new generation of superfly, they could just simply release it as newer/better version of superfly I, like when adidas coming up with F50i to replace the very similar brother F50.9 (get it? F50i rather than F50.10) -maybe that way, i won’t be too disappointed with the lack of improvement 🙁

    and third, was of course the launching. i’m happy that football boots society are slowly making their mark in the society. but after watching umbro’s England national team kits launching with kasabian, i got this feeling that somewhat nike are just threatened and going to start an “arms race” towards other brands. what’s after this? couldn’t go lesser than those two, maybe adidas would have to launch their adizero with coldplay’s full concert at wembley 😛

  19. says: TK

    RRP is £275

    Will also be available in Green/White at launch

    Green in place of the purple

    White in place of the orange

    The dark pattern remains the same

    The Black colourway was a test colourway and wont be available

  20. says: Bob

    Quick Recognition: “As fast as you’re moving, the high contrast, high visibility ultraviolet colour scheme allows team mates to find you even faster, so you get the ball delivered right at your feet.”
    Ummm……I’m a big Nike fan and love their boots, BUT give me a break for crying out loud. You guys play football, right? How many times have you looked for some funky boots to determine who to pass the ball to. And wouldn’t delivering ball right at my feet depent on the other player’s accuracy and not ULTRAVIOLET boots that I am wearing. Come on Nike, pull your head out of your …

  21. says: Derek

    I’m not totally sold on this super light idea. I think eating a lighter lunch or taking a pre-game dump will make a greater difference in weight to you overall than a few fractions of an ounce lighter materials on your feet. Do lighter shin guards make you faster as well?

  22. says: Tom

    seems to be alot of aggro towards the new superfly…
    The colourway is awful, not revolutionary enough, too expensive etc…
    There is only so much affordable/sensible technology that can be put into a football boot without compromising on weight. We have intergrated the new adaptive stud technology and still reduced the weight of the boot. There are also alot of other smaller tweaks added to the boot to help the player, the superfly range has moved on from just being a superlight boots, to a super quick boot. Traction of the line will be greater than the adizero, ensured by the new stud and also the smaller tweaks, for example on the toe end of the boot we have cross-hatched the underside.
    If you have an innovation that can be intergrated please share it…
    For all of you that say, make it even lighter, had that been the case you would all be sayin “all Nike have done is make them lighetr”
    It is after all only a boot, what would you have us do…

  23. says: Sam

    I have seen both the Superfly II and the adizero first hand. The adizero is going to blow this shoe out of the water! The leather version especially. The violet is possibly the ugliest color I have ever seen on a boot! The colors down the line don’t get much better either.

    Nike own Umbro now a days, so it was very good on their part. Adidas are going to have to do something special upon release of the adizero in May, but once people try the two on, there is no comparison. Also the adizero is half the price! Watch this space!

  24. says: markymark

    the vapor v is the best mercurial in my opinion, for the amatuer player. superfly is just too expensive, and this new one looks foul.

  25. says: martincillo

    i agree with BOB !!!
    and adding to his comment, how many players will wear them ???
    lot of players !!!!

    i think this is just a superfly update, not a new boot like the lasers III

  26. says: fifinho

    @Tom: by “we” i’m assuming you work with nike or something?

    Well anyway to get to the boot: you say that the traction will give the Superfly a huge advantage over the adizero however i don’t see the studs making that big of an impact on professional pitches seeing as how easily more than 3/4 EPL players wear Sg studs regardless. Also, I think the general market will care morea bout the weight than the studs, especially with the adizero at half the price. Lift your game Nike

  27. says: channo

    @Kyle: hehee, now that u’ve mentioned it… maybe i’ll give it a try 😉

    @Trampmastafunk & Tom: yes, love the new studs! well, maybe i forgot to mention it on my earlier post, but i really like how the whole “acceleration” idea are integrated to this boots! unfortunately, i’m talking about the upper.
    i remember the first time i bring my T90 laser II to the pitch, all the guys was like “daaaamnn”, and “wooooww”, “aaahhhh”, “what’s that man??”, “is that a new nike??”.
    see, not all football players are boots enthusiasts, they just wear what’s good (or what’s available). some of my friends didn’t even know about this launching event. they wouldn’t know if this is a new superfly, they could pass em’ in some boot store and just think that this is another colorways of the previous superfly.

    lastly, i can’t hold myself to comment about the colors (haha, sorry :P). i don’t really think the purple is that bad -it’s quite nice actually. they’re FAR better than laser III’s green-red combination. but to promote them as a gimmick?? c’mon guys at nike… u’re better than this.
    i got a teammate who wears yellow. he’s the brightest feet on the pitch (most of my all other teammates wears black), and how many times did i pass to him for “spotting something bright”? none. i pass to him only, and only because he’s in good position -just like what Bob have said.

    so, again: love the new studs, but lack of improvement on the upper. like the colors -hate the exaggeration. overall: great campaign, great lauching event, love the facebook, twitter and all the online hypes 🙂

  28. says: lomonaco

    aw nobody is interested in the steam 6 tf i posted
    they are turf actually, i dont get how people wear bladed studs on the numerous turf pitches these days.

  29. says: Lukey

    Theres a black one with electric blue instep design and swoosh ! They looking nice !! There is also a green one with Navy instep and a white swoosh i think !

  30. says: Liverpool Fan

    this boot is just a normal superfly, a vapor iv and a lotto boot stuck together

    first of all the design, its a vapor iv with some paper on the inside. CHANGE THE DESIGN.and that colourway, well look at it you’ll so out of place like a terrorist at a nobel peace prize presentation.

    And the price is just ridiculous, the adi-zeroes are probably gonna be cheaper and not much heavier. oh and how about the superfly I, its price will go down and then you could buy that, but even better, you could just buy a vapor v, its not that much heavier and even more cheaper. since the vapor iv it seems like nike don’t know what they are doing with there vapor range.

    finally the studs, seems like a good idea, probably the only reason why i’d buy the boots, BUT, they stole lottos twist n go.

  31. says: st00ge!!!

    the stud has become such a big deal that they havent stated how much they weigh? and for a speed boot isnt that one the most important things. anyone know how much these weigh?

  32. says: Tom

    @ Fifinho “I think the general market will care morea bout the weight than the studs, especially with the adizero at half the price. Lift your game Nike”

    The general market is fickle, they will buy what their favourite player is in, thats why the likes of Ronaldo are getting paid £20mil to wear the Superfly 2. Its very nieve if you think the small weight change between the adizero and superfly equates to a noticible difference. The adaptive studs on the other hand… I guarantee that you wont see player with a SG plate on the new superly, i promise the studs make a difference

  33. says: Ronaldo

    REALLY….REALLY? £275???!
    nike. please why?
    couple of years from now they will be £1000
    dont let this happen.
    they are nice looking boots but not nice enuff to pay £275
    unlucky nike.

  34. says: julioooo

    i bought a pair of the new t90’s and my code for the nikesoccer+ training thing doesnt work?! can anyone help?! idk where to else to ask?

  35. says: adam

    @tom – “The general market is fickle, they will buy what their favourite player is in, thats why the likes of Ronaldo are getting paid £20mil to wear the Superfly 2. Its very nieve if you think the small weight change between the adizero and superfly equates to a noticible difference. The adaptive studs on the other hand… I guarantee that you wont see player with a SG plate on the new superly, i promise the studs make a difference. ”

    Ronaldo will be wearing superfly II’s. Messi will be wearing adizero’s….

    Small weight change? From what i read these superflys are 210g, in a US size 9, which is an increase of 25g from the original superflys. I hear adizero’s are going to be 165g. Nike have sold millions of pairs of mercurial vapors on the basis that every gram counts, and now you’re telling me that a 45g difference doesn’t matter. £275 for another stud, cheers nike. I’ve owned every pair of mercurials, 1,2,3,4’s and superflys. I will be wearing adizero’s next season.

  36. says: Danny

    I agree with Adam.

    Im a mercurial fan for years. And i like the superflys but the superfly 2 is heavier and they say the studs are better and that you dont slip on them well ronaldo slipped almost every time during the game vs Atletico Madrid. He even switched back to the yellow superflys so i think Nike should come up with something better so i stick with the superfly 1 now and i probably gonna buy the adizeros.

    Adam is right about the weight. I have the superflys in size UK10 and they weigh even more then 210 and then all the dirt that gets stuck during the game inside the holes in the studs so the boots gonna weigh around 250 gr!

    A picture on the internet showed a adizero boot UK10 on a scale and it was 167 grams! So when both boots arent dirty the adizero is 50 grams lighter and even more lighter when the superfly studs are full with dirt.

    For us it’s a good thing Adidas comes up with this boot so nike have to step it up and make the boots lighter and better or alot cheaper.

  37. says: Ali

    are they like gonna make me fly when i wear them?!
    or maybe you just put the shoes on the field and it starts moving by itself and scoring goals!
    it’s just a football boot at the end. no matter what technology you used, you cant justify that price.

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