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Adidas has played down press speculation that Germany’s international footballers are getting preferential treatment ahead of England’s by already getting used to the Jabulani World Cup ball.

A number of press reports have suggested that adidas has already supplied the ball to Germany’s top international players so they get a head start on adapting to its performance.

adidas jabulani germany

But adidas say the story is, well, balls!

According to a Footy Boots adidas contact, the Jabulani match ball has been made available not to individuals but to a number of German Bundesliga clubs sponsored by the giant manufacturer.

Additionally, our contact says the ball is available to purchase by any club in the UK, should their players want to use it during training, and that adidas will be supplying the England team and the FA with the official World Cup match ball in the new year. However, England won’t be able to use the ball in a competitive situation on home soil as the FA is tied in to a deal with Mitre.

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There is another potential problem for England on the horizon though. It’s reported that the adidas Jabulani could be used in the MLS next season, and of course, England play the USA in their Group C opener in South Africa next June.

adunit Jabulani

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  1. says: Oliver

    its a ball at the end of the day. im sure the players are more than capable of adapting themselves with a new design considering they use a ball everyday! what a waste of a story!

  2. says: Kyle

    What a load of nonsense – they’re in the window of every JJB sports in the country right now.

    Anyway – If it’s that bigger deal I’m sure every millionaire player in the England squad could splash out £80 and get one.

    And another thing (last one, I promise!) let’s not pretend that Adidas sponsored athletes like Lampard, Gerrard & Jefoe couldn’t turn around and ask for one to train with!

  3. says: Mati

    usual english press shenanigans…making headline stories out of nonesense. its a talent really, but an annoying one!! its a ball at the end of the day, lets not make a fuss about it!

  4. says: martincillo

    ahahahahaha, i thought that adidas always give the ball to germany before the other teams, and looking the fantastic goals of the open game of germany 2006, i think that.

  5. says: Jose Luis

    So what? I already bought my Jabulani and play with it and I am not going to the World Cup.
    What if the English FA goes to a store and buys a few balls?

  6. says: Theo

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did supply to Germany first. I mean, who tests them? Certainly not the adidas athletes around the world when they have other business to take care of. If your home country had adidas in their pocket, why not let them play with it first?

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