Lotto Zhero Gravity.

Lotto Zhero Gravity

Italian football boot manufacturers Lotto, launched their top of the range boot, the Zhero Gravity, which ties in nicely with the football boot being worn at this years World Cup (2006).

Performance: Although not the lightest, this is still a light football boot at 210 grams, so great for speed.

Lotto have said to have been developing this football boot for 3 years and have invested 1 million pounds!

The development sees the launch of the first lace less football boot. Without lacing, this boot will have excellent shooting precision and close sensitivity for control.

The football boot comes with 7 fixed bladed studs and 4 interchangeable conical studs, providing great stability.

Comfort: In addition to being lace less, the Zhero Gravity comes with two insoles for maximum comfort.

Players: Luca Toni, Shevchenko and Cafu were said to be involved in the development.

Price: RRP £139.99

Verdict: Not the most attractive style, but has a cult following. Top end pricing likely to prevent mainstream sales of the Lotto Zhero Gravity, but since the launch the price has decreased significantly.

*Update*'  View the new Lotto Zhero Tre

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  1. says: carter

    i have just got a pair of these beautiful boots. they r so comfy and easy to clean. i get a better touch and feel for the ball now i hav them. so i would give them 10/10.

    1. says: frankie

      oi i got these boots used em all this season ive put away ripper free kicks with them there the best for shooting although its a little harder 2 juggle with them 🙁 overall top pair of boots 🙂 9/10

  2. says: Jonas, Norway

    the only thing about those boots is : I spent so long time getting them on the foot I used their “ShoeSpoon”, but the one that came in the package, just did not work. So I had to use my own “spoon” to make them fit 😛

  3. says: Chazz,England

    Do these boots actually stay on ya feet?if so how ?and are they protective of your foot or are they too flimsy?

  4. says: knoedl, Austria

    Lotto is “pro” enough to do good work. My first football shoes were lottos and they made me happy and succesfull.

  5. says: silva

    They look good but I dont think i would wear them. Won’t they fall off? It’s the same with the Nike Vapours, someone kicks you and you’re going to know it.

  6. says: steve 5 ATFC

    They look so thin you may as well play bare footed!.. Joking its getting a bit of a joke, that there that thin!?I dont hold injuries against boots but?I may with these. Silva, yeah if you get a tackle with these on you’ll now about it!

  7. says: ctboy

    As good as my Nike Vapor 3’s and my Adidas Predator Pulse 2’s if you have these boots then you will love the new Lotto Zhero Gravity’s. I would highly recommend that all that the good players go get some of these boots, they look awesome and will give you that extra attention from the sideline. If your trying to impress some ladies or make your mates jealous, get some Zhero’s

  8. says: mAX

    “If your trying to impress some ladies or make your mates jealous, get some Zhero’s “? On the other hand if you want to play the game, get some laced football boots! What’s the point?

  9. says: Jay C

    i would like to trial a pair before buying them, but they’re profile is impressive, sticking with my vapors/legends though for the time being. (who said football was about impressing the ladies or making your mates jealous?!)

  10. says: Kibwe

    Very nice design. Interesting comments though. People say its very thin, however, so is the Puma V.I series. I have a pair of the pumas and nothing is lighter than that. If you are worried about getting “pegged” by a tackle, then you can either (a)Start drinking more milk or (b)Drop football and start playing with Barbie dolls. Someone said that it’s not a PRO boot. WTF…. please look at Dida’s foot next time you see a Brasil or AC Milan game. As for the size, I think you gotta try em on in the store 1st and make sure it fits snug. The bloody thing stretches anyway, unless your foot is the shape of a box.

  11. says: Deadgum

    These football boots are simply stunning I got mine for 125 GBP and they fit like a glove, great touch and control would strongly recommend to anybody who is thinking about buying these football boots.? 10/10

  12. says: Burlington United

    The Zhero’s look very, very nice. everything about them is amazing. Except, I’m very curious as to if they will fall right off your foot? But I would still get a pair.

  13. says: sparkles

    I got a pair of these footy boots and they feel sweet as on, but I have found they won’t mould around my feet. Can anyone sling me some tips on how to get them to shape to my foot a bit better?

    1. says: liaM

      I just bought these football boots and played my first game and they rae great! You get such greater control to other top end football boots.

      If you want to mold them to your feet, put them on and stand in hot hot water and let them mold to your foot!

  14. says: Roberto

    These have got to be the best football boots i’ve ever owned. Ive got the new f50’s, i’ve got the new vapors, these are the best, the touch and general feel of the footy boots is the best i’ve ever experienced in any boot before. I can’t see me having another pair for a while, unless something happens with these. The only thing i would comment on is that they are quite thin, but still very strong, however, you seem to become more cautious when going into tackles. I’d say a 9/10

  15. says: Alan

    Great summary Roberto. It’s interesting that the Zhero Gravity’s come top when compared to these other popular boots.

  16. says: Patty

    I’ve had my Lotto Zhero Gravity’s for nearly a year now. I have tried almost all of the top selling football boots (Predator, Total 90, F50, Vapor) and I believe the Lotto Zhero Gravity are by far the best. They have the best touch, the best feel, and the best grip I have ever experienced. But they do have draw backs, such as there very pricey, they are thin, and they don’t seem to have the durability. The worst thing is I can’t seem to find replacement studs any where, if any one knows where I could get some please let me know.

  17. says: Tyler Brackman

    Look guys.. These football boots are simply amazing. I have had mine for a year now and they have brought me great success. They stay on your feet because of the tight and stretchy material at the anke. They are hard to get on but once they are on you feel like you can fly, seriously. The upper is like rubber feeling and creates mad spin on the ball. They removable studs are nice also. The only negative thing is price. Period.

  18. says: Chris

    Im wondering about buying those, but can’t find a store with them in. I think I would buy em on the net, but do they fit good around your foot or hang loose?

    I’ve got size 42 / US 9 / UK 8, By the way, and have medium wide feet.

    Now im using the Nike AZT90 Supremacy, and theyre great but I need some backup boots, and I would like these.

  19. says: Joey

    Great boots, but way too much money! They’ve been out for a while now but the price hasn’t changed, and I am tired of seeing that they are $324.99!! But other than that, they are great; Comfy, lightweight,sleek, and control.

  20. says: cooper

    well, i’ve had lottos in the past, and they’ve always been good to me, but i just can’t see why anyone would spend over $300 for ONE pair of boots. at least with the f50 premium pack you get 3 uppers and 2 chassis.

  21. says: Valensi

    Its quite a excellent boot. I recommended this to people and ALL of them says that its very light! However, i got the laces type and nothing special happens when i shoot. Anyway, i would recommend this to players like dribblers eespecially cause its light. MAYBE a little similar to nike mecuriar vapour but the nike is better of course 🙂

  22. says: soccer-girl

    I really want the cleats but i dont know where to get them cheap. The cheapest i found was 140$ Where can I find them for a good price?

  23. says: maexi

    i bought the lotto zhero gravity and i love them. i have to say the first 3-4 matches and training the shoe was a bit to tight but after a couple of games they’re the best boots ever i swear! but only for players with narrow feet if u have a flat foot i would stay with nike. u can change the studs and if u use the longest ones and the ground is soft ull never slip out! but like the other say getting in the boot is very difficult.
    in the end when u have them on they r the best! and ur teammates r jealous all time!

  24. says: Tom walko

    Just bought these boots had my first match in them and i absolutely love them, lotto has always impressed me and have done again this time with a good lucking boot and a great touch and great comfort of the boot and they certainly will not fall off if you order the right size for me


    lotto best boot maker

  25. says: john smith

    These Lotto Zhero Gravity boots are seriously the best. Ive tried preds, vapors, f50s and umbros they are very comfortable very light, durable and can bend lots and dont crack. the boots are hard to get on at first but once you get them on they are perfect. i have had them for a week now its hard to say if the material will strech but however just wear the regular insoles first and if you see maybe after 6 -8 months that you want hte boots tighter on your foot just put the slimmer fit insoles in. I recommend that these are more game boots not to be worn 5 times a week because the material might strecht so yea i reccomend you get them wear them twice a week maybe but definatly worth it. thats the honest truth about these cleats. as well i think the new white and blue and all black ones got some different technology to keep the material from stretching so those might be better buy but the gold ones are tigher on the foot but like i said if its not tight use hte other insoles. hope that helps to anyone who wants these.

  26. says: Mick


    I have just had my Puma v1.06 fall apart on me after a few months and my other pair are following suit. Was looking for a replacement boot with similar characteristics (light, hidden laces etc) and this may be the boot for me.

    Can anyone advise what size I should go for if I fit perfectly into a size 10 Puma v1.06 (as thinking about ordering over the net)?


  27. says: Mick


    My Puma V1.06 just fell apart on me after two months and reckon these boots look like a great replacement.

    As Im thinking about ordering them over the net can anyone help with the sizing? My Puma v1.06 fit perfectly and are a ten, do the lotto boots match up?


  28. says: gregory

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  29. says: Stoogz

    whoever said football was about impressing ladies or making you mates jelous is right, if your a professional with a full time contract, mansion and a 4×4 bmw. that would be the only reason football is about impressing ladies. football is played because people like playing it. when i am going to my games my dad takes me and no one else comes, no girlfriends and no friends. this is because i play football because i want to play football. i don’t spend excessive amlounts of money on a pair of boots to make myself look good when io can get a good pair for £45 that will do the same job as a £130 pair. ” it’s not the boots that make you play good it’s the feet inside them.” one of my previous teams included a guy that got a new pair of boots every month and he wondered why he couldn’t get a proper feel for the ball. boots are boots, they all do the same job. if you blame your boots for mistakes you made then i think your scared to blame yourself.

    next time your looking for a pair of football boots, try a pair of £130 boots on and a pair of £45 boots. bet you won’t even no the difference.

    1. says: dmogie

      BOOTS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE YOU MORON. But thanks for the lecture, STOOGZ. And thank you for using this forum for your personal Sociology Thesis. Or was that just the ranting of another know-it-all that can type… counseling may help you get over yourself.

      I bought a pair of these (slightly used) on eBay- they are extremely comfortable and the performance is spectacular. They stay very tight to my feet. I am 52 years old and was suffering from painful damaged heel bursas from wearing those #@!$%^& NIKE Vapors. Now, after 2 years of pain and 3 different boots, I am again playing pain free. 2 goals and 2 assists in my return match. This shoe is the real deal.

  30. says: ARWIN

    anyone knows the difference between ZHERO GRAVITY DUE and ZHERO GRAVITY? does the twist n go feature and kangaroo leather actually make a big difference to defenders?

    1. says: Jon

      zhero gravity = edition of boot made and launched specifically for WC 2006; zhero gravity due = 2007 edition

      Also, the zhero gravity has a lot more features for the comfort and the wearer: arch support, cushioning etc.

  31. says: sasa

    believe me i had these boots in gold and in the new blue ones.. the gold were better as they were way tighter on the foot and it felt great. the new blue ones n the newer models r too lose on the boot…. in terms of comfort 10/10 n shooting precise nice clean shot but in terms of quality a 1/10

    literally if they are your game boots after 4 games you will see signs of wear n tear n thats from 4 times wearing them….

    they cant last u more than 20 games n that doesnt include practises.

    but if u got the money to keep buying new ones every 4 months the best boots by far

  32. says: nick

    i play rugby and i got a pair about half a season ago an there much comfier that new f50s and they stay on well and i’ve had no problems with them , there stupidly light but give a lot of grip and havent broken for me yet even though they’ve been stood on alot

  33. says: dennis

    this is the best shoe ever made by man hehe.
    ive been playing in my shoes for 2 years now inclusive practice and they look like as if they where brand new very nice a couple of scars nothing more. sure they cost more then your average fotball shoe but a pair of good quality shoes is the only thing you need in fotball not like hockey so i strongly recommend everyone to buy a pair of zhero gravity’s they are so worth it. the way it surrounds your foot is amazing so is the design and the accuracy nuff said and no it wont fall of its 2009 idiots!

  34. says: Soccer Mom

    My son has been playing soccer for over 10 years, ODP for the last 6 years, and has tried every possible boot. He got Lotto Zhero Gravity boots last fall, played in them for practice 4 times a week and games once a week for 16 weeks; they still looked practically new other than a few scars, but no degradation of the material or assembly. At a recent game after rain, he changed to the longer cleats and he was the only player on the field that was not slipping. He swears by them, and now that he has outgrown that first pair, we are buying another. Price is a bit of a shock, but the performance has been incredible so we think it’s worth it. He’s been able to make amazing penalty kicks, great control in dribbling, and I think even his jump height for headers is improved. And these boots are definitely not about impressing anyone with the look or style – they are easily one of the ugliest boots I’ve seen!

    1. says: sasa

      thats bul. I have had 2 pairs of them. the glue on the inside is very weak just like the adipures. the lotto zheros started to rip after 2 3 games with 1 slide tackle a little bit of grass got in there n started to open up the inside.

      they are the best boots ever but definately dont last long iuno wat ur son does with them sit on the bench on the sidelines? they r not good quality.

      1. says: Soccer Mom

        I appreciate that you may have had a different experience than ours, but there is no need to be insulting as well.

  35. says: Carlos

    Im looking at getting a pair but no local shops have any. Im a size 13 in vapours only to compensate for my slightly wider feet. can usually fit into 11.5 – 12 in most boots.

    Will size 12 of these be right for my feet as i will have to resort to buying a pair online. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  36. says: daniel

    i bought a pair of these on ebay a couple of weeks ago and in every other boot i am a 9 but when i played in these i took a freekick and the boot went further than the ball so i cleaned them and sold those ones and bought a size 8 which fit like a glove they dont even feel like you have a boot on but then i got taken out and i thought it was going to hurt but to be honest they are no more protected than my f50.8`s they are truely amazing i think they are better for a winger because you can get very good ball control and you can ping a ball beautifully in these highly recommended 10/10
    but remember to get your feet measured first and then buy the exact right size
    and another little trick to try its what i do get normall football socks and cut the foot out then get some plain nike leisure socks and put them on aswell then put your boots on and they fit even better let me know how you get on with this as it is very good for me

    1. says: soccer mom

      My son often wears a pair of low-rise athletic sox under his knee-high soccer sox to get extra padding and have the boot fit more snugly. This way, we can get two seasons of wear before he outgrows them.

  37. says: soccer mom

    Also Zhero Gravity Tres out now:

  38. says: bing

    i got a pair of Lotto Zhero Gravity Firm Ground 2T off kitbag recently. in my first game they gave me incredible blisters at the back and sides of my heel area, and felt slightly loose. i love the touch on it though. any suggestions how i could make them work?

    1. says: dmogie

      I just purchased my second pair off eBay (my teenage son tried my first pair and I could not get them back!) Incredible boots! I agree, though, our older white/gold pair fits snugger than the new gray pair…

  39. says: Rob

    hi, just on here for some advice. im currently wearing a pair of Nike AZT90 Lasers at size 11.5, any idea what that would be in zhero gravity’s? because im gettin them ordered over from england to australia and it’ll waste my money if i get them over here and they dont fit.

  40. says: Nick

    I usualy wear adidas but i just got these boots and they are by far!!! the best boots i have ever purchased!!!! They dont fall off your feet and are perfect for speed, shooting and controling the ball.

    easily 10/10

    ohh and rob i live in australia also and you can get these boots really cheap

  41. says: FS

    Greetings. Mind helping me with this? I’ve just read this awesome review on the LOTTO ZHERO GRAVITY TRE and the dude quoted: “I’d recommend finding these boots on sale if you plan to purchase them anytime soon.” Well i’ve found one but it’s called LOTTO ZHERO GRAVITY 2T. Judging from the photos, it’s got everthig the TRE has; the laceless design, the tribal-ish markings on the ’sweet spot’, the interchangeable-stud-configuration and etc. The only difference is that it’s in a different colour. Is the 2T the prodecessor of the TRE, or is it like the Talaria to Vapors?

    Thanks in advance

  42. says: amacopyouidiot

    my home football pitch is on astro turff. would these boots be okay for a full season if i’m playng on astro turff every other week? also i have really wide feet and a lot of people on here say dont get them if u have wide feet, but others say the material moulds round your foot, so surely even if you have wide feet it doesnt make a difference.

  43. says: SupercallygoballisticCelticareatrocious

    ‘i bought a pair of these on ebay a couple of weeks ago and in every other boot i am a 9 but when i played in these i took a freekick and the boot went further than the ball so i cleaned them and sold those ones and bought a size 8 which fit like a glove ‘

    Lol, Lotto are definitely a big fitting. My son has just out grown his size 7 Reebok Itegrity FG and Puma King SGs yet his Lotto Zhero Leggendas in a 6.5 that I got at a bargain price are still too big for him.

    Btw, for anyone with fat feet the stunning K leather Leggendas would be perfect for you.

  44. says: Omar

    Really? After looking around for a while I decided to get some Vapor’s SL the carbon fiber ones. I was ordering them and saw the Lotto’s on the same site for $90. $109 shipped from the UK. I’m a size 10 U.S.

  45. says: .





  46. says: bofo

    were the heck can u get the studs becasue i have like 3 or 4 missing and i been trying to find them and is like they dont sell them individualy and if thats the case this sucks

  47. says: Gerry

    these boots will not fall off they take the shape of you foot with its ability to stretch. I use em and they are great.

  48. says: Benwa

    Does anyone know how they run size wise? it a question I’ve been wanting to know for a long time. should i get a smaller pair because they stretch, to have a tight fit, or should i just keep with my regular size?

  49. says: Joga Bonito

    8oz per boot mario. The advertised weight of the pair of boots is always the weight of one of them. Don’t ask me why. That’s just the way they do it.

  50. says: don

    Both my son and I got 1/2 size smaller than usual and they fit like a glove. had the spare stud set for sale. What an incredible boot.

  51. says: Max Heredia

    I Have A Question In Terms Of planning On Getting These Boots But ITs The Size And Fit im Worried About.. i Wear Size 9US and WOndering if i should Go Half Size Down Or Up For The BEst Fit..Or Just Stay With My Regular Size…

  52. says: Guest

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  53. says: Guest

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