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' Here is the lowdown on the Nike Mercurial Vapor III.

mercurial vapor iii

American sportswear giant Nike have released a selection of limited edition football boots for their 3rd generation Mercurial football boot. Made in Italy, this football boot is the last one Thierry Henry will be wearing for Nike.

The style of this football boot mixes tradition, with the latest technology and look.

Performance: Extremely light (less than 200g), due to its Teijin synthetic upper and the light weight carbon fibre heel. This makes for a speedy results and a good close feel of the ball. The sole of the football boot consists of a moulded design, ideal for firm ground. The studs are angled differently, with different lengths which gives optimum traction for quick acceleration and change of direction.

Comfort: The synthetic ‘NikeSkin’ is very forgiving on the foot and moulds to the contours of the individual. The breathable, cushioned internal heel cup offers heel support and reduces movement.

Players: Thierry Henry, Adriano and Ronaldo are sporting these Nike boots at the World Cup.

Price: £135

Launched: June 2006

Verdict: The Nike Mercurial, has proved to be a popular range by Nike and the latest version will continue the success. Pricey, but a worthwhile consideration.



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  1. says: Jaysee

    being an employee of nike football i have tried many of the new boots and until recently had a schoolboy crush on the legends. After wearing the new vapor 3’s I am now a converted man, you must own a pair! Football never felt so good….

    1. says: The Real Ronaldo

      I agree with you 100% Nike Mercurial vapours are the best type of football boot for players with flair, skill & speed. But what i want to see is a TRADITIONAL & PROFESSIONAL black Nike mecurial vapour with a white swoosh etc, for people who are serious about football, ‘Become a LEGEND’, new nike mercurial vapours, make it happen, just do it.

      1. says: Victorious Matsi

        i am under 17 at a german football club in Namibia(Africa) and soon i will be a owner of a mecurial…ronaldo YOU ARE THE BEST

    2. says: vapor man

      is it the one single boot that weighs 200g or is the BOTH OF THE BOOTS that weigh 200g so 1 vapor=100 g
      i find the single boot =200g more believable but please just tell me with certainty since u do work for nike u know more than me:P

    3. says: cameron brown

      hi, i had these mercurial boots, they are the most comfortable, light, sexy and fun to play in boots. BUY THEM! Btw “cheslea accademy” boy what is your name? i also play for CFC and know all the players so i highly doubt you play for such a great club!

  2. says: roly

    I agree about the converted bit, my first football boot was a Nike Tiempo, the first version. Then I tried the first version of a Vapour and I’ve never gone back since any football boot I’ve been seen wearing has been a Vapour they are truly amazing.

  3. says: Ginger

    Being an academy player at Chelsea?I need good football boots and these are’nt good boots. They break easily and are painful. DON’T BUY THESE BOOTS! Only buy them if you want to look at them.

    1. says: Mohammad Masri

      hey..are you seriosly a chelsea academy player…can you please add me on msn or if you dont have msn then please send me an email veryfying you reading this message. I have a very important question please reply. [email protected]

  4. says: Ai

    I tried on a pair of Nike Vapours and they were tight. After I put the Nike Vapours on I had no room to tie my laces up. FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE BIG FEET DO NOT BUY THEM.

  5. says: Ross

    As I am an academy player for Arsenal, i’ve played with Thierry Henry and Theo Walcott who use Vapours and they think they’re the best football boots out. And yeah i agree, they are for showing off, but they feel as good as any other football boot on the market. So why go for something thats bland when you can look quality and feel quality?

  6. says: aj

    I have the red sport Vapor III. If you’re a skillfull player and like tight football boots these are the one’s fo you, these are for dribblers and people with pace (Cristiano Ronaldo).

  7. says: B

    I need new football boots but I dont know which ones to buy …
    What is the best football boot, is it Talaria or is it Vapor? I just don’t know.

    Is the Vapor really so much better than Talaria and if it is, do they really break easily? I heard from sombody that it does and from somebody else that it does’nt?

    1. says: ronaldo

      I have the lime green mv3s! they totaly rock. i like them.c ronaldo is a show off! thats the only reason i hate him other wise i like him.

  8. says: james

    I agree with Ginger. These football boots are so uncomfortable, and they hurt. I wear the Nike Legend and the new +f50s from Adidas and they are the most comfortable football boots I have ever worn.

  9. says: B

    I need new football boots but I dont know which ones to buy …
    What is the best football boot, is it Talaria or is it Vapor? I just don’t know.

    Is the Vapor really so much better than Talaria and if it is, do they really break easily? I heard from sombody that it does and from somebody else that it doesn’t? please help me

  10. says: kendy

    I own Talaria 2 FG.

    It’s the best I own, compared to my Umbro and Reebok Strikezone td..
    I tried Adidas Predator (2002), from a friend, its feels good, but my Talaria feels even better, lighter, faster!
    You run like you wear nothing, very natural feel.

    I’m quite confused too with what differs the Talaria and Vapor?
    I think Vapor is the better version, although they both look similar!!

  11. says: marco

    These football boots are very light and very comfortable, they are the best shoes someone could ever buy. I suggest people try them.

  12. says: sam

    Vapors are the best football boot around, but the cheaper ones are the ones you shouldn’t get. I needed a light football boot cause i’m really fast and skillfull. I was selected to go to the south pacific championships, which got called off cause of the coo over there but Vapor 3’s are definitely the best football boot to buy.

  13. says: blerrard

    hi im an amazing soccer player most likely the best in the world at the moment i was given a trial by over 500 clubs including chelsea, arsenal, manchester united, liverpool, inter milan, bayern munchen, fc porto, west ham, werder bremen, everton, lyon, marseille, roma. and so on and yeah im just really really great … mercurials look good but im being payed like 1.5 million a week to wear the new addidas F50 boots…i am AMAZING. Truly amazing im the best player ever ive played with the greatest and i am definetley going to win fifa player of he year in 07. and im really modest and never show off.

      1. says: Hawkoon

        haha, you took his comment to be FACT?! lol, half of everyone claiming to be a Arsenal or Chelski ,or whatevva are bullshitting you.

    1. says: matt

      dont think you are that good and deffanly agree f50+ have got to be the best … really comftable and make u play really well !! 500 clubs haha !!!!!!!!!

  14. says: Burg

    Hi, i am a great speedy, skillfull and talented player and I have had all three types of Vapors the Vapor 1s (blue), the Vapor 2’s (gold) and now the Vapor 3’s (red) and I think they are the best football boots ever made because not only are they lightweight but they look good as well and they are also good because the best players in the world wear them like Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba, so of course they are the best boots around.

  15. says: Jack

    Hi i’m Jack. I play for the best local team in my area. I’m being watched by some premiership teams. I’ve had Vapors for 4 years now, all 3 series. They benefit me on the right with pace but I can also play centre mid. I feel you can judge passes much better with the lightweight feel. They aren’t just the stereo typed football boot of a speedy person. Playmakers can use them aswell. Very, Very good football boot.

    1. says: US Baller

      hello, i am one of the best U-16 football players in the United States. I have worn Vapors (1) and (2) but i am deciding weather to go with the f 50’s or the Vapor 3’s. Also my predators are size 9.5 (US) what size would you recommend for vapors (3)?

  16. says: westside

    The Talarias are the cheaper model, and not made in Italy like the Vapors. the Vapors are comfortable for skinny feet. If you have wide feet this will reduce the life of the football boot and it will break where the sole is glued to the upper. the Talaria has little difference in looks but the quality of the Vapor is alot better. The Vapors are very light and give you the ability to move with the ball and run alot quicker. I haven’t tried the Vapor 3 but I will get some this season. The Vapor 2 gives blisters, even when broken in, but all you need is some plasters on the heel for every game and its sweet. They are worth the money approx $NZ300 and if you take good care of them, they should last for more than one season.

  17. says: sss84

    Hi, I play footy about 4 times a week, thats including two 90 minute matches on weekends. I have always bought Adidas Predator or Copa Mundials depending on the conditions, i.e winter or summer surfaces.

    I play centre mid and my team mate who plays next to me in the middle wears Vapors. He was loving wearing them and looking good. However, after the first few games his football boot had cuts in the material where he had slid or was tackled. He took his footy boots back but they will not return it, due to it being a ‘professional boot’, as stated by shop assistant.

    It apparantley is designed for one match per pair. So if you have got loads of money or Nike sponshorship continue, but if you can’t afford a new pair every week don’t.

    I recently got a pair of Nomis boots. They are amazing football boots. Strength of a Predator boots but weight and slickness of a f50+ football boot, trust me on this they are amazing footy boots. Got them off the internet so its difficult if they fall apart but seriously they grip the ball and are proper strong.

  18. says: Minchia

    Yeah, a lot of modest people here! (Thanks for that blerrard! HAHA) I’ve only recently got the Vapor 3‘s, and have a feeling my feet may be too wide for them…. But I already love them, because they have my initials on it already! (MV, for those who are a little slower…).

    1. says: Efe

      ive got mercurial boots and predators. personally predators r better 4 passing and long range passing but mv r better 4 shooting and dribbiling

  19. says: Josh

    Does anyone know what Cristiano Ronaldo wears on his ankles (and maybe his feet) with these? Because I think it prevents the blisters you get from the Vapors, and blisters always appear on the heel and ankle. I thought it was ankle guards,but I don’t think so anymore.

    1. says: Sam

      Cristiano ronaldo wears ankle supports over the top of his socks,so that when he is doing his tricks and when he gets tackled he doesnt sprain or twist his ankles and he also uses them to keep his shin pads up.This does not have anything to do with preventing blisters as most players apply vaseline. ~ My mercurial vapor 3s bottom came off (the plastic parts the studs are on) on both my SG pair and my FG pair. Nice looking pair of boots tho.

  20. says: j f s

    Hey i’m from down under New Zealand, where quality footy boots are few and far between. I’ve bought my Vapors over the net for the last 3 years and have to say by far they are the best football boots to play in. I’m not that skilfull and play in the middle of the park and do a lot of the passing and running so these football boots aren’t just for those with skill. Definitely not good for wide footed players though! Anyway might see some of you Premiership Academy players at the U20 World Cup that little old New Zealand just qualified for!! cant wait…

  21. says: Jack

    Ronaldo wears a short white pair of socks on top of his football socks to prevent blisters and to make the boot more comfy. It helps and looks good with black football socks.

  22. says: Spencer

    The MVIII‘s are great boots. I must admit they were VERY uncomfortable at first, but once I’d bedded them in they’re not a problem. Lightweight with great feel they’re certainly worth the cash. I’ve had them since June 2006, its now march ’07 and they’re still going strong. One word of advice, I’m lucky I’ve got large (size 11) feet, but they’re long and thin. I wouldn’t recommend buying these football boots if your feet are broad.

    1. says: Alex

      I just bought a pair of MVIII’s and i like how they are tight… but i have the worst blisters now.. and its only the 2nd day wearing them.. how did you prevent them? and break your cleats in..?

  23. says: Michael Shuster

    Responding to Jack and Josh, it doesn’t much matter how many layers of sock are worn, when the foot sweats the teamsock will absorb it and the moisture will stay in contact with the skin. This, combined with the rubbing of the boots on the foot, is what causes blisters to form. A company called SealSkinz is to launch a new football sock this autumn that is waterproof and also wicks the sweat off the skin, which keeps the foot dry. Dry feet is the best for trying to prevent blisters.

  24. says: Odemwingie

    Hi. I’m a fantastic football player. I am extremely fast (run the 100m in under 11) extremely powerful and skilled player. I play for Lille academy in France. Some say I will be the next Thierry Henry‘ but I believe I will be even better.

    I am Nigerian and already play for the Under 21 side even though I’m only 15. I believe these football boots are great, nearly as great as me. They are good for fast players (such as myself) and those who are good dribblers.

    These football boots are also surprisingly comfortable and are very durable. I recieve a new pair each month because of my sponsorship with Nike and have loved each pair.

    Good buy for the elite players.

    Remember the name ‘Odemwwingie’. I will be a star. The new Pele has arrived.

  25. Hey Odemwingie, thanks for telling us all about yourself.

    As you are obviously destined for great things, perhaps you could send us some photo’s of you in your boots at Lille and the Nigerian under 21’s?

  26. says: scott

    odemwingie get your thumb out of your own backside. Your confident I give you that. My mate is 16 and he’s Nigerian his name is Sanni Salisu he will be the greatest player of all time.

  27. says: Odemwingie

    I’m looking forward to playing with or against this Sanni kid. I might even teach him a couple of new tricks. Right now I’m in Paris playing against PSG academy. Next week I’m playing for the Lille reserve side. Odemwingie is no. 1.

    Good football boots. Highly recommended.

    1. says: NUVIT

      your saying that your the best player of the got to be kiddin.Im from turkey and my yusuf hes 14 and he is doing every single trick from the star players which he saw. so be careful about what you say.

  28. says: Jack

    Odemwingie, are you a relative to Peter Odemwingie who happens to play for Lille first team? What a coincidence. Also, there are no gold vapors III only bright yellow which is nothing like gold.

  29. says: sanni salisu

    Hey Odemwingie, I am looking forward to playing with you or against you as well. I am looking forward to talking to you on MSN or on anything else. I will be delighted to see you teach me some new skills if you wish. But, I tell you something, I’m good in football tricks as well because I do freestyling football go on add me on MSN and we talk more. WB my mate just told me about your comment been the best player from Nigeria and I think he said your wrong just to tell you, you are not the only good football player that came from Nigeria.

  30. says: WillL

    I’ve just got the new Vapors (White like Cristiano 😉 ) and I love them, very good for me as I’m a pacy player, but I’m having problems with blisters 😐 I wear a pair of white socks over my football socks, but still blisters on my heels. I thought it might be because of my shinpads as they have ankle protectors and thought they might be giving me the blisters..anyone have any suggestions coz I wanna keep these boots and want to be blister free =)

  31. says: westside

    Vapor III‘s beat any boot out there at the moment! Just got my hands on some. Once again, a boot primarily for skinnier feet and first off is a tight fit. Vapor III‘s are incredibly comfortable and seem to have been re-engineerd where the Vapor III‘s were prone to split.. Except maybe around the toe.. Hmmm. Carbon fibre heel and interior chassis looks amazing. Nice touch ;). 200grams a piece and its like running in bare feet. Brand new out of the box and they look fab but once worn in and has molded to your foot the material changes and is kind of disappointing but the performance advantage compensates! (don’t get me wrong it still looks great!!). Expensive boot, yes, but looks and feels great. A+ boot

    1. says: adolfo

      I am a fast forward and have size 11 ft., my feet are not too wide. So i am looking for boots that will be durable and help performance. I am debating with freinds who have Nike Vapors because I am thinking of getting Adidas Predators, which one of these might i benefit from more? Can anyone help? I am looking forward because i always wear cheap adidas cleats, but still play good.

  32. says: richie

    hi i have owned vapor II and vapor III, personally i think that the III a load better because the vapor II game me absolutley huge blisters. i am a winger and am being watched by a couple of north east teams and these boots make football great!

  33. says: Scotty

    hey, I have had a lot of boots, total 90‘s, predators, various lotto‘s, puma‘s and fila going way back! last year I decided to switch from total 90‘s to vapors, as I felt I was a pacy winger and needed a nice light boot – only to be moved to left back! I loved the boots and bravely decided to continue wearing them even though I was concerned about the level of protection they would provide my feet! I really liked them, felt nimble and quick on my toes. I liked the feel of the ball at my feet – which was second to nonr in these boots. I have a wide foot and usually burst the sides of adidas boots within a season – my vapors were no different. They lasted about 24 games and training twice a week for 8 months. Mine took a lot of studs scrapping accross them and didn’t split or mark to badly. The sole plate began to crack towards the end and came away from the sole a little – a bit like predators. If you want them but them! they only need to last a season – wear different boots for training if you like or an older cheaper and less fashinable colourway if you want to get more life out of your vapors.

  34. says: Jack

    I’ve just bought the white and silver vapors and they look great. They are soft ground and look much better than my sport red vapors.The white ones seem to be really popular with premiership players with at least 1 or 2 players on every team wearing them.They are being recognised as the worlds best boot.

  35. says: cristi

    i have no offence with adidas but even the f50 hurts. apply vaselin or candle on the erosion section on ur foot to avoid bruises and discomfort. do try to add sole for extra comfort. there r many range of mercurial vapors, u must at least get the middle class mercurial to feel what people are talking about, if ur on a versatract,sorry if i got the spelling wrong, its surely gonna weigh 500grams. only the highest class of mercurial vapor r that light. so hope u guys get it.

    the latest nike total 90 are good as well and they are more stable than adidas new range of predators for the middle class price boots, i tried many boots and through my experience, nike mercurial vapor n their total 90 are comfortable.

    you really need to get your foot seasoned n use to bruises, if ur in a high tempo game, the best boots in the world cant do much too. once bruises occurs, they will make the heels n side part of the foot hard. but the studs formation for mercurials really helps, but its thin and if someone step on u, ur gonna hurt a lot, stitched front boots can minimize the pain however. and mercurial vapors, NOT VERSATRACT studs really helps slowing your pace down from a sprint.

    talking from experience as a winger, these are really saviours, if a defender is wearing a round stud base, ur gona gain the upper hand, the v shape stud by the side really helps u gain traction and accelarate.

    u guys out here can try on the old vapors, they cost less in the market. just get the 2nd gen vapors, they r kinda similiar 2 the 3rd ones, if ya feel comfortable, then its time to get ur latest vapors.

    there r 2 editions of vapors, ronaldo is wearing the one witout the plastic thingy at the hell. the other version of it has a plastic thingy n inside boots below ur ankle, there are 2 lil round spongy thingy and the base of the boots are diferent and the materials used are diferent.

    between vapors and predator, vapor wins light weight, traction, range of colours, grip, acceleration, brakin n predator can hardly outbeat vapors except the cushion thing on the front part of predators, adi are just tryin to take the technology nike use in basketball shoes. predator offers little protection like vapors because there are made of thin layer of upper skin.

    between vapor and f50, (higest range of vapor) vapor still wins. f50 fits the same as vapor but the feeling is weird as their dimensions used are different, i personally prefer vapors, studs formation wise, nike still win.

    the x f50 maybe better since adidas took the work to stitch the kicking part, but now, they are just the same as vapors…in nutshell, f50 is tryin to imitate vapor, adidas tryin to imitate nike. nike is the pioneer of light weight football boots, side lacing mechanism, adapting base n adidas just poke their nose in…adi took nike side lacing mechanism, light weight boot. the fact is vapors came out before f50, n research had been done much more than adi…

  36. says: Odemwingie

    Yes I am Peter’s cousin. Last week I scored a hat-trick against Marseille Reserves. Sanni are you trying out for Nigeria Under 21’s. If you are then I’ll see you there. These are great boots.

    1. says: sanni salisu

      I would love to try for under 21’s Nigeria but I don’t know anything about it. Can you please mail me the details for it on (email hidden, forward to please mate this would mean a lot to me. Thanks mail me the details as soon as possible please.

  37. says: martin

    Hi i am a very good soccer player, people say i will be the next cantona, i believe i will be better. i will butt heads like zidane some day. I am trying out for the American under 35 team. Is it me or do vapors III run long at the toe. or maybe my foot has shrunk. it seems that a 9 is too tight at the toe and a 9.5(my size) is too long. when i walk around in them i can hear the air escape from the toe box! weird.

  38. says: James

    Hi , I am probably the best player in the world. I go on these forums because i am better than everyone else ever, Christiano Ronaldo asked me to come round his house and teach him tricks. I was the one that heatbutted Materazzi in the world cup final.
    Moving on, I have fairly wide feet, i used to wear a pair of Nike Tiempo Legend’s and i am size 12.The Legends sometimes give you a heavy touch which is annoying. I havent tried on a pair of size 12 vapours yet but the size 11 i tried on are fairly tight.
    I’m looking for a pair of boots that give you that “Second Skin” feel but the vapours are the only boots that i can see on the market that offer this . Anyone know what i should do? Go for vapours or another boot?
    Thanks everyone

    1. says: russell

      james: wot u need is some +F50‘S- I’ve the +F50.06 CLIMACOOL and the +F50.07 Dutch Orange and they are sooo good-they feel tight at first, but with my climacools, i scored 8 goals in 5 games-not bad for a centre midfielder! they are the second skin ur looking for-control is soo much better when wearing them

      1. says: james

        thats stupid, i have adidas predator champions league and i scored a goal from the half way line. (seriously i did) and im a centre midfielder.

  39. says: mark p

    iam a holding midfield player and i wear the nike t 90 supremercy in red, they look good and when u go into a tackle you know they wont break plus u can strike the ball cleanly every time..
    the new t90 lasers do look good though in white and black(wayne rooneys) might have to get a paitr

  40. says: CR7

    The vapors are really good cause they are lightweight and fast. Im playing with the talarias and im going to buy the vapors. The only problem I have with them is that they hurt cause they are a bit too small. I got blisters from them in the beginning but not anymore. You get blisters from them cause they are not leather. But there are not too many leather boots on the market which are very leightweight like the vapors. Puma has got the v1.06 K i boots which are very leightweight. Have anyone tried them? If the vapors are comfortable depends also on ones shape of the foot. But players with big feet can also use vapors like Zlatan. My size is 10(UK).

  41. says: james jenkins

    james:m8 you spelled cristiano ronaldo wrong and you spelled vapor wrong: you sound pretty silly so why dont you just take your head out of your a**……trust me it’s good advice

  42. says: stuart collins

    Well i’ve had trials for Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United and I play for Chelsea now. I’m a left winger and very fast. I think the vapours are great for a player like me and i think its the best invention ever and they look great.

  43. says: Ben

    Vapors are designed for a narrow fit. THEY WILL NOT FIT EVERY TYPE OF FOOT.

    The Teijin Synth leather is designed to mould to your foot shape within the first few hours of wearing them, but it will not stretch as much as kangaroo or cow hide leather. Those who find them uncomfortable are better off trying a wider fitting boot, or a leather upper that will stretch further.

    For those asking which is better, Tiempo or Vapor – there is no correct answer because everyone has different shaped feet. The idea behind the Vapor is to minimise the movement and distance between foot, ball and ground, and to provide a snap lock fit, reducing extra movement of the foot within the boot, thus providing as much acceleration as possible.

  44. says: Alex

    They’re good but they tear the skin off of your heels. I wore Talarias and they’re the same model only different material, and they completely tore the back of my achilles up and I couldn’t walk or run or anything because it was EXTREMELY painful. Oh and these are 8 oz. and Talarias are 9 oz. so I don’t think it’s worth it. Talarias are now like $50 and Vapors are about $200. so you are paying $150 for 1 oz. difference. I prefer the new 10R football boots. They are really comfortable, have really good touch, and when I first wore them they were uncomfortable, and then about 30 minutes later they felt really good, so yea they’re not kidding about the conform to your foot thing.

  45. says: michael

    odemwingie what is your first name please tell me so i can see you on the internet when i type your first and second name in

  46. says: Nick Curtis

    Had Vapors ever since they came out. Have owned 4 pairs in total…

    they are brilliant boots. fantastic.

    If you have fat feet, they wont fit, and most people get blisters from them for a while…. but only for a while.

    Worth the money!

  47. says: US Baller

    i need a pair of vapor III
    i wore adidas predators before but i don’t know what size to get for the vapors. I wore a 9.5 (US) for the adidas what size would u recommend?

  48. says: comfy

    i’ve tried predator pulse, mercurial vapors and the new reebok ones (henry using).
    the reeboks are the most comfortable it gets but when it gets wet, the extra cuishion for comfort turns against you and it gets heavy.
    predators are quality but doesnt really allow you to run that fast. good shots though. excellent curlage. reccommend for finishers.
    the nike mercurial vapor 3 is as good as not wearing anything, IT’S SO FREAKING LIGHT. which is good for me as i’m a winger. it’s rather tight, but i prefer that as it gives me the stick on feel to my feet and the control of this boot is undeniably good.
    curling can be done with this boot and is rather good, but not as good as predator series.
    and i find f50.6 tunit weird, the material looks like it’ll let any ball slip in wet ground, haha.


  49. says: Moe

    Can someone please tell me which is better to buy. SG vapors or FG. I recently bought a FG off the net and would like to purchase a secong but dont know whether to get SG or FG. I am moving to england and was wondering which is best for thier type of fields. I dont play on proffesional fields so i was thinking of getting another FG but what if i get SG will it hurt my feet. I kinda have no choice but to get SG b/c the store near me only caries SG so i dont know whether to risk it or not. Please help if you can. Thanks

  50. says: robby

    i play for the chelsea academy at the age of 12 and they gave me the old vapors when they were new though and i loved them untill they ripped. then they came out with these new ones that im not to fond of i like the old ones better and i dont like the color of these either

  51. says: rudy bueno

    vapors are light weight and like every body is saying they DO break easly i have 3 pairs the yellow/green silver/red and the white/silver SG and let me tell u they are all pritty much damged da same and i bought them in a long seprated time

  52. says: bryan

    i hav bot two pairs of these, the black and gold and the brazil ones. I usually tend to wear predators becuase i am a central midfielder. I likd the vapors for dribbling, but not for shooting. its something u will need to try for yourself before you judge.

  53. says: BJ

    Hi, im the reincarnation Pele in terms of my football ability, and play for the greatest team to grace the earth (the Dog and Gun Reserves).
    Ive recently bought the hideous green vapor IIIs. These boots are awesome, very lightweight and great for a quick forward. I used f50s for a while but got frustrated at chaging the damn studs when i wanted to use them on astro ect..

  54. says: Angelo

    hey i have a pair of these shoes in the silver/orange. Does anyone know how to remove the scuff marks. They really make the shoe look bad.

    1. says: Joe

      Hey i was wondering if you had a picture of your shoes you could send me?? please i have been looking and i can not find a picture anywhere? and also where did you get this shoes???

      Thank you


    2. says: Brandon

      Yeh man i have these and puma cellerators and both scuff like no tomorrow, ive heard goo be gone works but i havent tried it, only to debadge a car. Anyone else know anything to get scuffs off synthetic? Astro turf kills too.

      1. says: Michael Casey

        Yea i have vapor 4’s and vapor 3’s and lemon juice seems to do the trick. It will not get rid of it if it is really bad but it will wear it down because lemon juice is acidic. Put it on a napkin and then scrub the scuffed part, most likely the very front of the shoe when on astro turf, right? and then about two minutes later scrub the same area with a watered down napkin and then a dry napkin. This will also make your boots shiny and lookin new!!!

  55. says: JOn

    Vapors are great to play in but give me horrible blisters on my heels every time i wear them for more than 10minutes! not happy about that so i have had to resort to selling them on ebay not long after buying them!!!

  56. says: declan

    hi does anyone know if iam better getting
    adidas copa mundials
    adidas predators
    nike vapours
    nike legends
    adidas f50+
    e.t.c any advice,suggestions would be great.

  57. says: alex

    hi im 13 and i play rugby iv had 2 pairs of vapors.

    silver vapor 2 and red vapor 3

    and they are really comfortable all you people that say they dont last dont have a clue i had my vapor 2 for 2 seasons and they got stamped on nearly every game and they were fine but the only thing i will say dont buy the cheap version (Talaria) they are not comfortable and give you blisters and for all you people that carnt decide between air legends and vapors.

    i would pick vapors any day.

  58. says: Mitch

    Had both the cinder Vapour II’s and the blue Vapour III’s. Prefer the Vapour II’s, lasted longer and found them more comfortable.

  59. says: andy

    hey i got softground vapour 3s and i found that especially on my right foot (I am right footed), that i kept getting blisters, where the front left stood was. Later a different stood fell off, i found it again, but it wouldn’t screw back up, neither would any other stoods. I was annoyed by this as i had never unscrewed the stood, rarely had to tighten them up. Apart from the stood problems, they were probably the best boots i’ve owned, better than my predators in a game, weighting less and i felt i could get a better feel of the ball. If you want Vapours i recomend the firmground moulded stood ones.

  60. says: Nic

    hey im nic i got 2 pairs of vapor 3s soft ground an hard ground, as long as you wear a thick pair of socks no blisters will ever appear, i wore thin nike socks once an got blisters(stupid idea). these boots are comfy an i believe they have improved my game especially speed wise. one more thing this is a boot review so stop comin on an telling everyone how good you are at football or think you are, do you see me going into my life story of acedemys etc? or my opinion of how good i am?

  61. says: Boris

    i went to niketown yesterday and tried on the mercurial vapor III in lime green.they’re so comfortable and you have to see the lime green ones first hand to like them.gotta order them off the messed up and sent abox with only one boot.

    1. says: Khan

      Hi! Where did you tried those limegreen vapors? i wanted to buy those, but they didnt had anymore left… do you have any address of the shop?

  62. says: J Mehr

    hi i play rugby at club level an play left wing i hav never liked any rugby bots so i always bought fb bots n screwed rugby stubs on them

    i hav recently bought a pair of MVIII’s (sport red) an am chuffed the feel when u run is amazing and u can change direction in a heart beat

    2 stop blisters i would suggest bugin a pair of nike tempo fb socks they r thick an stop ur fot from rubbing aginst the harsh heel cap


  63. says: jarad

    i love these cleats. i have the yellow and green, blue and white, and the red and white ones. i love every one of them. i hate the new vapors though they are so ugly

  64. says: saran

    hey…i was wondering if the limited edition ones…comin out on sept 13 were going to be released in the u.s
    does anyone know?

  65. says: rugby 4 eva


    how do u get the marks off a pair off mv3.

    i hate the way they look with all those marks on.

    it sucks

    plz tell me how i can get em off


  66. says: torres9

    ive just signed a new deal with nike and these boots are the ones given to me ive never felt faster i bet i can score alot of goals with them for my club i just had to tell some people

  67. says: Ivan Walcott

    Vapors are great boots unless you have wide feet…i still wear them and i do have wide feet but i wear them a while till they mould to my foot and get flatter. never but this boot second hand, you will end up playing like adebayor (and he is crap)

  68. says: Johnno M

    I Fink Dat The Vapors Luk Nice But The Ones I Got Now,.. The Latest Ones,.. They Kill Your Shot,.. An The Way I Play An How I Curl The Ball Im Much More Adapted To Preditors But I Lyk Vapors Cus Theyre Lighter So Im In A Bit Of A Pickle Lol


    Btw They Dont Luk Tht Nice Either

  69. says: max

    I just bought a pair of soft ground MVIIIs’ and after about an hour of playing the stud sockets started to come away from the boot! Has anyone else had this problem? Not sure if i should re-order or change the boot completely? I hear the R10 Tiempos are pretty good and very solid. I’ve tried them on and they feel comfortable too.

  70. says: Talal

    i have flat feet, and i tried on my freinds preds and i liked them but i didnt like the disine.cuz im a shootin fast kinda dude and i tred on the vapors for like 1 min. and they wer comfrtuble so now im lost.

    plz help send @ [email protected]

    by tha way i like the air legends. lol

  71. says: KL

    i got the new vapors and they arent tht comfortable..thinking of getting the tunits cos i play on many diff grounds so i think its a good buy instead of buying two nice boots…should i get tunits or puma v1.06??

  72. says: Tom Hurst

    i dont know what people are complaining about with the ball not staying at their feet.. thats their problem not the boots. the boots are perfectly fine, i am finding it hard to lose the ball from my feet lol. extremely light. although there is little difference in weight between the talarias(which i used to have) and the vapours, you can feel the difference. For everybody who thinks the pros like ronaldo and drogba use these boots, think about it. why would they use these boots that eveybody else has. ronaldo has custom made boots for every week he plays. as do most professionals in the top teams.
    as for the vapours, very good.
    The best boot for an attack minded player. dont have to be quick to have these. although slower players wont benefit from the lightness as much. recomend for people who have the money, otherwise go for something cheaper like the talaria.

  73. says: Tom

    I bought some Mercurial Vapour III’s and I really like them. The only problem is, after 20 mins playing in them they started to rub the back of my feet and gave me blisters. Will the boots eventually mould to my feet and stop rubbing and is there a quick way to do this? Also, does anyone know the best way to prevent blisters wearing these boots?

  74. says: Alexander Austin

    G’day, Alexio from Aussie down here, our seasons are much shorter here. 😛

    I purchased a blue & white pair of Adidas Predator Absolons or whatever for last-season, I didn’t go for the 299.99 AUS dollar version with the “Power Blade” due to the fact that I had to order them in (and pay for them even if they didn’t fit!!)

    I have size 10-10.5 US feet and my feet are really quite wide at the front, at-least that’s what I’ve been led to think!!

    I had to start wearing extra pairs of socks half-way through my season due to the fact that around my outer two toes on both of my feet began to badly begin grazing against the edges of the boots, I’ve got around 3-4 corns on my toes from them now, so I switched to a 129.99 Nike Mercurial Steam shoe @ size 11, fitted me well in terms of width but I couldn’t really sprint or keep control due to the fact of an inch or so of added space in front of my feet!! (It was like have two bricks for feet…kinda =P)

    When I ordered in a size 10.5 Nike Mercurial Vapor 3 to be tried on, they were so light & comfortable, real beauties, but 1) they were much too tight, like a size 9.5!! and 2) I was concerned that my feet would be too wide for them again in a matter of days.

    Anyone have any advice for what boots I should try next season? I’m hoping to buy a pair now for the off-season to last me until December, but I’m quite befuffled at the range before me…

    I have size 10-10.5 WIDE feet
    I play Left-Wing/Right-Wing/Wing-Back (next harry kewell guys, hehe, injuries and all, dislocated my knee and missed over half my season…watched my team lose out in the semis 3-2 in extra-time…argh =( )
    I love sprinting & have pace up & down the wing (not to be boasting, I play for my local club hehe)
    I love my ball-control and laying off the ball/setting up plays for my team
    I love crossing the ball and nailing the perfect cross
    Love quick movements & step-overs, turning & flicking the ball..akin to Cristiano Ronaldo (funny leaving big defenders on their arses in the 18)

    Any advice would be appreciated, money isn’t an option here, I’ve saved up $400 in-case I need to buy firm AND soft-ground boots…although seeing as we’re in drought that might not be needed 😛

    I love the Nike Mercurial Vapors but I’m concerened seeing as I have wide-feet, but they are light and I am fast & pacey on the wing (to be honest :P) so I love sprinting with light boots…

    I’m really looking for that “perfect” boot to ease into so I know what to buy next-season….any advice would be helpful…you can have my email if you life, please help from an aspiring footballer/socceroo!! 😉

    I need a boot that’s light & fits a wide foot (10-10.5 US) and lets me have accuracy and power at the same-time, the adidas had power but they just cut into my feet so much!! nike felt a little too light for power as a winger though, loved pulling off the moves in the store around other customers though like C. Ronaldo =P

    sorry for such a long comment but football is my god and i’ve missed State Youth League tryouts twice due to injury, so i’m totally revved to make up for it starting now & next season!!! my email is [email protected]..dont hack me account…serious help would be dearly appreciated…

    GO the newcastle jets!!

  75. says: Ollie

    Im use to play for arsenal youth but have recently moved to rugby and play wing for england U18. I believe that mercurial vpaors are the best, maybe pricey but so is every other boot, not talria they are the cheap version get the vapors, light make you run alot faster, so natural and so comfortable, once you get use to them.

  76. says: matt

    hi im matt and i play soccer in the united states. The vapors are definatley the best shoe out there right now. I have two pairs of vapor 3s. yellow and blue. One pair of firm ground and one soft ground. If you want to find vapors for cheaper than 120$ us dollars look on ebay.

  77. says: lesaya9

    yes their abit uncomfortable at time, but iv been wearing em since is was 15 (im 20) but i feel like no one can catch me when iv gt em on

  78. says: Antonio

    These boots are nice for speed and touch. I always get a 9 US in all boots but a 9 in these are a bit small for me. I had to stretch them out with a shoe stretcher. Also, I covered the heel in Engo blister prevention patches because these shoes rubbed the skin off my right heel in two places. After that I have no complaints. Although, I do wish I had gotten a 9.5 US to compare the fit. My feet are a bit cramped. I also changed out the flat sole for a custom foot sole. So it’s nice that this shoe allows you to do that. I must agree that if you play with low-skill players this boot may not be for you. I’ve already been studded twice and this transfers all the pain to your foot. So increased touch with more pain.

  79. says: Lee

    Ok I have no idea how some people can say these boots are uncomfortable or break easily, these are the best boots ive seen yet and they have not broken ever for me or ne1 else i know. These boots just own! (Maybe you bought those cheap fake versions LOL)

  80. says: mikel arteta

    Hi i’m Mikel Arteta from Everton f.c. I have once worn these boots but they ripped in 20 mins when i was playing against Fiorentina. And at half time i got a new pair of boots on and scored a cracker from outside the box.

  81. says: Aaron Booth

    Hi my name’s Aaron. I’m 11 and play for Three Kings United in New Zealand. My Dad brought me a pair of Mercurial vapours 3 three weeks ago on an auction site called trademe. They were brand new (made in Italy) and both of the studs on the inside of the boot ripped off after two trainings and one match.
    I love the boots and would love to get a new pair but Nike NZ don’t stock them any more. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I’d prefer firm ground boots if possible(cause the studs won’t fall off) We love Arsenal !!!!

  82. says: unitedmaster

    I brought the vapours out just before the brand new orange 1s and they wernt cheap either , i bought fake nike tiempos dark blue and gold and trust me theyre twice as good as the vapours , Buy tiempos every postion theyre ace for

  83. says: ronaldo fan

    i have just bought the nike mercurial vapors in the new white, blue and silver for £120 and they are they are well comfy. they look great , are easy to control in , and when i shoot i can hardly feel i have hit it. well worth the £120.

  84. says: cr7

    i have the mercurial sl’s atm an they suit my style of play fast an i use alot of tricks so they are good shoes for players such as myself they cost at the time £190 but for that price you get what you need they are very light and strong although they are too thin i got studded an the flap that covers the laces ripped 🙁 however for players who are fast an like to showboat an also look good then vapours are your boots 😉

  85. says: josh.l

    i hate these botts i had them on for two matches they were so tight i had to come of half time during them mtches and i had MASSIVE blisters dont get them i would reccomend the new puma v1. 06 there lght weight like vapors but more comftable and there great for midfeilders like me for when your crossing or shooting

  86. says: HarrisonW..RightMid

    Ive just bought the £130 predators( euro Version, White blue and lime green ) and before these i had a pair of red mecurials and being honest, mecurials SUCK! badly . Ok they are nice to look at, but for someone that has to get up for balls, and contiously slide tackle Predators are the boots for you, honestly, they look good, feel good, and u can BendItLike Beckham.

  87. says: c ronaldo


  88. says: phil c

    i have 6 pairs of vapors and 2 of them are the 2nd ones that came out 3 are the 3rd ones that came out and and 1 of them is the new vapors and by far the best ones that ever cam out. they are lighter and are better 2 play in

  89. says: charlie allen

    wow, hang on, how are all these lads “biggin’ themselves up massif'” ? what is wrong with you?!
    and you aint gotta be a skilful quick and flashy to wear these boots, im a centre midfielder – bad technically but love to get my studs on someones shins and i wear these boots week in week out simply because they’re the boot that i like too wear.
    who gives a … if someone else likes em or if christiano ronaldo wears em, dont forget kaka wears preds and messi wears f50’s? so the boots aint that different in quality and standard. just get what the boots you want.
    if you get blisters? then just cut a peice out of a towel and superglue it too the inner-heel of your boot.
    if it hurts your foot then get your physio to whip up some insoles….
    its not that hard lads

  90. says: Benny

    I am a nippy and skillful winger and for that reason I always look towards Nike and their Mercuials to provie my boots. When I got my first pair (the IIIs) I instanly fell in love. i’m now on my 5th pair, the Berrys and they are the best boots I’ve ever had.

  91. says: Massa

    I am an all round central midfielder and captain and Iv found the total cure to blisters on the back of the ankle from mercurial vapors. I’ve been dying to wear my new mercurial vapor 4’s but want to make sure this works and iv tested and it does. I cut a small “U” shape at the top of the back of an old pair. It means I don’t get rubbing wear my skin creases and no blisters! =D Although you may not want to be cutting away into your new boots but hey if it lets u wear these amazing boots then why not! TRIED AND TESTED!

    Oh and btw you dont have to be a winger or skillful or have pace to wear these boots, you just have to know what to do with them that counts 😉

  92. says: mirna garcia

    these boots suk!!
    they’re a total rip off
    and give me blisters
    they lasted me 12 games.
    i dont recommend!
    buy the pumasssssssssssssssssss.

  93. says: Adam

    These boots are class. I have owned every pair of mercurial vapors – I, II, III and currently own IV. However instead of getting Vapor V’s all i want are the III’s again. The III’s are 34g lighter than the IVs and the V’s.

  94. says: Andrew

    Hello evry1, thanx 2 sum people who kno about soccer nd dont say stupid shit bout them playin 4 pro acadamies. I kno now dat i´m not a mercurial person. I bought tha red mercurial vapor 4´s nd the they ripped n just 6 months after i purchased them. After readin sum comments bout tha mercurials i learned dat i have wide feet which iz not a gud combination wit mercurials. Shout out 2 Joliet, Illinois were im 4rom.

  95. says: maiza beyza piaza

    This kid ronaldo i min he is so goood and so not good all rite u no wat im sayen i min i am betta than himm im aam so fast that wen u blink im gone rite in fornt of ur ize

  96. says: Fabio

    Hi people,im 19 and im portuguese and i love to play football, i never played for any professional team i just play with my friends but so many people says that im look like ronaldo,well i dont think so but im fast i have skills i do a good passes i do some good shoots.I have the nike mercurial steam light green but i want those mercurial vapors lll cause i love them but i dont found anywhere, can someone tell me any website to get them.

  97. says: John Carnage

    The best boots you can get are the mecurial vapor V. Black and Yellow. They give me a boner everytime i wear them. i put vaseline on my heel and ball of feet because i used to get blisters in them.

  98. says: Michael

    Have any of you actually ever worn vaopurs? because all these comments are rubbish!!! ive bought two pairs, the blue ones and the gold ones, both times the heel has split after only half easy, they are awful and dont last, they only look good!!!

  99. says: Aseil

    It’s quite brilliant but is a bit expensive, for me i use these kind of boots but in my country ( Libya ) are really in fare price and am in Ahly FC under 18 year i really in need to these light weight boots especially about the big names Henry, Ronaldo .. ect
    actually these boots are best in the world mv.

  100. says: callum

    vapours are great boots ive used them for the past four seasons at plymouth youth and i feel a more faster and elite player only down fall was recieved them of my sponsor this year with no stud tightner so had to use a friends but good overall wouldnt recommend for defends lack of protection.

    anyways thanks

  101. says: ASSASSIN

    i own legends, total 90s, predators, puma kings, adipures, f50’s and mercurials and i personally think the mercurials are ther best boot out 4 strikers or wingers as u can dribble with the ball, run, shoot and jump. buh the prdators dont come far off at all

  102. says: sss

    look guys i have a quiet wide foot and i play striker, like now im wearing T90 but it seems to be heavy so i want to wear vapors but it might not be comfortable. So what should do?
    what soccer shoes is best for me? i tried to dribble players like c.ronaldo but i couldnt with T90 but when i do it with another lighter shoes i can do it perfectly.

    1. says: Erik

      the vapors 4-5 have a wider fit than the original/newest vapors. any of the vapors w/ a lace cover seem wider than the rest. also the adizeros have a wider soleplate

  103. says: Mario Ramirez

    The first vapors I ever wore were the red vapor 3. They were the best cleats i ever wore but the vapor 2 are just as great. does anyone know where i could find and buy a pair? Please help i don’t like the new shoes at all my brother has the vapor 4 but they are not as good. Could anybody please help me find the vapor 2 or 3?

  104. says: kristian

    so the mercurial 3’s are better than the 5’s? becuse i ordered them a few days ago. i wonder if i made a mistake or not buying them.

  105. says: Snorri

    Where can I find these shoes. I´ve been searching for them for long time. I have to find them to be the player I used to be.

    please answer!

  106. says: kelvin ramirez

    please send me these cleats i really want them bad and if you want to give them to me for free or a price please tell me im size 8.5 or 9 or 9.5 it doesnt matter as long as its in those sizes please im begging

  107. says: joelw

    mecurials are great i love them!!!!!!! everyone should get some they really give you the swing and power especially the safari ones adidas and puma are so uncomfortable but umbro are alright but you should get nike mecurials

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