Italian manufacturers Lotto don’t tend the blead products out over the course of the year, rather they go the whole hog and issue a ‘collection’ for the forthcoming season.’ 

That’s exactly what they’ve done for 2009 / 2010 with a multi-boot selection headed by the Zhero Gravity Tre.


Zhero Gravity Tre Football Boots

This very lightweight boot has been designed for speed and in particular, those super fast players who count on sprints and sudden changes of direction to win.

However, unlike most of the high end Lotto models, the Zhero Gravity Tre is not equipped with the Italian company’s Twist’nGo technology which was launched back in 2008 ahead of the European Championships.

The Zhero Gravity Tre is the evolution of the first laceless football boot, the Zhero Gravity, which we first saw during the 2006 World Cup.

zhero gravity tre

This model includes Lotto’s Pro-fit technology in the upper which guarantees a perfect fit and maximum comfort. The absence of laces extends the contact surface of the upper, guaranteeing full contact with the ball and relative control with no interference for maximum kicking precision. Moreover, the outer counter in Pebax ensures the proper support and protection of the heel.

The upper is in microfibre: a water-repellent, breathable, abrasion resistant material that works in all weather conditions and temperatures. And to meet the demands of individual players, the Zhero Gravity Tre offers a double set of removable insoles – the Dual Fit System – to adapt the fit to the different types of feet.

The ultimate element that makes Zhero Gravity Tre a high quality product is the sole with its Pebax insert and Neo Switch technology, made of Lotto-exclusive fixed and interchangeable studs that can be changed according to the ground conditions, SG or FG.

The technical picture is rounded out by Puntoflex, a special feature positioned across the outsole aligning to the metatarsal zone, allowing correct flexing of the forefoot.

This model is available in White / Black / Red’  and includes a special minibag with a kit containing a set of removable insoles, a set of changeable studs and a special key for fixing them that doubles as a shoehorn.

lotto zhero gravity tre

Price: £140

Sizes: UK 6 – 12

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  1. says: Aussie Lad

    I love my zhero gravity’s, and these new ones seem to be just as, if not better than the old ones.
    They fit well, are very light but, surprisingly to me, it doesn’t actually hurt that much when you are studded. I was expecting a vapor feel where even kicking the ball relatively hard hurts your foot, but i seriously felt pretty well protected from this boot, even though it is uber light.

    1. says: Luiso

      If I wear Puma v1.08 size 11… What size should I get for these cleats?
      I’m planning on buying these but I don’t know what size.
      The last time I wore a Lotto pair was like 5 years ago… 😀 So if you could help me, I’d really appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance.

  2. says: Ryan

    Wouldn’t the absence of laces make the boot loose and slip off?
    I may sound naive, but I’ve never really paid attention to these brand of lottos before.

  3. says: Aussie Lad

    @Ryan Nah the boot slipping problem is addressed through the dual insole system. There is one thin insole and one chunkier one so that the boot is as snug as possible.

    @Jed Thanks Jed, yeah these boots are definitely a quality buy.

  4. says: joaquin

    It says that these have twist ‘n’ go, but I don’t see the twisting stud anywhere. Or do the conical studs all spin? I had Zhero Leggenda due and they were great. I just want to know about the twist ‘n’ go since these look really good

    1. says: Fenboy

      Hi Joaquin – the Twist’ngo is available in the Leggenda, Evolution and Diablo but not this model.

      I see that the article has been updated to reflect this.

  5. says: snolly

    these boots look incredible. i liked the previous versions too.

    but i can’t see my way to spending that much money on a pair of boots.

    how durable are they?

  6. says: kevin

    A really good looking boot. A friend had the diablos but I didn’t pay much attention. Definately interested in these. That’s a lot of money tough. Looks like I have to save befor I can give them a try..

  7. says: joaquin

    These look really good. Is it just me or is the only update from the Zhero Gravity Due the colourway? These are nice but if the colourway is the only difference I think the Dues have a nicer colourway.

  8. says: Vlado

    Is a new Gravity in project for the world cup 2010,or a new model maybe???
    I heard that Lotto will quit to produce this Soccerboot,is that right?Does anyone know something about a new Gravity?

  9. says: Jack

    If nike or adidas made laceless boots everybody would buy them, but most boot fanatics consider lotto to be cheap and tacky. if the big companies made them in a cheaper version as well then the result would be fantastic for them

  10. says: Jean Piere Papin

    These must be one of the most comfortable out there. I tried a pair on and they were good. Just would not fork out 120 for the 1st ones.

    Also I have had 2 boots now made with (plastic) Puma v1.08 and Nike Lasers. These have been the worst boots I have ever worn..Cheap material but expensive boot

    I will only buy leather boots now.

  11. says: DWno.8

    These boots are ok, i bought them in mainly black with silver for only £60. I wouldnt recommend anyone spending £140 as when wet the material goes slippery, and the material has a ‘welly boot’ feel to it. Arguably the most over priced boots around

  12. says: David18

    In the confederations cup, a number of italian players wore them. I’m pretty sure Giuseppe Rossi was one of them

  13. says: Maribel

    I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of zheros but not really sure if they will fit me. Can any one tell me the actual measures of the shoe? For instance, if you wear a size 8 how big/long is the actual shoe in inches? Reason my asking is I have no way of trying this shoes before I buy them, any info will help.

    Thank you.

  14. says: FS

    Greetings. Mind helping me with this? I’ve just read this awesome review on the LOTTO ZHERO GRAVITY TRE and the dude quoted: “I’d recommend finding these boots on sale if you plan to purchase them anytime soon.” Well i’ve found one but it’s called LOTTO ZHERO GRAVITY 2T. Judging from the photos, it’s got everthig the TRE has; the laceless design, the tribal-ish markings on the ‘sweet spot’, the interchangeable-stud-configuration and etc. The only difference is that it’s in a different colour. Is the 2T the prodecessor of the TRE, or is it like the Talaria to Vapors?

    Thanks in advance

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