Adidas TUNiT 2

Adidas TUNiT 2 Football Boots

TUNiT 2Adidas have begun marketing the launch of their TUNiT 2 football boots.

Following the phenomenal success of the Adidas +F50 TUNiT range, the next generation TUNiT football boot, once again claims to be the most technologically advanced football boot ever. The football boots are due for launch in December 2006 (just in time for Christmas!).

The TUNiT 1 was said to be the world’s first fully customisable football boot, so what’s in store for the TUNiT 2?

Adidas TUNiT 2

The whole premise of the Adidas TUNiT is the customisation. The football boots allow players to assemble their own football boots to suit the conditions, or personal preferences.

Following the 2006 World Cup, The Adidas TUNiT was further adjusted, based on feedback from their leading players. The football boot will now be seamless and has a Velcro cover to protect the laces.

Manufactured using a synthetic, dubbed Adiwave, which is both soft, light durable and, simulating leather, moulds to the shape of your foot.

The Adidas TUNiT 2 is assembled with three interchangeable components:

Upper: Chassis: Studs:

By interchanging the components the TUNiT 2 can cater for a multitude of conditions such as:

Warm football boot, Cool football boot, a lightweight football boot, a cushioned football boot or a soft, hard or firm ground football boot. And of course, the styling. Playing in your away kit, you can change the colour of the upper.

There will be three packs available;

The TUNiT Start Pack: One pair of synthetic uppers, one pair of comfort chassis and three sets of studs (firm, hard and soft ground). The Start pack gives you three ways to assemble your shoe depending on the pitch conditions. RRP £120

The TUNiT Colour Pack: Two pairs of uppers (one synthetic and one ClimaCool), one pair of comfort chassis and three sets of studs (firm, hard and soft ground). This offers six ways to build your boot. RRP £180 and available at selected retail outlets.

The TUNiT Premium Pack: three different pairs of uppers (two synthetic and one ClimaCool), two pairs of chassis (comfort and lightweight) and three sets of studs (firm, hard and soft ground). This offers 18 different configuration options. The Premium Pack retails at RRP £270 and is only available at selected retail outlets.

Players: Jermain Defoe, Damien Duff, Arjen Robben, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Ashley Cole.

Take a look at the Adidas TUNiT 2 images.

Update – read the latest technical details for the Adidas TUNiT 2 here.

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    Where can we pick up a pair of the TUNIT 2 shoes… most stores don’t even look like they are carrying them I only seem to see the F50.9s

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