Nike Total 90 Supremacy – Rooneys New Football Boots

Total 90 SupremacyWayne Rooney has launched a pair of new Nike Football Boots – Total 90 Supremacy.

The football boots gimmick this time is a set of personalisation stickers, where you can add a squad number and international flag to the football boots.

Rooney will be wearing the football boots at this summers World Cup 2006. Blue and silver football boots when England wear their white home kit, and white and red when England wear the red away strip.
Rooney is said to have been involved in the development of the football boots over the past two years. Someone was reported as saying “Wayne can now look at his boots to help him when someone asks which team he is playing for”.

Worn by: Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Jose Antonio Reyes, Roberto Carlos, Claude Makelele, Alberto Gilardino
Weight: 10.5 ounces
Available: 1st June 2006
Cost: £120

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  1. says: PaulO

    After today’s injury, I do not think these will be boots I consider buying. Are modern football boots to blame for these metatarsal injuries?

  2. says: Sean

    People break their metatarsals wearing all sorts of boots, just because somebody broke their foot wearing a boot does not mean it is defective or a bad boot. When people are going into tackles hard, landing awkwardly on falls, and giving it their all, they are pushing their body to it’s limit and when a metatarsal breaks it is the result of that.

  3. says: mads

    The Nike Total 90 Supremacy football boots will be available to buy from June 1st 2006 – priced around £120. Yes, but were can i buy them ?

  4. says: George

    I’m going to go to a sports world shop today to get them, they always have the latest things in on launch date.

  5. says: lewis.c.

    i bought mine from nike town in london this afternoon pretty expensive but i wanted brazil stickers on the back can anyone help me

  6. says: Gregg Mather

    Alan, I think by turf Grant means the boots that are actually more like trainers: lots of soft rubber “nobbles” on the bottom — there was a pretty famous Puma King version of them about ten years ago (a mate of mine had some — belting power behind them). They’re used for improved grip on astro-turf, concrete and other non-grass surfaces, hence Grant calling them turf versions.

  7. says: steve 5 ATFC can i get the sitckers for the heel, number, or country flag, or anything?…I?have seen it on Nike?ID but you need to buy the whole boot for stickers..

  8. says: Dan

    Where can?I get the number 6 for the heel of the football boot? I rang up Nike Town in London and asked and they said they havn’t got any and?I should look on the internet for some.
    Someone help!!!

  9. says: Ato

    How much do these football boots cost and when are they coming out? I need a pair of these football boots. Where in U.S.A. or Great Britain can I get them?

  10. says: Neo

    I have given these football boots about 5 months now and i’m fed up, they were very expensive and i’ve wasted my money. First of all they seem to be a very wide fit. They provide you with a good clean stike but otherwise they do nothing for me. I feel heavy in these football boots, they seem to slow me down in comparison to my Predators.

    1. says: Andrew

      funny how lots of players that have them do well!
      louis Saha does great in them
      he doesnt complain
      if they are so bad why hasnt he toss them
      a mate of mine has a pair he does amazin in them
      maybe they arent your fit or kind
      because i have them and i can speed up in them while takin a great free kick!
      they give you flawless contact!

  11. says: CALUM

    I am really angry with Nike. They don’t even make the heel stickers anymore for the Nike Supremacy. When I went to NikeTown, the guy said that people didn’t like the concept of the stickers, so Nike stopped making them. So this means that when you stickers fall off, you cant get anymore! This is ridiculous. The fact that Nike make a superb football boot, and stop making the accessories is just sad.So the only Nike Supremacy stickers that you can get are the ones with the little “90” in and the Italian ones that come with the Italy World Cup Supremacy.

  12. says: Andrew

    Nike Supremacy boots are amazing!!! they give you a great power force strike and are mega comfortable i think they are better than Mercurial Vapours because i have tried mercurials on and they are so uncomfortable that i dont know how ronaldo can wear them!!! long live Total 90

    1. says: Andrew

      oh you dont no me yet
      i come from scotland and i love this site
      so i thought id join in
      my color of total 90 is white black and red
      that was the first colour

  13. says: arron

    i need some new stickers for my total 90s,, hav heard tht thy stopped it,,any1 kne wre thy are extras stickers 4 sale and wat numbers thy go up 2???

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