After months upon months of speculation, black-outs, leaks, Tweets and rumours – the Three Stripes finally reveal their latest football boots; the adidas adiPower Predator!

adidas adiPower Predator football boots Sharp Blue/Electricity/Black to be worn by Nani, Kaka, Beckham, Xavi and a whole host of the world's top football players


The adidas adiPower Predator represents a bold new direction for the Predator range that will see the silo become what adidas are billing as the ultimate hybrid of Power and control.

adidas adiPower Predator Overview

adidas adiPower Predator football boots Sharp Blue/Electricity/Blackadidas adiPower Predatoradidas adiPower Predator football boots Sharp Blue/Electricity/Black to be worn by Nani, Kaka, Beckham, Xavi

The new adidas adiPower Predator builds upon the Predator_X’s legacy of streamlining the ‘power’ football boots market. Rather than being weighty, clunky cleats – the adidas adiPower Predator has a strong emphasis on comfort and a snug fit that brings the ball under a player’s spell – instantly.

But ultimately, the adidas adiPower Predator is power by name and power by nature, packing a remastered Predator Element, that not only ads to the control aspect of these football boots, but enhances power and provides consistent spin and swerve in all weather conditions.

The adidas adiPower Predator also sees the return of the PowerSpine. Despite offering an excellent energy return and making for an overall lighter pair of football boots the PowerSpine wasn’t a universal hit, with the likes of David Beckham, Xavi, Dimitar Berbatov and Anderson all opting for the older ‘PowerPulse’ system from the Predator PowerSwerve.


This will make for an interesting experiment as we see which players take the longest to switch to the new adidas adiPower Predator (as we doubt that it’s possible to add a PowerPulse chamber to the all-new soleplate).

Speaking of the soleplate, the adidas adiPower Predator uses same SprintFrame chassis as adidas’ wildly-successful adiZero range of football boots.

The result is not only the lightest Predator ever at 230g per boot, but also one of the most stable.

The Upper is again made of adidas’ Taurus leather for great comfort and ball feel, and the heel is lined with Alcantara-like leather, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also designed to reduce slippage and irritation.


adidas adiPower Predator Launch


adidas adiPower Predator football boots Sharp Blue/Electricity/Black to be worn by the world's top football playersadidas adiPower Predator football boots Sharp Blue/Electricity/Black to be worn by Nani, Kaka,adidas adiPower Predator football boots Sharp Blue/Electricity/Black to be worn by Nani, Kaka, Beckham, Xavi and a whole host of the world's top football players


The adidas adiPower Predator have the dubious honour of becoming the most expensive Predator ever at £155. adidas’ new football boots are set to be officially unveiled on the 17th of May, and begin shipping on June 1st, with pre-orders available from noon today.

Curiously, the adidas adiPower Predator received it’s on-pitch debut the weekend of the 14th of May, on the feet of stars such as Nani, Kaka, Fletcher, Charlie Adam and David Beckham.

The lead launch colourway was Predator Sharp Blue Metallic/Electricity/Black.


adidas adiPower Predator Specifications


adidas adiPower Predator football boots Sharp Blue/Electricity/Blackadidas adiPower Predator football bootsadidas adiPower Predator football boots


– Taurus Leather Upper
– Alcantara-style leather lining for reduced slippage and increased comfort
– 230g/8.1oz, putting them within grammes of the Mercurial Vapor Range

– Unique Predator Element, redesigned for consistent swerve
– Energy-returning PowerSpine for improved shot power
– Anatomically-moulded EVA insole for comfort

– Ultra-lightweight SprintFrame construction
– Ergonomic Stud Placement
– External Heel counter
– TRAXION Grip on FG Model, new hybrid stud config on SG Model

adidas’ Aubrey Dolan Reckons….

“There is a new kind of player that requires a new kind of Predator football boots. These players are young, confident and have the skill and ability to shape games as they please. With the all-new adipower Predator featuring technologies like Sprint Frame, Powerspine and a refined Predator element, the game is theirs to own.”˘ Felipe reckons'¦

”Wow, a new Predator that’s 230g AND based on the concept of ‘control’ – adidas are really breaking the mould with this Predator! The question is, is this what Predator Players want from their football boots?”


Let us know what you think to the adidas adiPower Predator in the comments below!

ADIDAS ADIPOWER PREDATOR, 9.3 out of 10 based on 274 ratings

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  1. says: SkilletBoi

    230g power boor? these have me reconsidering the mizuno wave ignitus as which boot is my favourite, footy-boots we need a play test as soon as possible!

  2. says: SkilletBoi

    oh dear, i just checked the price…such a shame, so it at the ÂŁ130 ish price i still think the wave ignitus wins.

  3. says: Mark

    Are these built on the same wide last as the AdiZero now then if they’re using the Sprintframe? Or are they going to be just as narrow as the PredX? 

  4. says: Jeff

    I was just on the Liverpool FC website and there are picks of Kuyt and Maxi with these in the original colorway…They look way better than these blue ones!

  5. says: Jhardy86

     Can’t wait for the boot test Footy Boots. 

    Shame they didn’t launch with the black white red colourway too.

  6. says: Mo

     I think it’s a cracking looking boot. I’m glad the weight has been reduced and whilst it has increased in cost, at least it is still ÂŁ100 cheaper than the Superfly and in my opinion much better!

  7. says: Umpa Lumpa

    I love these Predators. Thought i still prefere the classic black/red colourway 🙂

    And it was inevitable that the price was going to go up :/ Most companies seem to be doing it now… So, unfortunately these are way out of my budget but maybe i can get them in a sale later in the year! 🙂

  8. says: Farukdiyenli

    Hmm, it looks good. But I prefer the older Predator series’ colourways. This is too colourful for the Predator. I am against the Predator having blue-yellow-green combinations. Look at the old Predators, the times when it a tongue, when it had a distinctive red tongue. Now look at it. Its not a Superfly or a Adizero, so it shouldn’t have these colours. This one doesn’t even have a tongue, like come on, Adidas sort it out. 

  9. says: Jesse

    For those of you wondering about the red/black/white colorways, they will release it. They’re just releasing this one first to show off its “new image.” Oh well. Still a great looking boot.  

  10. says: harry

     after charlie adam twittered them i knew he was excited about the boot and i wanted to see him perform in them. my mind was made up to buy them when he scored the 4th goal. i would prefer them in the black and red colorway and it looks like the end end of my ctr360`s.

  11. says: E@zy

    Nike, are you shaking in your boots? Technology that’s not overhyped and actually notice the difference; a Control/ Power boot that nearly weighs the same as your Speed boot, at just over half the cost of it; colours that actually make you seen and standout of the pitch, not ‘flickering’ like the form of your posterboys…

    To quote David Haye, it just got “onesided as a gang rape”!

  12. says: nufcgurl

    i hope adidas release these boots in the smaller sizes! and not just the absolute/absolion versions because i have found these extremly uncomfortable compared to the top spec version! Cmon adidas!! think of your smaller customers who still play at high levels in muddy pitches so need sg boots!!! 

  13. says: Paul W

    Dont bother getting them from Kitbag. Ordered Saturday. Recieved an email Wednesday to tell me the size I ordered (which was obviously showing as in stock) wasnt there. Pathetic

  14. says: Ryan Malone

    Great boots, for about 3 weeks before they start to fall apart. Been through 2 pairs each not lasting a full month and I only play 7-a-sides once a week for an hour.

    Complete waste of money. I’ve noticed they have the older models at half price on the Adidas store – I wonder if that’s because they know they’re faulty – no idea if they’ve fixed the new designs.

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