Featured image of the adidas f50 adizero in leather

With every new F50 synthetic release, a leather version isn’t usually too far behind! And thankfully, despite their promise to cut down on leather products, the leather version of the adidas F50 adiZero micoach is set to launch' simultaneously' with it’s synthetic sibling.

front and rear images of the adidas f50 adizero in leather

The speed boots market has never been hotter, and a lot of that stems from the decision by brands to bring together lightweight football boots that retain leather uppers.

Since the original F50 launched in Spring 2010, there’s been a surge of leather or leather-like football boots under 200g; Puma’s evoSPEED 1K and the Mizuno Morelia Neo are but two, and even Nike’s Vapor VIII’s upper has been tweaked to offer a more leathery texture.

Somehow, though, adidas’ signature 175g leather adiZero continues to be one of the first names that rolls off the tongue when talking lightweight and leather.

adidas F50 adiZero Leather

We’d have to guess that some of it is down to the sheer star quality of the players presence; David Villa, Dani Alves and the' unequivocal' Leo Messi are a handful of the many stars who prefer their cleats to have a leather upper.

We think that ‘player power’ is one of the reasons behind the amount of leather used on the third generation of adiZero.

Whilst adidas have always offered a leather forefoot on the adiZero range, the last two generations have felt a little ‘tacked on’ in terms of design. The new adiZero miCoach’s leather upper extends further back than just for forefoot, continuing to the ankle and enveloping the midstep.

In terms of design, we’d imagine having leather ' in more places on the boot means there’s more of the material in contact with the ball at all times, giving a more consistant feel.

Whilst gaining the feel of leather, the synthetic adiZero is the only model of the two to have the new 3D-print Sprintweb across the upper, and as with previous models the leather version will not boast the TPU support bands.

top of the adidas f50 adizero in leather

But if you refuse to compromise on a leather upper, adidas’ goleo-leather model will likely make sacrificing those pieces of technology worthwhile – especially if previous models are any indication!

Landing alongside the' synthetic adidas F50 adiZero on December 3rd, you can pre-order the leather model from' today.

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  1. says: Ale

    Hope they finally solved the durability problems on the past leather adizero, with the upper separating from the soleplate in just a couple of time

    1. says: Joffa

      You want light leather boots or anything light and you want it to last? Think about it, something has to give. Why do you think the Copa is one of the longest lasting boots on the market and we are talking years here not just part of a season. It’s no coincidence that it is also one of the heaviest too. Think about it. The quicker all you little tiny boppers get over this weight thing the sooner you’ll experience proper quality cleats. Messi learned his craft on heavy black leather Tiempo’s, Ronaldo learned his craft on heavy black leather Morelia’s. There is a reason they learned on these cleats. Because they offer superior touch, and last a long time.

      1. says: Ale

        In fact, I think that a boot that weights sub 200gr in usefull, beacuse you can’t feel the difference from a boot that weights, for example, 30gr more, but is more durable..And just to clarify, the synthetic version of the adizero is A LOT more durable than the leather version..and to stay on a leather boot, the morelia neo, and the evospeed k are A LOT more durable than the leather version of the adizero…and you talk about weight, do you think that boots like the adipower would have been so much succesfull if they weighted 330-340gr instead of the 220gr they weight?…I would just to point out that is absurd to buy football boots that cost a lot, and find them destroyed just a couple of months later…The nike mercurial vapor VIII in the first versions had durability issues, then nike put a plastic reinforcement on the toe of the boots and solved the problem..and this is how EVERY brand should do, listen to what the people, the buyer say and solve the problems

        1. says: Insider_11

          Ale…nike has gad 3 versions of the vapor: 1st was the release with the suede upper which tore apart, 2nd was the tejin leather finish which tore apart and now they’ve added the reinforcement which adidas have done since 2010 with the very first adizero F50. So..adidas are listening but the leather version is just a damn tricky thing to get right.

  2. says: Barry

    Can some one please answer.
    I am buying some new pairs of football boots, either the umbor geometra pro fg or the adipure iv fg. I have read all the reviews but i still cant decide. Which one shall i get? By the way price is not an issue as they are both ÂŁ40 and my foot is a bit on the wider side.

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