Spurs Triumph, Chelsea Exodus, Eduardo and Andy Cole

Spurs Triumph, Chelsea Shamed

So Tottenham have won the League Cup, it’s good to see a trophy claimed by a side outside of the “big four”. Chelsea were outfought and outplayed. The first 10 minutes of the final Chelsea hardly had a kick. With so many highly talented and experienced players in the side, there must have been something that caused the players to under perform so badly….. It’s Avram Grant of course, no not his team selection, or his tactics, its his drone like, mono tone speech delivery. Just look at his interview before the game, excited? link

Chelsea Exodus?

Avram Grant stood up to be counted by dropping some established stars for the Carling Cup Final. Ashley Cole, Andriy Shevchenko, Joe Cole and Michael Ballack. Chelsea lost, emphatically, and now there are questions being asked in the dressing room. Will it be Grant or the Chelsea Boys that depart? link

Eduardo Back for Christmas

Poor little Eduardo Da Silva. Anybody who follows the game must feel for the Crozilian striker. We can’t even look at the pictures without peeking through the gap in our hands at Footy Boots HQ. Let’s hope he makes a full recovery. Eduardo Leg Break

Special K Still Special?

KK was lauded on his return to the Toon, but what can the Newcastle fans think now? Yet to win a game, 13 goals conceded in the last 4 league matches…. Special K seems more like a Sugar Puff at the moment. Newcastle Too Good to Go Down

39th Game Fiasco

This story seems to have more legs than the Chelsea WAGs. Scudamore is trying to rally around gaining support for Premier League teams to jet off around the world for one extra game a season. No matter which way he attempts to spin it, it’s a money making exercise and who will get the rough end of the stick? The fans of course. Read more on this subject in the OhKay! Column

Andy Cole See’s Red

It’s the sort of story that gives footballers a bad name. Andy Cole has allegedly beaten up his Mrs after attending the Christening of Dwight York’s latest son. If its true, Cole should be made an example of. Andy Cole Arrested

WAGs (wives and girlfriends)

Footballers are often ridiculed for the ‘handbags at ten paces’ confrontations on the pitch. You know, the ones where they go head to head and one moves their head a little bit and the other footballer goes down as if he was shot in the leg by a sniper. Well now you know why, it’s because of the influence of their WAGs. Proof? OK, serial WAG Danielle Lloyd and Beckham’s sister were at it, celebrating with the Tottenham boys on Sunday night, they managed to headline by having a catfight. You gal’s are so chic. Danielle Lloyd Gets in a Catfight with Beckham

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