IFAB to introduce Goal Line technology?

Goal Line technology is likely to be introduced when the International Football Association Board meets next month.

The Goal line technology debate has long been a talking point in football and Footy Boots has recently run a series covering the subject which you can view below.

Part 1 – The Technology
Part 2 – Testing the Technology
Part 3 – Alternatives
Part 4 – A Manager’s Perspective

The use of video replays to resolve goal line decisions will be top of the agenda when the IFAB meets at Gleneagles in Scotland in March. The IFAB, football’s law making body, is composed of the four home associations, plus four FIFA representatives. It appears likely that the IFAB is likely to follow the sports of tennis and cricket by introducing technology to help decide whether or not the ball has crossed the line.goal-1.gif

The IFAB is to consider various video technology options, ranging from hawk-eye camera technology to the Adidas Teamgeist II chip-in-a-ball system. The intelligent technology implemented in the Teamgeist II uses a magnetic field to provide real-time feedback to a central computer, which tracks the location of the ball on the field and sends the data directly to the referee. By using a magnetic field and more stabilized and robust components within the ball, the new system is more precise and is not influenced by in-game factors, adverse weather or nearby technical systems.

Many Premiership manager’s have backed the bid to introduce goal line technology, with Arsene Wenger one of its greatest advocates. Former top flight referee, Keith Hackett, however believes that the IFAB may be too set in its ways to implement a hawk-eye style video technology system, and may compromise by looking at introducing a refined microchip-in-a-ball system.

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