Adidas Football Boots – Kaka on the Champions League Final

Kaka Tells Us His Thoughts on the Final, Gerrard and Revenge!

Adidas KakaWith the tension mounting before tonight’s showcase European Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan, the main focus is on Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard and AC Milan’s Kaka – both players wearing the new Adidas Predator Absolute black and white football boots for the first time, and both keen to clinch the prized trophy for their clubs and supporters. But what does Predator football boot wearer Kaka actually think about how the final is going to play out, and is this the revenge final?

Q. So does Gattuso have to mark Gerrard to win the final?

K: Gattuso is a fundamental player for Milan because of the amount he runs, and the motivation which he transmits to the team. I can’t see Gattuso run the way he runs and not do anything. So for me, in the field, he is a great motivator. Now who he should mark or not mark is up to Ancelotti to decide.

Q. What do you think of Gerrard?

K: An excellent player. In my opinion, he is a modern player because he is a player who runs, marks, knows how to pass, cross, score goals, and he is a leader in the field for Liverpool. So he is a player that I’d like to have in my team.

Q. So what’s Milan’s advantage in comparison to Liverpool?

K: The advantage of Milan is the phase we are going through because we’ve been through difficult moments this season. We’ve oscillated between good and bad moments but we grew a lot in the most important moment of the season, which is at the end. So we had an excellent quarter final round and now we reached the finals in a very motivated spirit.

Q. Liverpool doesn’t have one star striker. Milan doesn’t have one star striker. You score, Gerrard scores goals…Does this make the final a lot more difficult as well?

K: Let’s see what happens. These are teams that scored many goals. They’re teams that beat important teams, so even without having this characteristic of prolific strikers, I think we have good strikers who can decide the game.

Q. What memory do you have of the 2005 final? Is it a positive memory because you played in a Champion’s League final or is the result something you want to forget?

K: There are many moments in that final for me. I have good moments and bad moments. Of course we lost the final. The way we lost, winning the game three zero and then losing in the penalty shots. It’s really a strong memory because of that but as I said before, it’s a thing of the past. For me the experience of having reached a final, having participated in a Champion’s League final is what counts. And now I have that once again. So I also have good memories of that opportunity.

Q. The team played perfectly in the second game against Manchester. Was your game perfect in the first game against Manchester? Two goals at Old Trafford?

K: I like to do a general balance of the semi-final. I think that three goals against Manchester is something really special. To be able to score three goals against a team like Manchester, two at Old Trafford and one at San Siro was a privilege. But it’s like I always say, it’s about the pleasure of taking my team forward, helping my team, and my team mates being able to count on me.

Q. The word on everyone’s mouth at the moment is revenge. Is it a word you don’t even want to hear about?

K: No. I don’t talk about revenge because what happened in 2004 and 2005 is in the past. It has been marked in history that Liverpool were champions in 2004 and 2005. So I’ll have the opportunity to play once again against them and have the opportunity to make our mark in history this time. So I hope the result is different.

Q. Who will win the final?

K: Milan!

Footy Boots Verdict:

didas Predator Absolute Champions League Football Boots SMLWe are sure Gerrard would disagree – but whatever happens, it is going to be a great match, and as for a Footy-Boots prediction? Well, all we are going to say is that the winner is going to be wearing Adidas Predator Absolute black and white football boots – you can bet on that!

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