• Zhero Gravity DueKitbagZhero Gravity Due is the evolution of Zhero Gravity, which was launched for the 2006 World Cup as the world’s first laceless football boot.

    Entirely made in Italy, the model ensures a perfect fit of the foot, thereby offering maximum levels of comfort, thanks to the exclusive Pro-fit technology inserted in the upper. Zhero Gravity Due wraps the foot like a glove: the lack of laces extends the support surface to the whole of the upper, thereby guaranteeing complete contact with the ball and its control without details that detract from the maximum precision of the kick. Furthermore, the external quarter stiffener in Pebax ensures correct support and protection.

    Lotto Zhero Gravity Due

    The upper is made from microfibre, a water-repellent, breathable and anti-abrasion material, which resists environment variations in more extreme temperatures, as well as the most difficult playing conditions. To best respond to the needs of all players, Zhero Gravity Due uses two internal pull-out insoles that mould themselves to fit different foot shapes.

    Another element that makes the Zhero Gravity Due football boot a high-quality product is the sole with Neo Switch technology. This consists of Lottos exclusive fixed and interchangeable studs that can be replaced according to the state of the playing field.

    It is also equipped with Puntoflex, a special technical feature positioned crosswise on the outsole at the metatarsal zone level, allowing the correct flexion of the foot.

    KitbagSizes: 5.5 to 12
    Colours: White /Fiery Red
    Retail Price: £ 140,00

    On Footy Boots you can view our exclusive images and information on the new Zhero Evolution Due, Vento Diablo KL, Zhero Gravity Due and the Zhero Leggenda Due.

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  1. says: tyler

    These boots are fantastic. if u can afford them buy them right away. especially the white and fiery red for the design is different and nicer. these boots are very comfortable

  2. says: pat

    aca sports are selling these boots for about 125 pounds. Also I have the white and gold boots very good football boot. Leaves Nike MV standing a must buy lads.

  3. says: FS

    Greetings. Mind helping me with this? I’ve just read this awesome review on the LOTTO ZHERO GRAVITY TRE and the dude quoted: “I’d recommend finding these boots on sale if you plan to purchase them anytime soon.” Well i’ve found one but it’s called LOTTO ZHERO GRAVITY 2T. Judging from the photos, it’s got everthig the TRE has; the laceless design, the tribal-ish markings on the ’sweet spot’, the interchangeable-stud-configuration and etc. The only difference is that it’s in a different colour. Is the 2T the prodecessor of the TRE, or is it like the Talaria to Vapors?

    Thanks in advance

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