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Why get involved with Footy Boots?

We get over 250,000 readers a month, which means your articles will be seen by millions of people each and every year. Imagine what this can do for you in terms of exposure and a work portfolio to show potential employees.

Our site operates and attracts visitors on a global scale, meaning it is one of the greatest personal ads you could ever place for yourself.

Footy Boots Editorial Team

We are looking for individuals who would like to guest contribute on a consistent and regular basis. If you have a passion for football, boots, equipment the industry, then read on, because you could potentially have your ideas and articles published to a worldwide audience.

For those of you who want to break into the football media industry – be it as a journalist, blogger, or to work with a brand etc. then showing you know and understand how to write great content is a great place to start. Writing interesting and thought provoking articles to thousands of people each day, it means that you can begin to build a name for yourself within the industry. We work with a whole host of major brands, designers and retailers within the industry such as: Nike, Adidas, Puma, The FA, lots of agencies and much and many more!

The great thing about our being on our editorial team is that it has no geographical limits. We don’t have one physical office location, so you will be able to contribute from home and fit it in around your lifestyle.

With this in mind, we accept applications for writers from across the globe, so you do not have to be UK based.

We are currently looking for three types of writer:

1. News Team

We intend to really ramp up our news offering over the next few months, getting to a consistent level of news bulletins a day. These are becoming increasingly popular with the audience on site, and get many social and viral shares because of it. We will be modifying the website to include our news category on the top navigation and homepage, which means that it should grow going forward.

News bulletins consist of around 300-500 words and detail the latest collections, limited editions, and advertising campaigns. They will be suited to those of you who want to write about a variety of topics that take your interest each week.

The benefit of working in the news team is that you can begin to liaise with PR agencies, brand promotion companies and retailers – who are always keen to work with a site of our stature and look to provide us with content regularly.

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2. The Feature Article Team

The feature article team consists of our very best contributing talent. They are responsible for the in-depth feature articles we publish every working day on site. This role is suited to those who want to develop their writing skills and have the time and dedication to produce high quality features that are interesting, well structured, informative and engaging.

It is hard work but ultimately rewarding, and those in the feature team tend to stay with the site long term as they enjoy getting regular feedback from the readers on their work, have their articles featured prominently all over the site, and can really start to make a name for themselves as a high quality journalist/writer.

Usually we will develop writers in the news team first, before promoting them to the feature article team. However, there are exceptions for those that show exceptional quality within their initial submissions.

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3. The Social Collective

One of the key areas of over the past few years has been our social networking channels. To name a few – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest and YouTube.

We are calling on all social media addicts awaiting fame to keep this section fresh and exciting – touching on as many corners of the globe as we can.

You might have a penchant for filming (YouTube) or and addiction to writing posts in under 140 characters (Twitter).

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