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IXO Shin Pads Unboxing

Let’s set the scene: It’s a miserable, Muddy Sunday morning at your local pitch, and from your kitbag you produce this:

IXO Shin Pad - Case

Already, team-mates are enraptured and opponents are quivering in fear – even though they have no idea what’s inside this alien looking container.

Avid readers of Footy-Boots.com – which you all should be, by the way – will know from the branding alone that this stunning aluminium container features something that caused a little bit of a stir on the website when we featured them a couple of weeks ago where we described them as the ˜Super-Car„of shin pads.

Ixo are a design company that deal in exquisite carbon fibre forming and manufacture, hand-making parts for luxury motors and more from the highest-quality parts.

Recently, they’ve turned to making football equipment, with the sole aim of making protective gear that goes beyond the normal, with over-the top attention to detail that will become iconic in it’s class.

We hold in our hands a pair of the Professional Model IXO shin-pads – which are the Vigo-based company’s absolute top tier model.

Now, you probably want to get yourself set down and away from breakables, as the price on this particular model is ˘€š¬280 – about £231 GBP or $380 US.

IXO Shin Pads Unboxing

You’ll be pleased to now that like all good super cars – this is with all the trimmings – and there is a Carbon Fibre model that will set you back ˜only’€š¬170, but let’s take a look at what you’re getting from the top shelf, shall we?

Starting off, you’re getting the Carbon Fibre extraordinarily light and uncompromising in structure, this is aircraft grade stuff we’re dealing with.

Each pad weighs less than 75g and is practically immovable to pressure, with only the slightest bit of flex under pressure.

Providing the backing is PORON XRD performance cushioning material; we’ve seen poron grace the insole of a fair few football boots; but not this exact version.

This is PORON’s top end material and is durable, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so will keep you comfortable even if your shin sleeves are more sweat-socks than anything else.

Ergonomically designed in a range of sizes, you really can put them on your leg and they just seem to find that sweet spot thanks to the well cushioned design.

The finishing touches aren’t half bad either; you can personalise each pad with a name, number or logo that are individual pieces of laser-cut aluminium.

IXO Premium Shin Pads Unboxing

Each pair comes in a personalised suede bag, that’s housed in a pure aluminium tube.

It’s hard to say to anyone below Top-Flght footballer status that you must go out and buy these shin-pads, even if they are the ˜best in the world„as IXO say on their website, simply because of that mammoth price-tag.

However, IXO also say that these shin pads aren’t just the best because of the design, but also because of the durability; they’re built to last season after season after season.

So even if you don’t spring for the Ultra-lux model, maybe it might be worth seeing if there’s a price point that could tempt you if you knew that these were the only pair of shin pads you’ll ever need to buy again.

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