Earlier today we showed you Nike’s Two Virals for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final. Now, our good friends at adidas have supplied us with their latest viral video

The viral follows a young South African as he uses the pictures painted around his native country to count how many goals the adidas F50 adiZero has scored, notching them up on a tally chart on a mural of the ultra-light football boot.

This new viral is a fantastic way for adidas to celebrate a hugely successful inaugural tournament for their lightest ever football boot, and we’re proud to be the first place on the net that you can see it!

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  • Haha, this advert just shows the superiority of adidas over nike, theres no way nike can have comeback to this, the only thing nike can claim is that they scored the first world cup goal.

  • That advert says nothing over nike….write the future was a much better campaign. Nike actually had people talking and their placement of the adverts was even better eg straight after half time in the first game of the wc.

  • you can say that you didnt like this advert at all but at least is based on a real fact: the adizero is the top scoring boot of the tournament. Plus, this boots have proved to be reliable and they look really nice, I just hope better colorways.
    The write the future campaign?come on! I think that any player in that advert had a decent performance during the world cup. That´s why some people came out with the idea of the curse of the write the future advert.

  • nice touch… and its true isnt it… Top scorer by a mile, even if Sneijder scores 5 tonight and we get none from Robben or Villa…

  • Without a doubt the Adizero is the top scoring boot, no matter what happens in the final, however in the Adidas vs Nike battle, Adidas always had the upper hand being the official tournament sponsors. Nike have done a marvelous job in getting so many players to choose their boot. And get there product out their without and official Nike products allowed advertising in South Africa.

    A prime example would be the amount of German players that have chosen a Nike boot over an Adidas boot. At the World Cup 2006, the German national team had a contract with Adidas where all the German national players during the tournament would wear Adidas. This time round, the split seems to be half Adidas and half Nike, with the odd variants here and there. Therefore with Nike infiltrating the German team they will feel they’ve got one over on the German brand, Adidas.

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