After 31 days, 64 games and 145 goals the ultimate World Cup football stats are now complete…..

We’ve got all the stats on the football boots of the World Cup that you could possibly want, including the ones that really count. Most Popular boots? How many goals scored from each boot? Sorted by Brand? We’ve got it!

One thing before we get started, though – we’re working to 143 goals scored in this year’s World Cup as opposed to 145.

The reason?

Well, we reckon that boosting the adidas F50 adiZero‘s goal tally with Daniel Agger and Park Chu-Yong’s own goals is just plain silly.

Chart depicting Football Boots-based stats from the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Chart depicting Football Boots-based stats from the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Chart depicting Football Boots-based stats from the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Chart depicting Football Boots-based stats from the 2010 FIFA World Cup

These are just a sample of the Data we’ve been collecting for the past month – what would you like to know?

Drop us a comment below and we’ll see if we can’t forage some of the best football-boot-facts around, just for you!

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  1. says: Mo

    It looked like Nike had loads more boots than anyone else. Probably because most of the players had the same colour boots on. Good thinking by Nike.

  2. says: gh

    It´s a very easy strategy, to pay all the players some and to be the most worn. But players who are real heroes like Forlan, Villa, Muller are all adidas wearers. Not the quantity but the quality is the most important (40 goals adizero). Nike tried to “buy” the whole world cup but now it´s a desaster. whats abou “write future”? Who will name his child “wayne”. This article is a weak try by nIke to show they were the best. But every football fan knows the most nike players like players form New Zealand left SA after 3 weeks.
    So, this stats are not meaningful. It´s only about commercial.

    1. says: kyle

      Thanks for the comment gh, but we did all of our stats completely independently of the brands involvement.

      You might have missed our most popular boots table, which demonstrated that adidas had the two most popular boots in South Africa.

      And the goals by football boot table that showed the adiZero was the top scoring boot of the tournament!

  3. says: gh

    If you are older than 10, you can see that 63/45= 1.4 is smaller than 59/35=1.69. so adidas players were much more effektive. So what, Nike?
    You and Netherlands are LOOSERS. Go home.

  4. says: Alex

    Your stats are a little different to those at another site… even taking into account the own goals they have 43 goals scored for the f50s

    Any idea why?

    1. says: Editor

      We’re not sure! But those stats don’t seem to have taken into account Milan Jovanović’s goal in the Puma v1.06 for Serbia – we’re pretty confident in our stats, but if it turns out there’s been an error somewhere down the line we’ll happily correct it!

  5. says: zeca

    I just wanna say that this stats shouldn’t be so linear…you should have made the % of goals taking in account the % of boots used by each brand…if nike has more 10% of boot users it’s almost obvious that it will have more goals, but the truth is that adidas boots were much more effective…

    What a great world cup we had 🙂

  6. says: brian

    Who will name his child “wayne”? hahaha! you´ve got that right!

    Champion: Spain
    Best Player of the WC: Forlan
    Top Scorer:Muller
    Best Young Player: Muller
    Best Goalkeeper: Casillas
    Top Scoring Boot: F50 adizero

    I think it´s clear which brand really made the difference.

  7. says: Mitch

    I love how so many comments make it out that what makes a boot great is how many goals have been scored in them… I guess it’s a good thing that football is all about offense? I mean those goals are never going to be scored if players like Sneijder who set up Robben, Inesta who set up Villa, Ozil and Khedira who set up Muller aren’t playing in the positions they are and they all wear Nike, so obviously its not just adidas who make boots that great players wear and that’s the thing it is in the player and what they like in a boot may help them, but the player makes the boot, not vice-versa.

  8. says: muñoz

    I see in some stats that the player more faster in the wc is the Javier Hernandez “Chicharito” i want to know if this is the las fact, finish the wc and if you have some facts about the final match.

    More than the FIFA In his web page publish. i don’t know something interesting.

    And another facts from the nike players. I like me these boots thank you

    I have a petition if you can share all about these 331 nike players which boot have each and from which team they are


  9. says: Dustin

    This is a very good collection of statistics.

    For the people that can’t spell or use proper grammer, please just don’t say anything.


  10. says: kyle

    @Patrick – Good Detective Work!

    Also – to put your doubt to rest, it was Mexico’s 3rd choice keeper – Luis Ernesto Michel that worre the Pirma’s


  11. says: Patrick

    Thx for your quick answer, so the Pirma hadn’t their debut on the pitch during WC.
    Moreover, just one thing: your list is missing the Adidas Absolute DB, worn bei North-Korean keeper Ri in their last firts round game vs. the Ivory Coast 🙂

  12. says: Matt Jenkins

    Is there a table that shows goals scored by specific football boots in W.C. 2010? I see it referenced in the comments below, but it’s not shown in this level of detail above. Thanks!

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