One of the adidas Jo’bulani footballs used in the World Cup final between Spain and Holland has sold for over $73,000 (US) this past weekend.

The ball, which was produced especially for the final, was auctioned on eBay and a group of Spanish fans secured the highest bid. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to Nelson Mandela’s Foundation Charity 46664.

The ball enters the history books following a successful auction with a closing bid of $78,808, one of the highest bids ever for a soccer ball on eBay. In comparison, the adidas Roteiro ball used by David Beckham during the quarter finals of the UEFA Euro 2004 sold for $42,949, nearly half the amount secured for the adidas Jo’Bulani ball.

Following the successful bid, the proceeds generated from the auction will be donated to Nelson Mandela’s Foundation charity 46664 which was established to inspire individual and collective action towards a better world for everyone.

Having been confirmed as the successful bidders, the auction winners will be presented with the iconic Jo’Bulani ball by a senior adidas representative in the coming weeks.

To send a donation to 46664 please go to !

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  1. says: ball

    but in a game of football you use many balls, the ballboy will give you a ball he has instead of chasing the one you just kicked into the stands, did they sell all the balls used in the game because not just 1 ball was used through the whole game, especially add in the fact that players like to keep the ball, especially iniesta who scored

  2. says: SOccerguy

    I believe the ball they auction is the ball they start the game with. When the referees and teams come out for the anthems and start of the match, the refs grab a “starting” ball of a stand as they are being followed by the two teams.

  3. says: channo

    true, it says “One of the adidas Jo’bulani footballs used in the World Cup…”

    so it could be the one ball that got played for 5 seconds, goes over the line, got replaced by another Jo’bulani, and never see the pitch again… LOL

    sorry for ruining the atmosphere 😛

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