First off, many thanks to the near 3,500 of you who voted in last week’s debate on the best ever Nike Vapor. The Nike Vapor IV came out on top with 50% of the vote, closely followed by the Vapor III with 36%.

This week, we move from boots to players, although there is a very big boot link as we’ll reveal later.

Sparked by a T-shirt released by Manchester United that declares “There is only one Ronaldo” and a subsequent poll in Brazil, our question is simply this – who is the best Ronaldo?

best ronaldo

Brazilian striker Ronaldo recently returned to action at Corinthians after recovering from a serious knee injury. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to dazzle at Manchester United while, and forgive the poetic licence here, Ronaldinho (Portuguese for Little Ronaldo) struts his stuff at AC Milan.

In terms of achievement, here are a few facts and figures for you to ponder on:

Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current World Player and European Player of the Year. He’s won the Champions League and Club World Cup with Manchester United plus numerous Premier League titles.

Cristiano Ronaldo who is the best Ronaldo


Ronaldinho has 2 Fifa World Player of the Year titles, has won the World Cup, Copa America and Confederations Cup with Brazil , been awarded the title of European Player of the Year and landed the Champions League and Spanish title with Barcelona.

Ronaldinho who is the best Ronaldo


Ronaldo, nicknamed ‘O Fenomeno’, has won the World Cup twice (breaking the all time finals scoring record in the process) and along with Zidane is the only professional to be named World Player of the Year on 3 occasions. He’s won the Uefa Cup twice, helped Madrid to the Spanish title and is the only player to score for both sides in the Milan derby.

Ronaldo whos the best Ronaldo

Football Boots

In terms of football boots, all 3 players are linked by their association to Nike football boots. This week, Cristiano Ronaldo debuted the Mercurial Vapor Superfly, Ronaldinho has his own line, the Ronaldinho Dois 10R and Ronaldo, who once had a line of football boots under his signature, the R9, nowadays wears the Tiempo Legend II.

So, armed with all that info, now is the time to choose. You can vote below and also comment if you want to add further weight to your argument. [poll=21]

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  1. says: kassandra lover 10-30-07

    All speak the beautiful language of portuguish.. But for me its ronaldo (#7) who’s on top.. He’s a shining star tht still has lightyears to grow. Already almost at legendary status.
    Ronaldinho definately one of the best palyers of all time but seemed like their was a time where he became to air headed and didn’t focus on his skills. Ronaldo(7) always seems hungry dor more.
    Now Ronaldo,
    ( O’ fenomino) arguably the best offensive player of all time and yet nearing his peak managed to score on his first games with corinthians. Would have been my pick but it seemed like his injurys held him back for to much of his career. Well thts jzt what I think..

    1. says: Simon

      I agree with Cristiano Ronaldo being number one, but you cannot say that Portuguese is a nice language. It is definitely not music to my ears.

  2. Ronaldo (Fenomeno) by miles, best striker ever. Who doesn’t remember his goals for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and the Brazilian squad?

    C. Ronaldo has a lot to prove if he wants to be compared to the Brazilians.

  3. says: Omar Saleem

    Brazilian Ronaldo it is for me too guys. His technical ability was only matched by Zidane in his era, tremendous finisher with could always beat the last man!

    Quite simply, the complete striker!

  4. says: Aussie Lad

    How can you go past THE best striker of all time ?

    El Fenomeno in his peak, which unfortunately didn’t last too long at any certain period, was the complete striker.
    I remember watching him wondering how on earth he was pulling some of those moves out.
    Ronaldinho was a player i didn’t see too much of when he was playing his best so i cannot vote for him.
    And C-Ron, well he is good, but i don’t seem to be wow’d by his play, he is the best in the world at the moment and will get better, but for me, his cockiness and overall smug attitude on the field make him a little less special to me. Clapping at referees and shrugging when he scores doesn’t do it for me. It’s just not right.

    Ronaldo wins, always the best, always feared, always the Phenomenon.

    1. says: Arda

      For all those who voted for C.Ronaldo have either never watched R9 play or simply cant read enough english to understand what 2 world cups and 3 fifa player of the year awards mean. Im guessing most of the people voting for Cristiano are young and havnt been watching football for a long time. Im 21 and have been watching football for about 12 years. Enough to see all three players coming up and developing. R9 is a legend in all aspects. At 20 years old received world player of the year award by 21 he had won that award twice. Cristiano is amazing but has a long way to go to prove himself how u can say hes the greatest of the three with one or two seasons as proof. You all speak of how many goals C.Ronaldo scored last season. R9 at 20 years old scored 47 goals in 49 matches for Barcelona did every1 forget. And dnt use the excuse of C.Ronaldo being a winger because he is the most attacking winger i hav ever seen. Rooney plays as a second striker and drops back deeper into his own half more than him. The order should be 1. Ronaldo 2. Ronaldinho (possible the most creative footballer to ever grace the pitch) 3. C.Ronaldo (with potential to be higher on the list one day)

  5. says: Billy

    Fat Ronaldo was great once for a little bit. He was playing in the world’s best International team which helped him win world cups.

    Whilst I agree he was great, I think the relative shortness of his time at the top from being the best ever.

    Similar to Ronaldinho, was unbelievable for a couple of seasons and now he’s just good. That happens a lot to Brazilians.

    Skinny Ronaldo (aka, Cristiano), is quality and gets my vote. If he’s **** in a few years I may reconsider but he’s got the skills, speed, vision and he’s got room for improvement. Plus, he’s at a club that knows how to progress players.

    1. says: Ronaldo fan

      The true ronaldo had also was a 3 time winner of the best player in the world award The only other person to do that was Zidane.
      Out of all the games i say ronaldo play i didn’t see him dive to get a foul he just played right threw it. I want to see CR try to do that

  6. says: Qahmil

    People who knoew football know that Ronaldo(O Fenomeno) has to be the best one of all time. Ronaldinho and Cristiano have nothing over the original. You can’t beat the Phenomenon.

  7. says: martinçao

    i read all the comments and i agree with them, with everybody, i think in this moment the best is c.ronaldo, and very close is ronaldinho in milan.
    and i hope ronaldo get the same level when he play in barcelona or psv.

    1. says: nassief

      ronaldo-R9-O Fenomeno (the phenominon)

      is by far the best,
      without him brazil wouldnt have won the 2002 world cup, and without him they lost the 1998 world cup.

      critiano isnt half as good this season as he was last season, and for most of the match against inter milan he played like crap, getting ruffled by two 18 ear olds, santon and balloteli.

      rnoaldhino was good and never stops smiling so he is second best, but ronaldo, was simply the best, the only one who matches his attacking play is maradona. no one else is comparable

  8. says: jm8

    Club App (Gls)*

    Cruzeiro 14 (12)

    PSV 45 (42)

    Barcelona 37 (34)

    Internazionale 68 (49)

    Real Madrid 127 (83)

    Milan 20 (9)

    Corinthians 2 (2)

    Brazil 97 (62)

    Say something!!! someone dnt try to compare he has done all the talkin on the pitch. Not only in goals but just being the dominant force

  9. says: Otaku

    In terms of total accomplishment, Ronaldo is the best. He’s the original Ronaldo. Ronaldinho has never been called Ronaldo, so he shouldn’t qualify here. And Cristiano Ronaldo is a total *********.

  10. says: Quaresma

    OMG Ronaldo Fenomeno is the best and most legendary by far! And Otaku.. Yes he was called Ronaldo at a time and ofcourse he qualifies.

  11. says: jm8

    its not all about goals but I outlining general impact. bt i will bring other comparisons


    Sporting Lisbon 25 (3)

    Manchester United 186 (78)

    PortugalU21’s 2 (1)

    Senior National side 62 (22)


    Grêmio 35 (14)
    Paris Saint-Germain 53 (17)
    FC Barcelona 145 (70)
    Milan 20 (7)

    Brazil 84 (32)

    Notice as posted earlier by me his been doing this for many years and doing it consistently! on every stage whether league, national cup, european cup, international ( world stage) plus every club he has been to, Whilst having the constant Injury problems but still overwhelms

  12. says: jigga

    many of you easily write off Ronaldo’s World Cup’s because it was Brasil? Without him, Brasil wouldn’t have won those Cups. Cristiano will never win a World Cup, as he only plays well for United. Virtually a no-show during the Euro’s.

  13. says: nasario da lima

    we are not talking about whos the best right but but their history. o fenomeno, the best of all times. how can you compare cristiano, a one trick pony, to the greatest of all.

      1. says: reyes

        common people, don’t be ignorant!
        Ronaldinho is the most natural player out there. of course he doesn’t score that many goals because he’s more of a midfielder than a striker. He is the real playmaker which makes him the best!!

  14. says: MisterBroom12

    Cristiano Ronaldo is good, and many of you argue he is the best because of his current form and his potential. What about Ronaldo’s (Brazilian) potential before he was injured? You can’t judge someone by what you assume will happen in the future. Cristiano with all his tricks could see his career ended with one mistimed tackle. The real and best Ronaldo is “O Fenomeno” for what he HAS accomplished, all on top of these injuries and is indisputably the greatest finisher the game has ever seen.

  15. says: '87 yoda

    brasilian ronaldo. greatest striker ever. im a united fan and like ronnie(7) but he is arrogant and does disappear in some matches at times. ronaldinho is great but hasnt been in form these past few seasons. the phenom does when ever and where ever and would have been better had it not been for those injuries. viva brasilian ronaldo(9)

  16. says: lucas

    i think cristiano is a great player but gets alot of media help… for someone to even try to compare them this is jus an ignorant person, you got to compare him with robinho, messi and them new fellas… RONALDO THE FENOMENO damn he made history, he is to be compared with maradona-pele and them at the top… RONALDO HE IS JUST INCREDIBLE… does what he knows best and scores and fights back to win… Ronaldinho!!! damn you wont see no one do what he did and does on a field… the man knows football very well… i think his history beats cristiano very clearly to say that… he could pull off a move and jus bamm its him! its him… ronaldinho at his best i would say the greatest player of all time… he is more likely to be compared with kaka… MY VOTE GOES TO THE FENOMENO… this a lil bit long but i just love the sport so much that i cant let these stupid things try to embaress the real football…

    1. says: max


      It really annoys me how people can call c.ronaldo better than ronaldo or even ronaldinho at his prime. Ronaldo was absolute phenomenal. And though he had a prime, you still have to appreciate the amounts of goals he scored even with those injuries. How much more consistant can you get? C.Ronaldo is a joke. While he is amazingly skilled, he is arogant and never controls a game. He has flashes of brilliance but can’t be compared to the greats like Ronaldo and Zidane.

      I like players who let their game do their talking like Zidane, Inzaghi, Ronaldo, Del Piero, Cannavaro etc.
      As soon as anyone mentiones Ronaldo as the greatest ever, which people have, it really p***** me off.

  17. says: Més que un club"

    OOOOOHHHH LORD! How theheck can c.ronaldo have most votes? sure he’s a great player but he will never reach the top of ronaldo 9, the true legend! He is WORLD CHAMPIONSSHIP TOP SCORER! 15goals. and ronaldinho wont reach that super form he had in barca before.

    Only one name to choose: RONALDO El Fenómeno 9.

  18. says: chano

    one of them are number 9, the other are number 10, and the last one are number 7

    as we all know in modern football, 9 would score as many goals as he could, 10 would be the best playmaker, and 7 would be the aggresive winger

    could we compare the numbers of ronaldo’s goals to ronaldinho’s “man of the match” titles? or to c.ronaldo’s assists?

  19. says: André Tamberlini

    Come on guys, what you understand about football???
    If just brazilians like me were doing comments ok, but where are you from? Dou you really think that you know football, there´s anyone here in this blog that can say: “My country had won 5 World Cup???” Just people from BRAZIL!!!

    C Ronaldo is a lie, in a decisive game, he never decides!!!

    Could you say something like that about Ronaldo “O Fenômeno” and Ronaldinho??? Of course not!!!

    In my scale:
    1 – Ronaldo
    2 – Ronaldinho
    3 – C Ronaldo, but in my opinion good players appears and decides decisive matches, I never seen C Ronaldo destroying in a decisive game…



  20. says: OVJ

    Ha ha ha ha
    You must be kidding…
    We cannot compare R9 with this guys…
    He’s beside Pele (1st) and Maradona (2nd).

    Fenomento is the best after both!

    C.R. needs to run a lot to get Ronaldinho too…

  21. says: JohnGold

    I actually feel sick that your even compairing C.Ronaldo and the Brazilian Ronaldo. What does the question mean exactly?

    Are you asking who is better now or are you compairing the Brazilian Ronaldo at his peak to Ronaldo now??

    Obviously C.Ronaldo is better now but he can’t even be compared to the real Ronaldo at his peak.

    Ronaldo was along with Zidane the two greatest players i’ve ever seen on my 19 years on earth. C.Ronaldo shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Ronaldo. Ronaldo was phenomenal in the big matches something that can’t be said about C.Ronaldo who rarely/ever shows up.

  22. says: Jason

    I mean cristiano ronaldo is talented but he should never be compared to the legends.
    Ronaldo- legend
    ronadinho- world class
    C ronaldo – somewhat good at the moment

    i just think the football standard at the moment just wasnt as high as they were like the last generations

    what is c ronaldo ? can he even be compared to Henry, zidane, berkamp, cruyyf, beckham?
    i think he is no where near in any ways.
    he is
    worst than owen in speed
    worst than ronadihno in tricks
    worst than beckham in freekicks
    worst than zidane in leadership
    worst than Henry in acuracy

    the only thing i credit him for is that he probably holds the record for bookings caused by diving

    so please dont compare him to pele!! even the real brasil ronaldo wasnt even there yet so no way cronaldo is..

  23. says: soni

    c ronaldo is okay.. ronaldinho was the ****..! now Ronaldo u cant compare to him.

    3 fifa world player of the year

    2 world cups

    most goals in each top league played for

    played on the worlds best teams Barcelona,inter milan,real madrid, and ac milan… not even pele, maradona, or anybody you can name..!

    highest world cup goalscorer of all time..

    oooh is it me or is it that most of the people that voted for christiano ronaldo are girls?? R9 is the greatest

  24. says: matheus

    Ronaldo is the greatest forward to ever lace up a pair of boots, he could play any position up front, he is truly, the definition of a complete striker. When he was 16/17 (dont remember how old) he scored 5 goals in a 6-1 win for cruzeiro. He came back THREE times, to play at the top level and still plays. Another thing about Ronaldo, he doesn’t have enemies, nobody dislikes Ronaldo.

    Ronaldinho is the most creative footballer of all-time, allways smiling, and he was never a show-off, he never overdid the dribbles, step-overs, etc.. like ronaldo, he has no enemies.
    There is alot more i can say about these two but i have a party to go 2 in a 10 min lmao

    Oh yea and C ronaldo is uh…..a prick

  25. says: murat

    never seen brazilian ronaldo play but ronaldinho at his best was surely a hundred times better than c.ronaldo the only one who matched his skills was perhaps zidane

  26. says: Local

    Please tell me this is some sort of sick joke.

    How can C. Ronaldo be considered alongside R9? Not only is Big Ron the greatest player of all time, in any position, he also made c.ronaldo what he is today. Big Ron reinvented the way companies like Nike market their products, allowing pony’s like Cristy to be branded about like he’s the new messiah. There is only one mercurial star. C.Ronaldo would be nowhere on this list without 12 year old girls watching him race Bugattis or doing weak stepovers in the real Ronaldo’s boots.

    People want to compare goals, R9 is goals. People want to compare tricks, Ronaldinho reinvented what it means to beat a man.

    How can C.Ronaldo top this list? he is not even the best of his own era. Lionel wipes the floor with him these days.

  27. says: Arda

    How can anyone be compared to Fat Ronny. He is the greatest striker of modern. The list is so wrong. 1- Ronaldo 2- Ronaldinho 3- Cristiano. Ronaldinho is arguably the most creative player to ever play the sport. Everyone talks about Cristianos season. Did every1 4get that Big Ronny scored 47 goals in 49 games at 20 years old. Seriously Ronaldo is up there with the legends. All those saying Cristiano r obviously young and havnt seen big Ron play. He has set records that Cristiano will never be able to beet.

  28. says: R9fan

    Only after one good season you call C.R the best of all time ? you gota’ be joking .Ronaldo fenomeno is the most complete player ever, C.R is hard working and as you see he isn’t producing anything new this season , defenders learned his style and like Ronaldinho’s case he will last no longer than another season, after that he will be done. If you wathed Ronaldo fenomeno’s evolution has always been progressive due his genius , and always was unpredictable to defenders , and as a demonstration watch him righ now on his comeback at Corinthians he’s still scoring super goals .

    R9 FOREVER THE GREATERS !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. says: ryan

    The real ronaldo, R9 is one of the greatest players ever, in my opinion he is the best striker ever his scoring record for all clubs is just insane and at his best could not be stopped. Ronaldinho is a genious with the ball, the skills he comes out with on the field well surpass c.ron’s skills and both these brazilians were likeable, but c.ronaldo my friends is the biggest douche in the universe and is not in the same league as R9 and Dinho, i actually feel a bit sick that c.ron has managed to win this poll.

    Ronaldo – R9 – O Fenomeno LEGEND

  30. says: CAMPING


  31. says: Objective Man

    Hi everyone. I think Cronaldo gets votes from young football fans ang girls. Hes a nice man and many girls like him just like David Backham. He was nice too haha.

    What about this poll, I think Ronaldo O’fenomeno is mile away from Cronaldo and a half mile from Ronaldinho. He is the legent. Being 32 years old and very fat, he is unstoppable again. A always amazing how can he play in this condition ? The only player comparible with him is Zidane. Ronadinho could be comparible with him, but he lost his super form. If Ronaldinho could continue his best form for more 5 years, I would think more. But now it is fact, that 1. Ronaldo O’fenomeno, 2. Ronaldinho Magic, 3. Cronaldo

  32. says: Ronaldinha

    Ronaldo O Fenomeno is the best of all times! You can’t even compare that face Cristiano to him! Don’t forget what real Ronaldo had to go through: 3 career threatening injuries, but he managed to come back in every situation and prove that he is the best! Neither Ronaldinho nor Cristiano would manage to do that! Result is just unfair! Those who voted should have though a bit before making their decision!

    Love you my hero, one and only, the best of all times, real RONALDO!

  33. says: fenomeno

    رونالدو الظاهره الافضل في التاريخ the fenomeno
    the king
    the number 9
    ronaldo louis nazario da lima

  34. says: youssouf

    i don’t blame at the people who conpare ronaldo luis nazario da lima to others ronaldo,those people are blind and player in history could spend more than 2 years in injuri and comeback to play football like he was.he scores 8 golds in world cup an gave spanish title to madrid like the young player of 20 years.that show you that he is born to play football, not like the others who learn how to play football in the centers.i can tell you in his 40 years,he can continue to play football again and again.if you ask me,i will tell you yes he can!!!yes he can!!!yes he can!!!fenomeno the real ronaldo i wish you all my best.

  35. says: marto316

    Ronaldo (Brazil) simple as that bet most of the people voting are kids who’ve not seen enough of the brazilian one… so get on youtube kiddies, you’ll promptly change you minds im sure

  36. says: dumbar

    ronaldo is the straightest and creative footballer i hav ever seen in history ronaldo no1 for the the whole entire world who see’s him play professional football

  37. says: viknes

    our brazilian ronaldo is the best ronaldo in the world 4 all time………
    he is very skill ful n fantastic player…..he is a phenomenal in soccer world….

  38. says: Ryan

    Please say the current poll result is a joke? How the hell could anyone compare The Real Ronaldo to C.Ronaldo or Ronaldinho, never mind say that their better!

  39. says: akmal

    ronaldinho respect but how can you compare c. ronaldo To THE PHENOMENON. R9 is simply the best ever.Little boys now watching c. ronaldo thinking that he is the best and voting for him but it is ridiculous.
    Everyone know that R9 is the best

  40. says: yunis jemal.

    are u guys kidding? there isn’t soccer player like ronaldo. he is better then either c.ronaldo or ronaldinho.he was selected for best player of the year 3 times.louis ronaldo is the best soccer even compare c.ronaldo with r9.

  41. says: shania twain

    I think that Cristiano Ronaldo dos santos aveiro is the best soccer player in the whole world!!!I am doing a project on him right now and he is way more interesting and beter than the other 2 Ronaldo’s(Ronaldinho)I was just searching about C.Ronaldo and on a chart it showed the percentage of all the C.R and C.Ronaldo is totally the best in the whole world!!!This is the total truth.(and just to say that C.Ronaldo is the hottest out of all of them!!!)
    I am a girl that loves Ronaldo!

  42. says: kristian

    1 luis ronaldo 2 ronaldinho 3 cristiano ronaldo…
    this is the correct voting!
    ronaldo is the very best at scoring goals forever and ever, plus he runs past everybody just like messi does.and ronaldinho is an alround player exept his heading and defending . the only reason why cristiano ronaldo is in the list is becuse he shoots like juninho but whit the knucle ball technique and his headers are deadly in front of goal.

  43. says: BOOM BOOM

    Ronaldinho and Cristiano don’t even compare, amongst other things, Ronaldo has –

    – 2x World Cup Winner
    – 2x Copa America Winner
    – 2x La Liga Winner
    – 1x Uefa Cup Winner
    – 1x Confederations Cup Winner
    – 3x World Player of the Year
    – 2x Ballon D’Or winner
    – 1x Eredivise Top Scorer
    – 2x La Liga Top Scorer
    – 1997 European Golden Boot Winner
    – 1998 WC Golden Ball (Best Player)
    – 2002 WC Silver Ball (2nd Best Player)
    – 2002 WC Top Scorer (8 goals in 7 games)
    – 2006 Golden Foot Winner
    – Most Goals in World Cup history
    – 62 international goals
    – Serie A Player of the Decade (97-07)
    – Named in the Best XI of all time by France Football
    – Laureus Comeback of the Year 2002
    – BBC SPOTY Oversee’s winner 2002


    Not to mention the most devastating and potent striker of the last 30 years – sublime touch, physical presence, finishing ability, positioning and technique.

  44. says: Seb

    maybe when Cristiano Ronaldo wins 2 world cups, 3 world play of the year awards, becomes the leading goal scorer in world cup history and is named by france football in the greatest football XI of all time and scores over 60 international goals – then he can then be compared to the greatest striker of the last 30 years, ronaldo.

    1. says: jj

      You are wrong jhovani, i think you need do your research because it seems as if you have not done any…ronaldo(r9) is the best player

  45. says: o fenomeno

    I agree that most of the ppl who voted for c. ronaldo are either girls, ppl new to the game or americans who are just starting to like “soccer.” He was nicknamed the phenomenon for a reason and even though he plays for brazil hes the major reason why they now have five stars on their jersey.
    Hes my inspiration for football and should be the best here, cristiano is good but his attitude agrovates me, and i think ronaldinho is one of the most intriguing players i have ever seen… but ronaldo of brazil is the best ive seen
    my order- 1.ronaldo nazario 2. ronaldinho 3. cristiano ronaldo
    their all good players but the acheivements dont lie
    God bless football….

  46. says: Jason

    You watch Big Ron 9(fenomeno) lead the scoring in Brasil, Hooland, then spain in his early years……..not just the goals but the sublime mix of power, touch and presence. Then consider that devastating injury during his years in Italy and the disappointment of WC 1998 final……….he comes back in 2002 WC and nets 8 goals to take the cup for Brasil.

    These are things that the fake ronaldo can only dream of……he has never done great things on the World stage and therefore should not be compared with the likes of Big Ron, Zidane and Ronaldinho.

    Zidane himself said when asked about the best player he has ever played with or against……”without hesitation..Ronaldo of Brasil”. Zidane went further to say to Karim Benzema when Benzema apologised for stating that R9 was his idol………”it’s okay, because Ronaldo is also my idol”.

    You want to know how good these guys are, then listen to those who have played with or against them…………in that regard Big Ron is miles ahead of the pretender ronaldo.

  47. says: Jason

    Folks who think that C.Ronaldo is better than Fenomeno are probably the same ones who think that Rooney could be the next Pele!

    Big Ron is arguably the best striker in the world for the past 25 years.

    The likes of Zidane and Mourinho certainly think so.

  48. says: Mahyar

    RONALDO I mean the Brazilian is the best of all.His technique his talent and his eagerness to score is unique.But never forget Ronaldinhos amazing goals and his fantastic dribling abilty.I RELLy AND deeply love two f them and comparing them to CHRIS RONALDO is an insult to all the soccer diehard fans.Brazillian players are the best ever.

  49. says: sazam

    i guess comparisons are made for argument sake but Ronaldo is the greatest player in my opinion to have played the game. no disrespect to pele but seen that ronaldo could of done any and everything pele could of done just that it would of been done in a quicker time…. probably the best dribbler ever because of the fact he could dribble with both feet almost the same speed as the concord, its beyond my belief to think a player could keep a ball that close to his feet with that kind of pace. have u ever seen ronaldo one and one with the goal keeper? hahahaha… MURDER! its always game, set, match, that boy is a keeper”s worst nightmare and no coach will ever advise any player to mark him one and one either. I once was looking at a game with ac milan verses a.c milan in 1997 and when ronaldo touch the ball MALDINI and ALBERTINI rush ronaldo and both seemed to be looking over thier shoulders for help that was the kind of fear this kid strike in the hearts of his opposition. All ronaldo team mates had to do is get the ball to him weather it is by the half or at the top of the 18 yard circle and FANS, COMMENTAORS, and PLAYERS were in for a treat.

    1. says: Charla_magnum1

      You have described the passion that is ronaldo. I feel sad how people compare Messi being the greatest nowadays…im just like duuuuuuude have you seen ronaldo?!

  50. says: Michael

    Pls u don’t have to comper king of football & soldger of football !! Ronaldo Luis nazario delima is a king striker!!! Henery befor his game his watching Ronaldo’s video so ask him henry befor u start talking about striker !!!!!!

  51. says: brenton

    The best Ronaldo is of corse the one from Brazil. Cristiano Ronaldo has not accomplished anything close to what the brazillian one did. Cristiano Ronaldo has to accomplish more things than Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima in soccer in order for him to be better than him

  52. says: Inno

    Ronaldo da Lima is FIVE folds better than C. Ronaldo. i watched almost all of his game the same time with Ronaldinho and C.Ron. yes C.Ron is a good player but Ronaldinho is better than C.ron and Ronaldo da Lima is far far better.

  53. says: JafiaCamara

    Ronaldo-R9-The Brazilian Legend is by far the best, one of the best in the history of Football. Ronaldinho is great but not like Ronaldo R9.

    Cris.R is just a baby with no manners and no respect for anybody. Overrated.

  54. says: Kemo Gray

    christiano is the best. The game was much different in the 90’s when R9 and the other guy played, Christiano is way better and he is also very cute. He can be a model.

  55. says: Dar

    R9 the greatest supernatural striker. CR 7 is “super hard training player”.Training can never be compared on the same stage with supernatural….R9 is an example of the DNA in Brazilian soccer.

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