When Will the 20th Anniversary adidas Predators Come Out?

When will the Anniversary adidas Predators Come Out?

Yesterday was a pretty big day for fans of the the legendary adidas Predator.

Not only was the new Predator Instinct officially launched, but we were given a host of other juicy details, too.

The big one is, of course, that we will see fourteen new Predators before the end of 2014; not only that, but we’ll see the 1994 OG Predator, 1998 Predator Accelerator and the 2002 Predator Mania remade for the limited edition Revenge Instinct pack.

Since that bombshell dropped, the only questions we’ve been fielding are ‘When are the 20th anniversary Predators coming out?‘ and ‘When are the Revenge Instinct Predators coming out‘ (a revision of the old question, ‘When are the Retro Remake Predator/Accelerator/Mania’s coming out?‘).

Well, ponder no more, friends; Footy-Boots.com has you covered. Below, you’ll find the remakes and teaser names for the remaining 20th Anniversary Predators in 2014…

adidas Predator Instinct Black-Out – August 1st

adidas Predator Instinct White-Out – August 10th

adidas Predator 1994 ‘Revenge Instinct’ – August 18th

adidas Predator Accelerator ‘Revenge Instinct’ – August 25th

adidas Predator Mania ‘Revenge Instinct’ – September 1st

adidas Predator Instinct Crazylight – October 6th

adidas Predator Instinct Supernatural – October 6th

adidas Predator Instinct Supernatural – October 31st

adidas Predator Instinct Hunt – November 17th

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