What is the best brand of football boot?

Bar Chart.jpgFooty-Boots.com has just launched a new poll, to discover which brand of football boots is considered the best by you the general public.

With all the marketing that took place during the World Cup and the recent sponsorship deals that have taken place, it will be fascinating to see who you choose to come out on top as the best football boot brand.
Please take part in the survey, by making your selection in the poll located in the right hand side banner, below the categories section.

Please send this link to your friends and colleagues and ask them to take part. If you have a blog or website of your own, please mention the poll.


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  1. says: Jay C

    Nike, innovators all the way. Look at what the Vapors has done for football boot design. All the boots have different qualities and look the business. Swoosh.

  2. says: Jonny

    Its definitely Adidas! Their Predator range is class and they look good on everyone who wears them. The black and red ones are the best and go with every kit! But, I also think the Nike Vapors are pretty cool as well.

  3. says: Tenchi Masaki

    I’m enjoying the new line of Reebok that Adidas has helped bring out…Finally an $80 Boot that is comparable to the Copas and the amazing Pro that is worn by Shevchenko and Henry. There are also some low-end boots for the cheap and low-income, that looking for something to play in.

  4. says: GoRo

    My friends: Adidas is the Best trademark in boots. The design of the Puma Green shoes for the 2006 Deutschland World Cup are amazing…. Maybe the Mizuno boots are so comfortably. But Adidas always win, more the +10!!!

  5. says: Vox

    As an English player, without doubt the best football boots are as follows: Adidas Predator, Adidas World Cup (classics!), Puma King (classics!). I currently use Predators and Nike Tiempo’s.

  6. says: Harry

    i think *nomis* is a terrific brand…
    they have the looks and feel.
    i currently have a pair of nomis magnets and they are great

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