Arsene Wenger is convinced his player recruitment policy is the best way to ensure Arsenal are successful long term.

wengerArsene Wenger is facing his most difficult period in control at Arsenal. Acclaimed for the way he has styled Arsenal to success, he is now under pressure having failed to bring silverware to the club in three seasons and starting this season in erratic form.

However, Arsene Wenger has hit back at the critics, suggesting they remember the season is still at an elementary stage.

Arsene Wenger told the Daily Mirror;

Arsene Wenger I am always having to answer questions as though we’ve failed, let’s speak about it in May.

I would not exchange my position with any other manager because I believe in our qualities.

If you measure us on experience at the end of the season, we will go down. Every single club has more experience than us, but success is not linked with experience, it is linked with intelligence and ability.

You can be 18 and intelligent and you can be 30 and still stupid.

When you go for a team of young players, you have to be strong because it is easier to go out and say, ‘Okay – we buy him, him and him’.

You know that you will be criticised, the players will be criticised – but we have to give them belief and strength and continue to push them through.

I believe they are intelligent and the room for improvement at that age is much bigger than if you were 30.

Then you are on the way down but they are on the way up.

I know what is important for the team to do. I stick to what I believe is right. I am quite relaxed about that.

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