How many times have you watched footballers in a warm-up do completely inhuman things with a ball? Whether it’s a piece of genius skill or a deft first touch, there’s real moments of magic when a player’s relaxed and out of a game situation.

Well, Wayne Rooney’s having those skills put to the test as he trys out all the challenges that his contestants will be put to in the new Series of Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker.

It might be a tough time for the Manchester United forward at the moment, but it’s nice to see that he’s not lost too much of his touch (except for that little miscue at the end…whooops!) and he smashes the ball with some real venom through the obstacles at the end!

The Street Striker program is back on Sky from this Sunday, and it’ll mark the third series of the successful program in which Wayne searches for the best unsigned street footballer in the UK to crown them Street Striker champion!

How do you think you’d fare up against Wayne?

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  1. says: Nicoacademia

    Looks really really impressive. I note some stepovers(faking the tyres?) along the way too.

    I don’t think he lost touch on the last play as the tyre was like streaming straight into him and the ball from his blind side so he pushed the ball into the space so he could shoot immediately after that. Tyre movement resembled the last ditch tackle by the last defender.

    Striker’s instinct to counter that, throw a fake, push it far, finish with aplomb! Haha!

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