In part 2 of our Q & A with Wayne Rooney, Wayne is questioned about his own game.

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I’ve heard it said that yours is the most powerful shot at Manchester United

We did a test, a couple of years ago I think it was, and it was me and Scholsey (Manchester United Midfielder and notorious screamer scorer Paul Scholes) who both got the same.

So you’ve played in a variety of different positions in your time at United, this season you’ve been leading the line with fantastic results so far – do you think that’s your most effective role for the team?
Yeah, I’ve said many times that my favourite position is playing as a forward – in the past I’ve been used out wide, even in midfield now and then – but as a forward I feel like I can influence the game better, and thankfully the manager’s been playing me there all season.

And with fantastic goalscoring results, with 20 goals so far this season you’re on track to beat your previous record – what do you put it down to? Is it experience and knowing what runs to make and factors like that?

Yeah, probably. I didn’t really score that many goals inside the six-yard box over previous years, and I’ve been working on that – my movement in the box and trying to create a bit of space to get your finish off and thankfully it’s starting to pay off.

So, you’re only 24 and you’ve captained both Manchester United and England, do you enjoy the leadership side of things? Is that something you really get a buzz off?

To be honest, I feel as if I give my all when I run – I try and get my team-mates up, if that’s down to making runs or chasing the fullback to get the crowd up, which’ll lift the team up, then that’s what I try and do.

So you’re in the profession of football, obviously training hard. Are there key moments in your career which you look back on and that [to you] is the moment that helped launch you to where you are now?

If I’m being honest, probably my coach when I was about 15 years old, he took me into his office and sat me down, spoke to me for a while, talked to me about how he believed in me and my ability and what I need to work on. After that, that really made me think about becoming a professional footballer and stuff – I still look back to that meeting and think of the things he said.

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