He’s just scored four goals in a Premier League game that put his club top of the league and him top of the goalscoring charts.Not only are Manchester United reliant on him in the run in to the end of the season, but England’s chances of success in the World Cup this summer will be influenced by his form and fitness.We caught Wayne Rooney at the top of his game, here’s what he had to say…..

So Wayne, you’ve been wearing the Total 90 boots for a few weeks now, designed for total accuracy and for players like yourself, how have you found them?

They’ve been great and I think it’s very important you get your footwear right. For me personally, they’re as good as they can be because they’re so comfortable and they protect my feet, and yes, I think they really help me hit the ball well.

A couple of years ago you went out to the Nike Sports Research Lab. What sort of things did you have to do? What sort of things do they get you doing in a lab?

They showed me different types of boots and different designs and asked what I thought on the ideas they were planning. Obviously I gave my feedback on what I thought was the best and they’ve put it into the boot you see here today, and I like how it’s come out, so it’s always nice to be involved.

The boots are the major tools of your trade. Do you think it’s good that you really get a say in what Nike are creating for you?

Yes, I think it’s brilliant. Growing up, you always wore boots that you saw your favourite players wearing, and to actually have input in that process…it was a privilege for me to do that.

One of the things that comes with the boot is the digital package of training drills and signature moves by key players. Are there any players you remember copying when you were a kid?

Yeah, I’ve always said Michael Owen after his goal against Argentina, that was an amazing goal and obviously we’re playing together now, so that’s good as well.

There’s obviously a huge amount of natural talent in what you do, but a lot of training as well. What sort of shooting drills and accuracy drills do you do, and do you do it on your own or with the team?

I’ll do it with the team, and obviously at the end of the session I’ll go away and do some on my own, you know – technical work on finishing and scoring goals. You know, they’re all different; there’s power, curling and just different types of finish which I’ll use in a game.

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  1. says: Reg

    Nice one Footy Boots. Must have been cool to be there.

    I’d like to see all the Prem players have a power test. I reckon Gerrard might beat Rooney.

  2. says: Splinter09

    As usual another high quality article from the footy boots.

    But I want to know where can I buy that shirt Rooney is wearing?

  3. says: Duberry

    Interesting stuff about Seedorf on the last page.

    Personally I don’t think anyone can shoot harder the Rooney in the Prem. There may be equals but no one harder.

  4. says: Guy Incognito

    Awesome stuff from the team., as usual!

    I’m with Reg & Duberry – I want to know who’s got the hardest strike in the Premiership!

    I think anyone on their day could be up there – like Milijas for Wolves. His strike against Bolton was phenomenal. Or Petrov from Man City hit one in the FA Cup that was knocking on 70mph!

    I think for an outside bet Paul Robinson for Rovers can kick the ball so high and far, if he translated it into a shot it’d be a rocket!

    Thanks again for the interview!

  5. says: MisterBroom12

    Is it just me or was the original Total 90 boot aimed at comfort rather than accuracy and clean striking, hence the “Total 90” minutes of a game? Nothing wrong with the way they’ve taken the line in my opinion but I was just checking with the professionals to see if I am right.

  6. says: Roo Knee

    Splinter I like the shirt too, wonder if its out yet.

    Rooney is the db, he would be the hardest shot in the prem. Maybe only Kolo Toure strikes harder (but not a shot).

  7. says: Joe

    I have been looking everywhere for the i (+) goals nike shirt that rooney is shown wearing but sadly have had no luck. can you guys help me in any way?

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