Wayne Rooney Nike Target Video – Real or Fake?

Wayne Rooney Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boots Video

Since we featured the new Wayne Rooney video, part of the new Shooting Gallery on www.nikefootball.com, there has been a lot of talk on whether the video is REAL or FAKE? Here are the facts, as we see them:

– Rooney has difficulty in drawing a round circle
– Rooney is capable of hitting the target even from that distance
– nobody claims the video was Rooney’s first attempt
– the video flows seemlessly with no obvious editing
– the shadow of the ball is not where you would expect it to be
– the Nike logo is clearly displayed as the ball hits the screen

It’s the Nike logo that throws doubt on the video so in the interests of journalism, Team Footy Boots tried to recreate the video, in a “Phoenix from the Flames” moment, but several broken windows and dented car bonnets are all we can produce here at Footy Boots HQ!

Real or Fake – we can’t say for certain – but the fact is that it’s a great video showing a supremely skilled player in a top end football boot. Why not go onto the Nike Football site, download a target and try it for yourself and prove it can be done!

View the Wayne Rooney Total 90 Laser Football Boots Video here.

Visit Nike Football to download a target here.

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