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Making up part of a one-two punch of debut releases from Warrior, (the other being the excellent-looking Skreamer K-Lite) the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite definitely offers up something for those who like their boots colourful, distinctive and packed with tech!

Warrior Skreamer S-Lite in Blue Radiance / Marigold / Insignia Blue

Going to show how differently you an create two boots off the same template, Warrior Sports have built two incredible debut releases from the same Skreamer design.

For a mean’n’moody black leather boot, go check out the K-Lite (no, seriously, go check it out) but if you prefer a speed-focused, high-visibility pair, of cleats, then the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite is definitely more where your tastes lie.

Where it’s stablemate is K-Leather, the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite has an entirely-synthetic, one-piece microfibre upper – but with a major twist. Dubbed the ‘Arrowhead forefoot vamp’, the entire tow and instep area is coated with a high-friction, micro-injected polyurethane (PU).

Warrior Skreamer S-Lite - Instep

Designed to offer high rebound properties on shots, the Arrowhead technology in the forefoot is key to adding swerve, dip and spin to shots and passes – whilst it’s unique injected construction means it never interferes with the natural flexing of the toes.

Moving further to the back of the boot, Warrior’s HeelShield heel counter is described as ‘slashproof’ by the American brand, helping you make a clean getaway from defenders, whilst also offering stability.

Adding to that stability, the synthetic version of Warrior’s Skreamer offers up the Thorax Exo-Skeleton on the interior. Similar to the evoSPEED’s Everfit Cage and adiZero’d TPU support bands, the Thorax Exo-Skeleton is a light weight, supportive midfoot cage that helps lock the foot into position.

Carbon-Fibre X-Bow technnology on the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite

Also at work in the interior of the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite are a couple of innovations at work to improve comfort; the ArrowBed insole is textured to improve circulation, whilst the SkreamFree construction of the boot means there’s zero internal stitching, resulting in less to irritate or rub against your feet during play.

Underneath your feet, Warrior have put some impressive work into the soleplate: the curved ‘ClawTec’ blades on the FG model are curved for optimum grip and release (the SG model uses a classic six-stud config with hollow-point aluminium studs) and a Carbon Fibre X-Bow Shank that supports the foot where it needs it most, and offers optimal energy return.

Warrior Skreamer S-Lite - Murderholes

One of our favourite features of the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite is the inclusion of ‘Murderholes’. Whilst decidedly unpleasant-sounding, these finger-sized cut-outs on the heel and tongue allow players to make small adjustments to the boot during play.

We’ve all had a full-blooded challenge that has left our boots crinkled up in some unpleasant way – so the chance to yank the two most susceptible areas back into position is certainly a welcome one.

Landing on 7th December 2012 in this distinctive Blue Radiance / Marigold / Insignia Blue colourway, the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite will have an RRP of £125.

What do you think of this maiden release from Warrior Skreamer S-Lite?

Let us know in the comments!

WARRIOR SKREAMER S-LITE, 8.1 out of 10 based on 98 ratings https://www.footy-boots.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/warrior-sports-skreamer-s-lite-featured.jpg

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  1. says: Samson

    The colours and the patterns are revolting, so the comfort and the tech had better be special. No one’s buy it for looks, that’s absolutely certain. ‘Murderholes’? Jesus Christ.

  2. says: jimbobbarrett

    the best thing about this boot is the predator toe. the design is well lets be honest different, however put a nike tick or the 3 strips on it and all would be saying wow look at that!!! the biggest issue they have at warrior is a lack of a superstar to put in them. looks like a well thought out boot and i like different, always nice to not follow the norm!!

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