Mizuno are on the up of late, having had a strong showing at the World Cup in the Summer and Kenweyne Jones making a great start to the season in the Supersonic Wave.

But one of their longest-standing ambassadors is FC Porto’s Brazilian star Hulk, who’s been a Mizuno Morelia man since a pair of these legendary football boots were given to him at his first academy in Brazil.

So, who better to star in a new video series from Mizuno than the man also known as Givanildo Vieira de Souza!

The video above is just a teaser of the sorts of moves and fancy tutorial graphics that we can expect from the series, in which Hulk will talk us all through how to master some of the best techniques in football – the Brazilian way!

Over the course of 6 videos, Hulk and Mizuno will be taking you from the basics of a cross body dribble and getting the perfect bend on your shots and set-pieces to the mind-boggling Riverdance Step-through!

We’ll be posting links out to all the videos in the series on our Facebook & Twitter, and you can catch exclusive interviews with Hulk and the rest of the Mizuno team on the Mizuno Facebook page, as well as all the info that you need on Mizuno Football Boots.

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  1. says: E@zy

    harry its like a preview clip to get you hungry and lusting after the next 6 installments of breaking down skills so you can do them.


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