Nike are building up to something special on May 22nd.

A few days ago, we saw into Wayne Rooney’s unwritten future – and it wasn’t pretty! After botching a vital pass to Theo Walcott in a crucial match against France, the Manchester United forward became a trailer park hermit, distancing himself from the world and forcing himself to relive that crucial moment over and over again.

Today – in stark contrast – we see some very short glimpses into the future of two other stars.

First up is Superfly II posterboy Cristiano Ronaldo, who has evidently had a better World Cup than his ex-Manchester United team-mate.

The paparazzi are out in force for the launch of Ronaldo: The Movie, and the Real Madrid Superstar is the centre of attention! Clearly the Portuguese captain has done something worthy of a blockbuster biopic at this summer’s tournament – but what was it?

Whatever it was, it was good enough to warrant the people of Portugal building a statue in his honour too! Let’s hop over to Brazil now…

Ronaldinho (who, remember, is not in Brazil Coach Dunga’s provisional 30 man-squad.) in his alternate future, is clearly a man fallen on hard times. The AC Milan trickster has lent his name and signature stepover move to a futsal-themed workout DVD, which looks – to coin a phrase – utterly naff.

The ex-Barca man appears giving the thumbs up to the DVD in the corner of the screen as well as on the box of ‘Ron’s Samba-robics’! Oh Dear!

So, we know that Nike are launching the Elite Series of football boots at the end of the month, but this seems like a massive amount of advertising to be doing for something we all already know about.

What do you think Nike will be pulling out of the bag on May 22nd?

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  1. says: Greg Elkins

    I don’t get it. are they picking favorites w/cristiano? it seems weird to me that wayne would star in a video about him failing, knowing that cristiano will get a video about succeeding.

    bottom line:

    where are they going with these videos?

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