The Boys at Nike’s advertising department outdo themselves, time and time and time again.

After the previous intensity and passion behind the Make the Difference viral campaign with the likes of Rooney & Arshavin, they’ve changed focus (and location) to something a little more lighthearted altogether…

Nike Football Graffiti

Enlisting the expertise of Street Artist MADSTEEZ and a some friends, Nike commisioned a mural of the greatest Nike Footballers in the world, including Rooney, Ronaldo & Torres, to be painted on the side of an LA Rooftop!

The video’s shot in a time-lapse so you can see the whole thing come together, one player at a time!

The sun’s come out in the UK today, and seeing the LA Sunshine with a California Soul soundtrack made us yearn for a World Cup Summer.

Get in the mood too and watch the video right here, now – you won’t regret it!

“Make the Difference” : MADSTEEZ from MADSTEEZ on Vimeo.

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