The brand with the Big Tick are once again taking us behind the scenes at their Montebelluna facility as the Nike Clash Collection boots start to make their way onto the feet of players all around Europe.

With Euro 2012 mere days away, Nike have started to ship out the new Clash Collection footwear for players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta and Wayne Rooney – and in this video, we get to see some behind-the-scenes footage of them on the production line.

In Nike’s bespoke player factory at Montebelluna, Italy, we get to see their hundreds of moulds of players feet – shaped into special lasts to ensure the perfect fit that a professional player demands.

We also get to see the neon-coloured football boots being assembled by hand, giving us an insight into how boots like the Mercurial Vapor VIII and T90 Laser IV are put together.

On hand is also Nike product guru Andy Caine – who you might remember us interviewing at launches for the Superfly II and CTR360 – who details the reasoning and inspiration for Nike’s distinctive ‘Clash’ designs.

We think it’s a pretty neat video – but as always, we want you to get involved in the comments!

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