Nike Bomba Finale II - Hands on and First Impressions, Video

With football boots becoming more and more advanced with every passing week, it’s no surprise that shoes for'¬†the small-sided game begun to follow suit.

Many of the top-level statement boots have an AG equivilant, whilst most takedowns will have an astroturf option, but trumping them all are boots like the Nike FC247 range, which are designed solely for five and seven-a-side, futsal and street football.

Leading the charge for Nike’s signature specialist footwear selection is the Bomba Finale II, a technical hybrid of some of Nike’s most exciting technologies, on a boot that’s more stripped back than it’s predecessor.

Want to know how the new NikeSkin upper feels in-hand? Or how about whether removing the shotshield of it’s popular predecessor has really made it more flexible?

Check out our exclusive hands-on video for some first impressions, and a run-down of the main technical features that the Bomba Finale II' brings to the court.

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