Nike have confirmed this evening that Neymar will be the man to wear the all-new Nike GS.

Following on from two days of teasing, Nike have finally revealed that the fleet-footed Brazilian will be the only player to wear the super environmentally-friendly Nike GS.

Set to play this summer at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Neymar makes up part of a lethal-looking Brazilian strikeforce that also includes Hulk and Alexandre Pato – and Nike will be hoping that Brazil can live up to their lofty reputation to give the new GreenSpeed some hefty exposure during the summer’s big event.

Neymar’s presence as ‘face’ of the new super-light, super-green cleats also confirms what many had already concluded; the GS is the mystery boot we’ve been seeing him play in over the last few months.

It also explains why the only other player to have been seen playing in them was Marcelo – as a fellow Brazilian, Nike were obviously keen to spread their bets in case of an injury or non-selection for either player.

Are you looking forward to seeing Neymar hit the UK later this month in his new Nike GS?

Let us know with a comment, below!

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    • yer an idiot!! I know you don’t mean that literally but still a stupid statement. Even “stupider” if you DID mean it literally.

  • How pretentious is Neymar??

    Nice boot, but how much does he love himself?

    I don’t think he’ll ever be the big shot he thinks he is….

  • Neymar is an amazing player even if he does dive. The way he can just destroy players through the dribble is amazing! He is a big talent.

  • Neymar still needs to prove himself in Europe, where he will face defenders who are world class. He has talent, but there is too much hype surrounding him.

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