After a successful launch of the Manchester City Away Kit 2010-11 last Friday in New York Umbro have sent us a video of highlights from the day!

This new video follow the players as they make their way from the hotel in the Morning and make their way to the park, with a brief preface about the location.

The rest of the video focuses on the action on the court – as some of the New Yorkers have the game of their life against the Blues!

We were pretty impressed by the skills on show, too – especially stepover/dragback combo from the man in the Black/Black/Yellow Mercurials! If we ever come up against Man City in a friendly, we’d like to think we’d have the guts to try that out!

Whilst the New Yorkers definitely impress, we reckon there are a few misses in there that’ll have Manchester City fans cringing a little bit too!

All in all, looks like everyone had an awesome time – and hats off to the guys at Umbro for spotting the opportunity to promote the Manchester City Away Kit 2010-11 while the team were on the road!

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