Nike take the concept of ‘being your own worst enemy’ to a whole new level in their latest advert for the new Brazil Home and Away Kits!

Starting off in the Brazil dressing room, the likes of Neymar and Pato prepare for their latest challenge in the new Brazil Home Shirt.

However, things take a turn for the unusual as they two teams lineup in the tunnel, as Neymar soon discovers he’s playing against himself!

The whole ad has a very ‘Write the Future’ feel to it, right down to the way it’s filmed – but that’s no bad thing, as the two Brazil sides break out the tricks and flicks on an epic stage!

We reckon Nike are trying to illustrate that the biggest battle the talented youngsters must face in the build up to the 2014 World Cup is against themselves; whether it’s egos in the dressing room, mental blockades, or simply the pressure that Brazil face for just being Brazilian!

As with any good Nike ad, there’s a couple of good cameos as Ronaldo (the original) watches the unlikely Brazil vs Brazil match on TV, and Argentine Javier Mascherano repeatedly putting his head in his hands – presumably at the thought of a double-helping of Samba Star-power!

What do you reckon to the ad?

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