The embarrassment of the unlucky player, the disbelief of the wrong-footed goalkeeper, the sheer despair of the fans; Own goals are never something you want to watch more than once.

The exception to the rule, however, is the latest football video to go completely viral on YouTube.

Coming from a professional match played in Hong Kong between Sun Hei and Citizen AA, the unlikeliest of own goals was scored by Sun Hei’s Festus Baise.

As an awkward cross comes in from a Citizen AA winger, Baise is desperately determined to block the incoming cross, connecting with the ball by way of a flying, backwards Scorpian Kick that any contortionist would be proud of.

Unfortunately, the Baise perhaps makes too good of a connection with the ball as it flies in, clipping the bootom of his boot and soaring majestically into the far corner of his own net.

Absolutely everything about this goal should suggest that the ball cannot feasibly go into the net, but somehow; it does.

Which is why many football fans are deeming this to be the best own goal ever scored!

What do you think? Have you seen any better?

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