Manchester City’s Italian wild-child Mario Balotelli is no stranger to getting booed whilst on the pitch, but this latest vocal barrage from fans is the result of one of one of the most ridiculous pieces of showboating ever seen on a pitch

The former Inter Milan man was blasted by fans from both sides of the Atlantic as a piece of show-boating went disastrously wrong for the powerful striker as the LA Galaxy hosted Manchester City – who were debuting their new Home Shirts for the 2011-12 Season.

Fresh from scoring the opening goal of the game from the penalty spot, Balotelli was played through on goal after a beautifully-weighted pass from David Silva. With only the keeper to beat, the fiery Italian opted to perform a tame backheel. Which, rather than hitting the target, scurried harmlessly past the post.

Mario Balotelli is slammed by team-mate edin Dzeko afterw asted a gilt-edged opportunity to score, instead opting for an inexplicable spinning back-heel

After some presumably ‘choice’ words from desperate-to-prove-himself strike partner Edin Dzeko, Balotelli was instantly substituted by City supremo Roberto Mancini for James Milner – to a chorus of jeers from the whole stadium.

After an exchange of words with Mancini (which Roberto says ‘would be difficult to translate to English’) the temperamental forward disappeared down the tunnel for the rest of the game.

It would be Balotelli’s loss, though, as the Galaxy fought back via a scorching Mike Macgee strike to provide an entertaining 90 minutes and take the game to penalties. The resulting shoot-out was won by the Blues 6-7, with Joe Hart not only proving to be England’s best ‘Number 1’, but also one of it’s best penalty takers after hammering home the winning PK off his newly-switched Umbro Geometra Pros.

Despite having now featured in a small selection of Nike adverts, Balotelli is yet to switch out of his White/Black/Cyber CTR360 I’s – though he has added a mixed-sole hybrid plate to his beloved football boots.

David Beckham in action against Manchester City - wearing signature DB Gold adidas adiPower predators

One player who did switch his cleats, though, was a certain David Beckham. After playing his last two LA Galaxy games in a one-off pair of White/Pink adiPower Predators, the former England captain was back in his synthetic DB Gold adiPowerfootball boots – which were a great match for the Galaxy’s new third shirt.

What do you think of Mario Balotelli’s antics?

Does he have the discipline required to be a modern professional?

Is there a manager that can tame his seemingly bonkers behaviour?


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  1. says: Garrett

    I would put him on the reserves for that amount of disrespect (on and off the pitch). Or maybe even give him away on free transfer. Balotelli isnt worth it he doesnt want to be a professional footballer enough.

  2. says: Anonymous

    every sport has their own “badboys”

    you know… dennis rodman, mike tyson, marco simoncelli…

    but this guy… this guy… he’s just… wrong.

  3. says: Jimi

    Really? People are upset because of that? He’s just a young guy and was trying to have some fun in a meaningless game. I thought it was funny. lol

  4. says: Jallen81

    He clearly thought he was off side and just back healed it out in frustration…..LOL……ermm come on guys he he ehe h

  5. says: harry

    If he had scored the goal, everyone would have caled him a genius and the goal would have been replayed for a few weeks  worldwide. You mean to tell me that Messi and Ronaldo are disrepectful to their opponents. They are all entertainers. There was nothing wrong with what ballotelli tried to pull off. If ballotelli is a “badboy”, what is ashley cole. he might be a good left back but far from being a role model

    1. says: Eastern87

      But the bottom line is in that situation you dont take risks and be a moron. I dont think either would have done a backheel with the inside of the right foot away from the goal….Good on Mancini 

      1. says: harry

        it was an exhibition match. more or less a training match. not a title decider or a grand final. football is about having fun someimes. was rene huguita a moron when he pulled off the scorpion kick. no , because he pulled it off even without knowing it was offside. everyone up to this day applauds it

  6. says: Jafferino

    There was a whistle blown in the stadium that could be clearly heard from the endline. This coupled with the fact that he was borderline offsides when the ball was played. It was almost as if all the players stopped when this happened. He kept protesting to his teammates that he heard the whistle but in the end his desire to be right trumped the necessity to be a professional and not let his ego get the better of him publicly.

    Beckham’s boots almost have a pinkish tint to them in the sunlight on the predator element. Taken by your’s truly.

  7. says: harry

    Not only did the best player in the league(Landon Donovan) stay on the bench the entire game but the first 11 didn’t even play together for five minutes.Half of the starting 11 played the first half and the a few of the others that didn’t need rest played the second half. About five of the players were so far down the reserves list that we have never seen them play before and that includes the 16 year old Mcbean who played his first game. The Galaxy’s 3rd string goalkeeper showed well in the penalties and second half.

  8. says: Aseltzer3

    Dude this guy is a stud!!  he made one fatal mistake  who cares its a preseason match! its funny that you guys talk mess about Balotelli when in real life he couuld easily take on all of you fools at the same time and make you beg for mercy as he crams the ball inb the back of your net!!!!   

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